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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 143


Chapter 143 - The Trading Alliance

A huge chatter broke out among the rogue cultivators.

’’What? Is he really Wei Hao?’’

’’Wow, even Wei Hao is here. He is definitely going to get the first place in the Trial of Martial Serendipity Pavilion!’’

’’I heard of him a long time ago;I finally get to meet him today!’’


The faces of the crowd were filled with a great sense of astonishment and respect.

Qin Nan could not help but glance at the chubby man after hearing his words.

The other geniuses did the same thing.

Most of the rogue cultivators would not be familiar with the geniuses of the top four sects. They only knew those who were incredibly famous throughout Luohe Kingdom.

However, this Wei Hao only possessed a cultivation of half-Xiantian Realm. How did these rogue cultivators know about him?

A serious expression was seen on Zhang Taiyi's face, as he broadcast his voice to Qin Nan and the rest. ’’The trial will be a tough one for you guys this time. This Wei Hao, not only does he have a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and an outstanding Martial Skill Talent, he has also now achieved the Minor Success Stage of Arcane Realm just like Qin Nan. Furthermore, being the son of the sect leader of the Disordered Flames Sect, his background is terrifying,. At such a young age, his name is already famous throughout the whole kingdom!’’

Even Qin Nan wore a shocked expression on his face after hearing this.

Tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Minor Success Stage of Arcane Realm, son of the Disordered Flame Sect's leader. In terms of talent and background, this Wei Hao had completely outmatched Huang Que.

No wonder these rogue cultivators knew his name among the genius disciples of the top four sects!

Wei Hao walked up swinging his arms wildly and said in an indifferent tone, ’’Huang Que, I'm free to interfere as long as I'm interested in doing so. If you don't like it, even if you're an Atavistic Cultivator, I'll make sure you will like it in the end.’’

Even though Huang Que's face turned dull from the anger, he remained silent for the moment.

In Huang Que's eyes, his greatest enemy was Wei Hao. Wei Hao was the reason he chose the path of Atavistic Cultivation so that he could increase his strength at a faster pace and defeat Wei Hao.

However, in the current confusing circumstances, Huang Que had no intention to battle Wei Hao before entering the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. There was no reason for him to do that.

Wei Hao's eyes glistened as his gaze landed upon Wang Ruoling's body. He then smiled and said, ’’Huang Que, this lady beside you is pretty attractive. If I'm not wrong, her name is Wang Ruoling, right? If you gift her to me, I'll cooperate with you, deal?’’

Wang Ruoling shuddered violently - she did not expect Wei Hao to be fond of her - as she instinctively glanced toward Huang Que.

Since joining the Qing Nu Sect, Wang Ruoling had always been fond of Huang Que. Although she was quite impressed with Wei Hao's background and talent, she did not want to be treated as a 'gift' in front of the public.

Huang Que's eyes flickered as he said without hesitation, ’’If you say so, she's yours, then.’’

Wang Ruoling's expression changed instantly, ’’You...’’

’’What? With Wei Hao, your future is definitely brighter. You won't have such a chance next time!’’ Huang Que glimpsed coldly at Wang Ruoling.

Wang Ruoling felt like she was struck by thunder causing her face to turn pale.

Being gifted as a 'toy' in front of the crowd was definitely a disgrace for anyone.

Wang Ruoling took a deep breath he forced a smile on her face and went up to Wei Hao, ’’Brother Wei, I hope you will take good care of me. Don't you worry, nothing happened between me and Huang Que, I'm still a virgin...’’

Wei Hao immediately turned joyful He pulled Wang Ruoling into his chest and touched her recklessly.

Elder Fang and the middle-aged woman frowned upon seeing this.

Although they were quite furious, what could they possibly do?

Wei Hao had a strong Martial Spirit, a strong Martial Skill Talent, even his background was intimidating. What could they say?

In fact, it would benefit Wang Ruoling greatly if she was able to capture Wei Hao's heart.

Zhang Taiyi's expression changed after seeing this. The situation was developing in a strange manner.

In previous openings of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, it had always been the Mystic Spirit Sect competing with the Flying Sword Sect, the Qing Nu Sect siding with the Mystic Spirit Sect, and the Disordered Flames Sect minding their own business.

However, it seemed like the Qing Nu Sect, the Flying Sword Sect and the Disordered Flames Sect were forming an alliance.

Zhang Taiyi looked at Qin Nan beside him, and his thoughts were calmed after seeing Qin Nan's expression had remained calm throughout the process.

On the other hand, the eyes of the crowd of rogue cultivators had filled with disgust after seeing what happened. Despite that, they could not say anything due to Wei Hao and Huang Que's identities.

Even Qin Nan whose expression remained calm was left speechless in his mind.

The thought of Huang Que gifting Wang Ruoling away after Wei Hao demanded so was quite disgusting despite the circumstances.

However, since it was their own business, Qin Nan would not make any comment about it.

After 'playing' with his new 'toy' for a moment, a hint of satisfaction could be seen on Wei Hao's chubby face. He glanced toward Qin Nan and said, ’’Huang Que, is this guy the one challenging you just now?’’

Huang Que nodded his head feeling light-hearted.

Meanwhile, with a blushed face and a seductive tone, Wang Ruoling said, ’’Brother Wei, it was him who bullied me.’’

The crowd gave Qin Nan a pitiful look after hearing her words.

After offending Huang Que a while ago, Qin Nan had now offended Wei Hao too;it was easy to predict what would happen to him!

Wei Hao squinted his eyes, staring Qin Nan up and down. He waved his hand and said, ’’Elder, and my fellow brothers, this little boy from the Mystic Spirit Sect is being naughty. Cripple him and give him a lesson. If the Mystic Spirit Sect tries to protect him, let's start a war!’’


Such arrogance!

In just a short sentence, he straight away demanded Qin Nan to be crippled.

A great joy was seen in Huang Que and Elder Fang's eyes. If the Disordered Flames Sect were to start a war against the Mystic Spirit Sect, they would benefit from it the most .

On the other hand, Zhang Taiyi, Huang Long and the rest wore an unpleasant expression. They had not expected this Wei Hao to be so ruthless!

The old man and the four disciples standing behind Wei Hao laughed and stepped forward. A fiery aura was emitted from their bodies, which felt like the burning of unstoppable flames.

Zhang Taiyi's face turned cold instantly and he snapped with a firm attitude, ’’Disordered Flames Sect, don't you dare cross the line. If you dare harm my disciples, I'll not let it go so easily!’’

The crowd was stunned.

Even Wei Hao was stunned.

Wei Hao only planned to teach Qin Nan a lesson but this Zhang Taiyi chose to protect Qin Nan even though it would cause a war to break out between the Mystic Spirit Sect and the Disordered Flames Sect?

Why is Zhang Taiyi so concerned with a mere disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect?

The middle-aged woman of the Qing Nu Sect could not stand it anymore. She let out a piece of advice, ’’Elder Zhang, you know Wei Hao's temper. He is just trying to teach your disrespectful disciple a lesson. Why would you go against the Disordered Flames Sect for the sake of a mere disciple? In my opinion, you should just let it be. It's only damaging his arms and limbs at most.’’

Even the crowd of rogue cultivators nodded their heads in agreement.

It was unwise for Zhang Taiyi to offend the Disordered Flames Sect for the sake of a mere disciple.

Zhang Taiyi let out a wry smile in his heart after hearing the words. He finally realized that the Qing Nu Sect, the Flying Sword Sect, and the Disordered Flames Sect only treated Qin Nan as an insignificant genius with an indifferent attitude.

Zhang Taiyi straightened his face and said, ’’I will not step aside if my disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect were to be harmed!’’

Wei Hao's eyes flickered as he said in an icy tone, ’’Listen to my command;there's no need to waste your time with this old man. Kill'em all!’’

The elder and disciples of the Disordered Flames Sect acknowledged the order, as they emitted a powerful murderous intent toward Zhang Taiyi's group.

A shout was heard at that instant.

’’The Trading Alliance has arrived, stop this nonsense!’’

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