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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 - Opening of the Pavilion

Qin Nan did not take girls like Wang Ruoling seriously;if she weren't a disciple of the Qing Nu Sect, Qin Nan would kill her without a doubt.

As for Cheng Xue'er, saving her was something he would do naturally. He did not expect her to repay his kindness.

When Qin Nan returned to the area divided for the Mystic Spirit Sect, Princess Miao Miao still had not returned yet, while the others were cultivating in seclusion.

’’Three days left until the opening of the pavilion;I should meditate for the rest of the period to stabilize my cultivation.’’ Qin Nan came to a decision immediately, and entered his room, getting prepared for cultivation.

Suddenly, a terrifyingly loud blast could be heard coming from a distance away!

’’What the...’’

Qin Nan's expression changed instantly, as he stood up and exited the building.

Outside the building, Zhang Taiyi, Huang Long, and the others were already there because of the blast, with shocked expressions on their faces.


At that moment, a series of explosions could be heard, as if a series of lightning strikes came down from the sky, encapsulating the entirety of Autumn Mountain.

At the peak of Autumn Mountain, two powerful forces kept on colliding with each other, causing explosions which were filled with various colors, and the rumbling of countless thunderclouds. Faint roars of atavistic beasts could be heard too, combining to give a shocking and rare experience.

Qin Nan was utterly stunned after seeing this. How strong are the forces, to be able to produce such a terrifying impact?

Apart from Qin Nan, every rogue cultivator of Autumn Mountain was completely stunned too, as they all raised their heads to spectate the collisions of the two powerful forces!

After a few moments, Zhang Taiyi finally collected his thoughts and said with a deep breath, ’’I'm afraid these are two Martian Ancestor experts having a fight at the peak of Autumn Mountain...’’

Huang Long and the others were stunned for a while, before glancing at Qin Nan after hearing the words.

They all knew the pretty little girl who came with Qin Nan was a Martial Ancestor expert!

’’One of the Martial Ancestor experts is definitely Princess Miao Miao. From my understanding of her, she is definitely fighting someone to rob some precious treasure located on Autumn Mountain!’’ Qin Nan thought, before he shook his head to get rid of his thoughts, and returned to seclusion.



...Three days' time was gone in a rush...

On this particular day, Autumn Mountain was incredibly lively;the number of rogue cultivators there had doubled from the usual amount.

This was because today was the opening day of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!

Under Zhang Taiyi's lead, Qin Nan and the others arrived at a mountain.

This mountain was slightly different than the others, which had a huge valley at its peak like a square, able to hold at least a thousand people.

The peak of the mountain was already crowded when Qin Nan's group arrived;most of them were rogue cultivators from the Luohe Kingdom.

’’Did you know? There was a fight between two Martial Ancestor beasts on Autumn Mountain two days ago!’’

’’What? For real?’’

’’What's the point of lying to you? Rumors say that there is an incredibly precious treasure hidden on Autumn Mountain;these two beasts were involved in a battle exactly for this piece of treasure!’’

’’Hehe, I saw that too. The fight lasted for a day and a night;one of the beasts was slain in the end!’’


These rogue cultivators wore excited expressions while discussing the shocking battle which had taken place the day before.

Qin Nan's face remained expressionless after hearing the chatter. He had lost contact with Princess Miao Miao two days ago.

However, Qin Nan was not worried at all. The fact was that Princess Miao Miao being alive or dead had nothing to do with him. Besides, because of the blood pact, Qin Nan could faintly sense that Princess Miao Miao was still alive.

Zhang Taiyi stared at the noisy crowd of rogue cultivators and frowned his eyebrows. He then let out a puff and emitted his Martial Emperor aura.

The lively crowd turned silent immediately as if a bucket of cold water had been poured onto them. The rogue cultivators all turned around.

’’The Mystic Spirit Sect is here, please make a way!’’ Zhang Taiyi spoke without any expression on his face.

The rogue cultivators blocking Zhang Taiyi immediately stepped aside and made way.

With Zhang Taiyi leading ahead, Qin Nan and the others followed behind to the edge of the mountain, which allowed them to see the Autumn Star Ocean not far from them.

The rogue cultivators did not show any signs of being annoyed. Instead, they began to chat among themselves in excitement and with respect.

’’I didn't expect the Mystic Spirit Sect to be the first one here.’’

’’Tsk, tsk, take a close look. These geniuses of the Mystic Spirit Sect;they have all reached the half-Xiantian Realm.’’

’’Of course they would be at the half-Xiantian Realm, these guys are the real geniuses of the Mystic Spirit Sect!’’


The rogue cultivators glanced at Qin Nan and the others with admiration and respect.

Mo Zishan frowned his eyebrows and asked in a soft tone, ’’Only disciples of the top four sects are allowed to enter the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. Why are these rogue cultivators here?’’

Not only was Mo Zishan confused, the others including Qin Nan had the same questions too.

Zhang Taiyi let out a gentle smile and said, ’’These rogue cultivators are here for another occasion. You guys will see later!’’

Qin Nan and the others nodded their heads, without asking any more questions. They then turned around and glanced at the Autumn Star Ocean from afar, while waiting for the opening of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

At last, after half an hour's time, a strange sight occurred on the Autumn Star Ocean.

A giant wave, over a hundred meters tall, could be seen crushing toward Autumn Mountain from the vast Autumn Star Ocean, causing the entire area to vibrate violently. The shocking scene caused everyone's expressions to change.

A slightly older looking rogue cultivator yelled with an excited face, ’’The Martial Serendipity Pavilion is coming! The Martial Serendipity Pavilion is coming!’’

Qin Nan and the others straightened their faces after hearing this and stared at the approaching huge waves.

Following the giant waves, a beam of golden light could be seen firing into the sky.

Within the golden light, a pavilion consisting of five floors appeared slowly, crushing down onto the rolling waves like a mountain. It seemed like it was covered by an arcane force, which caused the rapid waves to have no effect on it.

’’So this is the Martial Serendipity Pavilion?’’

Qin Nan turned energetic as he instinctively glanced at the huge pavilion with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

With a glimpse, a loud thud could be heard in his brain, causing it to buzz.

Even the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, which were able to see through everything, failed to see what was inside. When Qin Nan tried to inspect its contents, an indescribably ancient force exploded in his brain.

The force was not to be underestimated, nor pried into.

If it weren't for Qin Nan's first-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation, he would have lost his consciousness immediately.

’’This Martial Serendipity Pavilion is terrifying indeed!’’

Qin Nan withdrew his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, and a serious expression appeared on his face.

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