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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 137


Chapter 137 - Words Becoming Reality

Qin Nan was too lazy to continue asking Princess Miao Miao's plan.

In Qin Nan's eyes, it seemed like Princess Miao Miao was full of secrets that he could not understand.

However, it did seem like she had already taken the blood pact into consideration in her tiny brain.

Following this, Qin Nan took the map and went toward Autumn Mountain alone.

The Autumn Mountain was full of a type of trees, which were incredibly huge and bore many leaves, allowing one to hide easily.

Qin Nan withdrew his aura, and executed the Mystical Eight Steps moving rapidly toward the location marked on the map.

’’According to the map, the Crystalline Flowers are not far from me, only twenty miles away...’’

Qin Nan thought to himself, while his eyes glanced at the surroundings silently.

In the remaining journey, Qin Nan found three groups of rogue cultivators. It seemed like these rogue cultivators had teamed up with each other to kill the beasts on the mountain, or they might be looking for something.

However, these rogue cultivators were relatively weak;the strongest only possessed a tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation.

’’Five miles left.’’

Qin Nan halted his figure, and checked the map. His eyes a hint of excitement.

Although he would not get anything out of it, he could not remain calm facing eighty thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

Meanwhile, the sound of a battle was heard coming from ahead. Judging from the sound, it was most likely a battle between cultivators.

On the Autumn Mountain, there were many rogue cultivators. It was quite common for them to compete with each other for ingredients and treasure.

’’Let me take a look!’’

Qin Nan hesitated for a while before reaching a decision then proceeded to where the sound came from.

A young lady was wearing a long green dress slightly ripped apart and revealing her pale skin. Her gorgeous face was filled with utter shock.

Before the young lady were three bulky men. These three men had a ferocious feeling to them, with cultivation bases of first-layer Xiantian Realm.

’’Help? Who dares to help you on the Autumn Mountain?’’ The leader of the three men said with a hideous smile, ’’Girl, although you are a disciple from the Qing Nv Sect, it was unfortunate that you have stumbled into the Three Bullies of Autumn Mountain! If you surrender now, and give us the pills and a good service, maybe we can spare your life!’’

The lady's face turned pale after hearing their words, as her attractive eyes filled with anger, ’’You shameless pricks;I was being kind toward you, but you dare to set me up! I won't let you touch me even if I have to kill myself!’’

’’Hehe, how many good guys do you think there is among the rogue cultivators on the Autumn Mountain? You are being too naive! You still have to ask for my permission if you want to kill yourself...’’

The three men burst out laughing before emitting their auras, then launched themselves at the lady like ferocious tigers.

The lady's face turned paler;although she was a genius disciple of the Qing Nv sect, her cultivation had only reached the half-Xiantian Realm. Despite having a high-ranked Martial Spirit, she had no chance facing three enemies with first-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation bases.

Upon having this thought, a hint of despair passed in her eyes. Is this the end?

Without any hesitation, Qin Nan who had been secretly observing sprung out from his spot with a stomp.

The top four sects of Luohe Kingdom were Qing Nv Sect, Mystic Spirit Sect, Disordered Flames Sect and Flying Sword Sect. Among the sects, the Mystic Spirit Sect had the worst relationship with the Flying Sword Sect and an average one with the Disordered Flames Sect. Only the Qing Nv Sect was relatively close to the Mystic Spirit Sect.

According to the rumors, the current sect leaders of the Mystic Spirit Sect and the Qing Nv Sect grew up together when they were young. If it weren't for a missed opportunity, the two would be married to each other right now.

Therefore, plus the fact that Qin Nan disliked the three men bullying a woman, he decided to interfere and offer his assistance.

Qin Nan appeared from the woods and yelled in a cold tone, ’’Stop it right there!’’

The three men and the green-dressed lady were stunned. They did not expect anyone to be here at that instant.

The lady's face turned joyful as she glimpsed Qin Nan. However, the joyful expression in her eyes was immediately replaced with despair after the glimpse.

The three men glanced toward Qin Nan too and almost burst out laughing after sensing Qin Nan's cultivation base from his aura.

This young man only possessed a half-Xiantian Realm cultivation base!

The lady's face turned dull at that moment. The tiny hope she had was gone immediately and she said in a desperate tone, ’’Big brother, thanks for your kindness, but you are mismatched against them. You should leave now. My only request for you is to tell the Qing Nv Sect what happened here so that my Senior Sister will able to avenge me.’’

After hearing this, the three men's expressions changed greatly.

If what happened today were to spread out, they would end up facing the revenge of the Qing Nv Sect.

At that instant, the three men emitted a strong murderous intent, one of them let out a hideous smile and said, ’’Young lad, you picked the way to hell instead of the one to heaven;if you seek death so desperately, I guess we will grant you your...’’

Before the man could finish his words, a saber reflection from a slash suddenly appeared.

The sudden slash took everyone by surprise and they all failed to react in time. By the time they collected their thoughts, the man who was speaking had fallen to the slash.


At that moment, the lady was astonished. The other two men were astonished.

A half-Xiantian Realm cultivator killing a first-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator. What exactly was the cultivation base of this young man?

’’You...’’ The other two men raised their heads and looked at Qin Nan. They instinctively felt like saying something but failed to find any words.

’’Leave at once!’’

Qin Nan glanced at the two and let out a blasting shout.

The two men recovered from the shock instantly as if they had just been awakened from their dreams and left the scene as fast as they could.

This was because they could smell the scent of death, which resulted in a hint of terror. If they stayed, they would no doubt end up killed.

The green-dressed lady wore a blank expression. She still could not understand how the powerful and intimidating Three Bullies of Autumn Mountain were defeated so intensively in just a short period of time.

’’Big brother, you...’’ The lady was going to say something. She finally reacted, her eyes filled with gratitude, and blurted out, ’’Big brother, thank you. Thank you so much. If it weren't for your assistance, I'm afraid...’’

Qin Nan glanced at her and before she finished talking, his figure disappeared among the woods with a flicker.

The lady was stunned;she did not expect Qin Nan to leave so rapidly.

’’Big brother, I would definitely see you again next time, to repay your kindness!'

The green-dressed lady hesitated for a moment, before swinging her fist firmly, and left in a clumsy manner holding her ripped attire.

However, she did not expect that her words would end up becoming reality.

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