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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 135


Chapter 135 - Pill-Minded

Mo Qing's actions stiffened;As someone who had reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, and rich battle experiences, he instinctively sensed a great danger approaching.

If he chose not to stop his attack, his life would be in great danger.

At that instant, without any hesitation, Mo Qing's figure shuddered violently and he withdrew his attack completely, before switching his gaze toward the intruder.

He was curious to see who on earth was able to pose such a great threat to him.

With a glance, Mo Qing was dumbfounded.

Not only was Mo Qing dumbfounded, but the entire crowd was stunned.

That was because, the one interfering, appeared to be a naive-looking little girl.

A little girl, who looked like twelve or thirteen years old;where did she get her courage from to have the guts to stop Elder Mo Qing's actions?

Qin Nan's heart loosened after seeing Princess Miao Miao, as he took a deep breath and said, ’’What happened here has nothing to do with you;I'll handle it myself.’’

Although Qin Nan had established a partnering relationship with Princess Miao Miao, there was no obligation for Princess Miao Miao to help him. Besides, Qin Nan did not want her help, as he did not want to owe her a favour.

Princess Miao Miao did not even glance at Qin Nan;instead, the pair of attractive eyes on her icy face glared at Mo Qing with a hint of anger.

Mo Qing did not take it seriously, and his thoughts were calmed down instead.

He initially thought the Sect Leader had arrived personally to rescue Qin Nan, but it turned out to be a little girl.

She's only a little girl, why would I be scared?

Mo Qing then laughed at his own instinct of detecting the presence of a threatening enemy;What kind of threat could a little girl possibly pose? It must be a mistake.

’’I don't care whose kid this is, go back to your home now, and I will not dwell on it.’’ Mo Qing gazed at Princess Miao Miao with a scornful attitude.

’’You sure?’’

Princess Miao Miao laughed all of a sudden;it was attractive like the blossoming of flowers, as her tiny figure took a big step forward.

At that moment, the suppression aura of the Martial Ancestor Realm was emitted like a dragon soaring toward the sky!

The crowd's expression utterly changed;it felt like there was a giant mountain crushing down onto them in a terrifying manner!

Mo Qing's expression turned stiff instantly, as his eyes were filled with a hint of terror, causing his body to tremble vigorously.

What the hell is going on?

A little girl emitting a Martial Ancestor Realm aura?

This pretty little girl, with a twelve year olds appearance, is a terrifying Martial Ancestor Realm expert?

’’You... You... You...’’ Mo Qing's face was filled with shock, as he pointed his finger at Princess Miao Miao, completely losing the manners of an inner disciple's third elder, or a Martial Emperor Realm expert;he continued to mumble, unable to say a single sentence.

’’What 'you'? Shut your mouth up!’’ Princess Miao Miao became enraged, and waved her hand.


Mo Qing let out a shriek;he felt like his face was being struck by a beast, which was incredibly painful, causing his brain to buzz.

The crowd of disciples dropped their jaws, as they saw the imperious Elder Mo Qing knocked flying by a slap!

’’You dare to hit an elder, I swear I'll ’’

Mo Qing reacted swiftly;Since when had he been slapped after becoming the inner disciple's third elder and a peak Martial Emperor Realm expert, which positioned him up high?

At that instant, he turned completely mad;he entirely forgot that this little girl before him possessed the strength of the Martial Ancestor Realm!

However, he could not finish his sentence.


Another loud slap could be heard!

Elder Mo Qing let out another painful shriek.

However, it was Princess Miao Miao who went berserk, ’’You old piece of shit, you dare to hurt my servant!’’




A series of slaps landed onto Mo Qing's face like a thunderstorm.

Such a violent and shocking scene caused every disciple's heart to race. They did not expect such a pretty, powerful little girl to be so violent.

Upon seeing this, a blank expression could be seen on Qin Nan's face.

Under his impression, Princess Miao Miao was like an unforgivable bully who robbed his pills ruthlessly. Even though he was now working together with Princess Miao Miao, that was because of the blood pact formed between them, forcing them to cooperate.

But today, the tyrannical bully Princess Miao Miao was now beating the third elder of the inner disciples for his sake?

At that instant, Qin Nan somehow felt this bully Princess Miao Miao was quite a cutie.

Finally, after Princess Miao Miao had lashed out ninety nine slaps in total, she stopped and asked coldly, ’’So, do you admit you're wrong?’’

The crowd's gaze fell onto Elder Mo Qing, which caused them to inhale deeply.

The previously imperious Elder Mo Qing now wore a swollen face which bore similarities to a pig. His eyes were beaten up into tiny gaps, which were filled with a thick sense of fear.

Upon hearing Princess Miao Miao's question, Mo Qing's eyes flickered as if he had found the way to survival, as he mumbled, ’’I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Please let me go... Please let me go...’’

Princess Miao Miao let out a harrumph and casted him a side glance, ’’Call me Princess.’’

Mo Qing immediately blurted out, ’’Princess... Princess... Let me go... I beg the Princess to let me go...’’

Princess Miao Miao's icy expression melted instantly as she let out a laugh and patted Mo Qing's head like a pet and said, ’’Not bad, not bad, this old piece of junk is quite sensible. Remember to be more obedient from now onward, got it? Call me princess every time you see me, at least three times. By the way, do you have pills on you? Lend me some, and I'll give them back in the future!’’

Mo Qing was stunned.

Qin Nan was stunned.

Everyone at the scene was stunned.

This... Isn't this change occurring too rapidly?

Wasn't she incredibly mad just then, but now she appears to be so friendly?

And in terms of borrowing pills, why would a Martial Ancestor expert borrow pills from a Martial Emperor cultivator, isn't this plain robbing?

Mo Qing completely lost his thoughts;he had no idea what to say all of a sudden.

Princess Miao Miao's face turned dull instantly, as she asked in a cold tone, ’’You seem to be unwilling?’’

Mo Qing shuddered instantly, as he quickly took out his storage bag.

Princess Miao Miao grabbed the storage bag away, and her face was filled with joy again. She then shook her hand and said, ’’Ok, you can leave now.’’

Mo Qing became joyful instantly;the only thought in his mind right now was to leave this place full of nightmares.

After seeing this, Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows, and was about to intercept him.

Everyone knew he had a Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge and was close to Old Shan personally. Despite that, Mo Qing still dared to attack him in the public, which meant that there was someone supporting him behind the scene.

Hence, Qin Nan had to know who exactly was supporting Mo Qing behind him!

However, before he could speak, Princess Miao Miao said suddenly, ’’Wait!’’

Mo Qing's figure halted in his tracks and he felt like crying, What does this little devil want this time?

Princess Miao Miao wore a cold expression, and her eyes were as cold as ice as she said, ’’Tell the people behind you that Qin Nan is my man. I don't care who they are, whether it be the elders, or Hall Leaders, or even the Sect Leader;if anyone of you dares to touch my man, I'll let you guys regret it for the rest of your lives!’’

The short sentence was utterly imperious!

The crowd of disciples halted their breathing, as they were completely stunned by her imperiousness.

Only Qin Nan felt a surge of warmth in his heart.

He did not expect this Princess Miao Miao, who had consumed all his pills, to be so supportive and protective of him at crucial moments.

Princess Miao Miao paused for a while, before adding, ’’Of course, if you guys pay enough pills, feel free to bully Qin Nan however you like.’’

Qin Nan: ’’....’’

The crowd of disciples: ’’....’’

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