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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 134


Chapter 134 - The Protective Princess

Qin Nan took a deep breath as a train of thoughts went through his mind.

He and Mo Li were intolerant of each other like water and fire, not to mention that he had just sent Mo Li into ten years of imprisonment in the Disciplinary Hall with the help of the four Hall Leaders.

It would be impossible for Mo Qing as Mo Li's father to let it go so easily.

After analyzing the situation, Qin Nan took a step forward with a calm expression and brought his fists together before saying, ’’It's my honor to capture Elder Mo's interest.’’

The crowd of disciples wore a weird expression on their faces. Even though they had no idea of the conflict between Qin Nan and Mo Qing, they could easily sense the weird atmosphere between the two.

’’Humph.’’ Mo Qing snapped with a twisted expression and said, ’’Honor? Honor my ass! Qin Nan, my son Mo Li had nothing to do with you;he only said a few words, and you had him imprisoned for ten years. Do you have any respect for the third elder of the inner disciples?’’

Mo Qing's words felt like thunder strikes, which caused many of the disciples to feel their brains buzzing.

At that instant, everyone's faces were filled with astonishment.

They did not expect Qin Nan to have such a personal conflict with the third elder of the inner disciples.

Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged facing the rebuke from Mo Qing, as he replied calmly, ’’Elder Mo, as an inner disciple elder, you should mind your words. It was the leader of the Disciplinary Hall's decision to imprison Mo Li;it had nothing to do with me!’’

The inner domain disciples were excited after hearing this.

According to the rumors, Qin Nan was neither afraid of the Heavens nor Earth;he would repel without hesitation when someone came and troubled him.

How could they not be excited to have the chance of witnessing the tension between Qin Nan and the third elder of the inner disciples with their own eyes?

’’Yes, yes, yes. You're right! I won't waste my time on this topic with you.’’ Mo Qing's expression seemed to calm down, as if he was not angry at all. However, the next moment, his tone changed instantly, ’’Qin Nan, as an Atavistic Cultivator, your cultivation improved too rapidly;I'm worried that your cultivation might go haywire. Therefore, I shall teach you how to use your Martial Skills before we head to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!’’

Following this, Mo Qing stomped his foot on the ground, and pointed his finger at Qin Nan;even without the presence of the strength of the Martial Emperor Realm, his aura was intimidating.

At that instant, every disciple was dumbfounded.

They never expected that Elder Mo Qing would be so ruthless, to attack Qin Nan in front of the public.

In the previous Outer Domain Trial, even the four Hall Leaders were furious when the outer domain first elder and the vice leader of the Disciplinary Hall tried to harm Qin Nan. Where did Elder Mo Qing get his confidence from to attack Qin Nan directly?

Not only were the disciples dumbfounded, even Qin Nan found himself rooted to the ground.

Qin Nan had anticipated that Mo Qing was here to pick on him, but he did not think Mo Qing would do it straight away.

Could it be Mo Qing was so angry, that he failed to control his behavior?

The third elder of the inner disciples, whose cultivation had reached Martial Emperor Realm;would he lose his rationality over something like that?

As Qin Nan's mind was filled with different thoughts, the powerful finger had landed on his shoulder and penetrated it, leaving no chance for him to dodge it.


Qin Nan's face shuddered;the enormous pain from his shoulder caused his forehead to be covered in a layer of cold sweat.

’’I only used a tenth of my force, and you can't even dodge it? Your reaction time is too slow, you need more practice!’’ Mo Qing's eyes flickered coldly;he stomped his foot on the ground again, ’’Watch closely!’’

Mo Qing lashed out his attack again, but this time it was not a finger, but a total of three fingers.

The fingers were aiming at Qin Nan's legs and his Dantian!

If these three fingers were to land on Qin Nan, even if his life was not endangered, he would be seriously injured, which would take more than a month to recover.

Qin Nan's expression changed greatly;the sense of danger which he never felt before causing his entire body to become tense;he executed the Mystical Eight Steps to the max, boosting his speed to the limit and dodged aside.

However, he only managed to dodge two of the attacks, as the last one landed on Qin Nan's left leg.


Qin Nan's face turned pale;even he could not withstand the pain coming from his shoulder and left leg.

This Elder Mo Qing had a cruel manner, and added a strange force into these two attacks.

This strange force roamed freely within Qin Nan's body after he was struck, which increased the pain by at least ten times!

The crowd of disciples was astounded upon seeing this.

They now realized that Elder Mo Qing was here to heavily beat up Qin Nan using his own hands!

Qin Nan clenched his teeth as his eyes emitted a strong murderous intent, while he said, ’’Why would you care about my cultivation? Mo Qing, if you want to target me, just say so! I'm telling you that I, Qin Nan, am not a kind person. If you don't kill me today, then prepare to face my revenge!'

’’Revenge? What's wrong? You can't even withstand this much pain? It seems like after you became an Atavistic Cultivator, your cultivation improved too rapidly, leaving too many flaws in you! If that's the case, since you're a genius with great potential in the future, I'll destroy your Dantian today, and rebuild it with pills, so you could start from scratch again!’’

A hideous smile appeared on Mo Qing's face, who took a big step forward, gathered his entire aura, and attacked in Qin Nan's direction with his palm!

This time, he planned to crush Qin Nan's Dantian into pieces!

Huang Long's group of four were gobsmacked upon seeing this;However, even if they wanted to help, they did not have the strength to do so.

With a pale face, Qin Nan's eyes emitted flames of anger as he watched Mo Qing approach him, ’’Mo Qing, you dare!’’

Mo Qing's eyes were filled with disdain.

As a matter of fact, he did know that Old Shan had high expectations of Qin Nan. However, he now had the support of someone behind him;thus, he had nothing to be scared of.

However, at that instant, an icy voice was heard suddenly, ’’You dare to bully my servant?’’

A powerful aura could be felt, like the arrival of an atavistic and ferocious beast.

Princess Miao Miao had arrived!

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