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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 133


Chapter 133 - Elder Mo Qing

After meeting Old Shan, Qin Nan left Princess Miao Miao behind and went to the Skills Library on his own.

Just like Old Shan had mentioned, the cultivation speed of Atavistic Cultivation was incredibly fast, which meant that he did not need to waste too much time on it. Therefore, Qin Nan planned to spend the ten days before going to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion looking at cultivation notes left by inner disciples to prepare himself.

As Qin Nan was now famous in the Mystic Spirit Sect, when he arrived at the third-floor of the Skills Library, the black-robed elder was stunned, and immediately greeted Qin Nan and led the way.

Following this, the Skills Library declared that the third-floor will undergo maintenance;all disciples were not allowed to enter.

’’This place, is my definition of heaven...’’

Qin Nan's eyes scanned the ancient books around him, and his eyes burned with flames of passion like a hungry wolf. He immediately picked up one book after another, and started reading at a rapid pace.

In a brief period, Qin Nan had immersed himself deeply in learning Martial Skills.

However, Qin Nan had no clue of a few shocking incidents which took place in the Mystic Spirit Sect while he was busy at the Skills Library.

Firstly, while an inner elder was teaching a group of inner disciples, a young girl appeared all of a sudden and scolded the inner elder, causing him to become enraged on the spot and attack the little girl. The elder ended up being seriously beaten up, and the pills he had were all robbed.

The second incident was even more unbelievable;the leader of the Hall of Discipline was robbed on the way to the Hall of Discipline, losing all his pills.

These two incidents shocked Old Shan instantly, whose first reaction was to look for Princess Miao Miao, and after agreeing to some unknown conditions, Princess Miao Miao finally stopped her acts of robbing.

Well, it went without saying that the pills were not returned to the owners.

Following this, there was a tale spread among the top executives of the Mystic Spirit Sect one would rather offend the Sect Leader than this girl.

...Eight days were gone swiftly...

On the third-floor of the Skills Library, Qin Nan opened his eyes slowly;his eyes were glistening, as if there were countless stars flickering in his eyes.

In the period of eight days, Qin Nan finished reading all the ancient books of the third-floor, causing him to benefit a lot from them.

For example, Qin Nan learned that above the Arcane Realm, there was a higher realm known as Force Accumulation Realm, which was able to gather the force of the Heavens and Earth extremely terrifying.

Not only that, in these eight days of reading, his understanding of Martial Skills improved tremendously. In simple words, Qin Nan could now invent a intermediate-class Martial Skill in the period it took an incense to burn. He could easily invent an advanced-class Martial Skill in a day's time.

As for ultimate skill, it was not a matter of time;it was all dependent on destiny and luck.

’’Now that I've finished reading all the ancient books in the third-floor, for the remaining two days, I shall refine the Seven Deadly Sins!’’

Qin Nan made up his mind.

After receiving the Seven Deadly Sins, he never had had the time to refine them. Now was the chance do it, so he could control them freely with his will.

Qin Nan immediately took out the seven ancient sabers from his storage bag, which were Superbia, Invidia, Ira, Tristitia, Avaritia, Gula, Luxuria, and placed them before him.

’’Weapons are classified into Mystical Weapons, Houtian Weapons, Xiantian Weapons, Emperor Weapons, and Dominator Weapons;although these Seven Deadly Sins belonged to the category of Mystical Weapons, a huge force was concealed within them. If it were to be awakened, they would not be weaker than Houtian Weapons!’’

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with passion.

Mystical Weapons were easier to be found, but Houtian Weapons were extremely rare.

Even ordinary inner disciples would have a hard time finding a Houtian Weapon, not to mention the Seven Deadly Sins, which consisted of seven sabers;if they were to be awakened, that would be seven Houtian Weapons, which could be combined into a destructive formation stronger than any ordinary Houtian Weapon!

Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and glanced at the seven ancient sabers;each of them reflected a hint of iciness, which felt like a sharp Saber Intent, able to destroy everything at any time.

’’The blood of mine, contained the soul of mine;dripping into the universe, with the merge of my will!’’

Qin Nan bit the tip of his finger, and dropped seven drops of blood onto the ancient sabers, which were then absorbed.

To fully refine the Seven Deadly Sins, he had to refine them with his blood using the simplest method, 'Blood Dripping Method', to merge himself and the weapons into one.

However, as the blood dripped into the seven ancient sabers, each of them vibrated vigorously and started buzzing;seven different intents were emitted from the sabers into Qin Nan's mind, revolting violently.

As Mystical Weapons, the sabers contained a sense of consciousness;furthermore, the Seven Deadly Sins were not ordinary Mystical Weapons. Therefore, they would surely revolt after being refined with blood.

Qin Nan could feel the seven different negative intents of pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust filling his mind, trying to consume his thoughts and bring utter destruction.

’’My Martial Heart was refined long ago, which was considered a legendary myth on the continent. These mere negative intents dare to try and disrupt me?’’

Qin Nan harrumphed, as his eyes let out a glare. He continued to refine the weapons, completely ignoring the negative intents.

Time passed swiftly;a day and night had passed.

The seven ancient sabers before Qin Nan vibrated, before emitting powerful Saber Intent which connected with Qin Nan's, and merged into one.

’’The refinement has finally finished;from today onward, you seven sabers will fight along my side. Don't worry, it's possible in the future to restore the strength of Houtian Weapons to you all!’’ Qin Nan could sense a weak consciousness from the seven ancient sabers, which caused his eyes to flicker with excitement, as he said this in a serious tone.

The seven ancient sabers let out a buzz, as if they were cheering.

’’Time's up, I better get going to the dojo...’’ Qin Nan rose from the ground and took out a Sound Conducting Rune and inserted his will.

The Sound Conducting Rune was a gift from Princess Miao Miao, so he could communicate with her using his will.

Following this, Qin Nan did not stay any longer, and left the Skills Library.



At the outer domain dojo, Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, and Da Hu had arrived a while ago.

Not only that, the surroundings of the dojo was crowded with many disciples;some of the disciples were even inner domain disciples.

This was because the Martial Serendipity Pavilion was only accessible once every two years;those who came back from it would most likely become geniuses among the inner domain disciples. Hence, these inner domain disciples were here to see who was selected as the candidates this time.

Of course, they were most interested in the one who created such a scene in the Outer Domain Trial: Qin Nan!

Carrying the Seven Deadly Sins on his back, Qin Nan's extraordinary appearance immediately captured the attention of the crowd, causing the place to turn lively!

’’Look, that's Qin Nan. The first place of the Outer Domain Trial!’’

’’So he is Qin Nan? Wow, he's extraordinary just from looking at him;no wonder he is so strong!’’

’’Wow, Qin Nan looks so cool carrying the Seven Deadly Sins on his back. He is indeed the man who defeated a second-layer Xiantian Realm opponent with his half-Xiantian Realm strength;just looking at him causes my heart to beat rapidly.’’

’’Tsk, your hair is long but you are short in knowledge, you have literally no idea! Qin Nan is an Atavistic Cultivator, how could he be half-Xiantian Realm;his cultivation is equivalent to first-layer Xiantian Realm alright?’’

’’So what? He's still handsome, don't you agree?’’

’’......I do!’’

Qin Nan was stunned after seeing the crowd;he did not expect himself to be so famous.

Previously, he would receive countless scoldings every time he appeared. It now seemed like he had become the idol of these inner domain disciples?

Huang Long and the others sighed in their hearts;they used to be on par with Qin Nan's talents. Who knew that Qin Nan had already left them behind, with his name being made known within the sect!

Meanwhile, a powerful aura could be felt coming from the sky, with which then came an imperious yell, ’’Silence!’’

The yell was encapsulated with a Martial Emperor pressure, which suppressed everyone like a huge mountain.

The lively crowd fell into silence immediately, as everyone raised their heads toward the voice.

An old man in a black robe, with sharp-angled eyebrows that gave him an intimidating appearance, walked toward them in the air.

Qin Nan was slightly confused after seeing the old man;he felt like he had seen this old man in the black robe before.

The black-robed old man arrived at the dojo, and glanced at Huang Long's group, before saying in a calm tone, ’’I'm the third elder of the inner disciples. My name is Mo Qing. I've received orders from the sect to bring you five to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!’’

Upon saying this, Mo Qing's gaze switched instantly onto Qin Nan, and with a hint of murderous intent, he said with a hollow laugh, ’’So you're Qin Nan? I'm very interested in you!’’

The words left the crowd in awe.

Qin Nan's expression changed slightly, as he finally realized why the black robe old man felt familiar to him.

That was because Elder Mo Qing was Mo Li's father!

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