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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 132


Chapter 132 - Atavistic Cultivation

Qin Nan was not in a rush to refine the twenty drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid;instead, he visited Old Shan together with Princess Miao Miao.

There were three main reasons to pay Old Shan a visit.

Firstly, in the Outer Domain Trial, it was all Old Shan's interference which got rid of the danger Qin Nan got himself into;hence, it was a must for Qin Nan to express his gratitude.

Secondly, Qin Nan's current cultivation was only at the half-Xiantian Realm, but the Atavistic Qi inside his body was equivalent to the third-layer Xiantian Realm. Therefore, Qin Nan had to seek help from Old Shan to understand its secrets.

Thirdly, with Princess Miao Miao's sudden appearance in the Mystic Spirit Sect, whose cultivation was extremely powerful, she would definitely need an identity to avoid being attacked by the Mystic Spirit Sect.

As Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao stepped into the pavilion situated beside the Skill Library, Old Shan's unpleasant voice was heard, ’’Qin Nan, young lad, you've finally come to pay me a visit? This old man has been waiting for a long time. Hmm? You brought someone here too?’’

After the Outer Domain Trial, Old Shan had been awaiting Qin Nan's arrival so as to ask him some questions. Despite that, it took Qin Nan a long time to show up, so of course, he would be unhappy.

Now seeing Qin Nan bringing an outsider here, Old Shan's face twisted even more, as he glanced at Princess Miao Miao and said in a stiff tone, ’’Why did you bring a little girl here?’’

Qin Nan's lips twisted severely after hearing the words. He was about to say something, but chose to remain silent in the end.

Princess Miao Miao, as expected, was not happy hearing the words;her face turned cold instantly as she said, ’’Old man, what did you say? Who's a little girl? If you don't pay me five hundred thousand Xiantian Pills as compensation, the princess will not forgive you!’’

Old Shan's expression stiffened;he did not expect this naive-looking little girl to be so scornful, demanding a compensation of five hundred Xiantian Pills immediately.

It was Old Shan's first time as the Great Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect seeing someone who dared to blackmail him!

’’Little girl, mind your words.’’ Old Shan squinted his eyes, as an invisible pressure emitted from his body and filled the building.

’’Mind my words?’’ Princess Miao Miao took a small step forward, and said in a prideful tone, ’’The princess never mind her own words.’’

As the words were spoken, a terrifying aura was emitted from Princess Miao Miao's body;it felt like a beast being awakened from its hibernation, which opened its mouth wide all of a sudden.

Old Shan's expression changed greatly at that instant.

He had not expected such a beautiful little girl to possess such a terrifying cultivation, which was even slightly stronger than his!

At that instant, hundreds of thoughts flew through Old Shan's mind. After a moment, he finally collected his thoughts and glanced toward Qin Nan, before letting out a cough and saying, ’’Qin Nan young lad, this little gir this princess, who is she?’’

Qin Nan gave the princess a glance, to avoid this tsundere princess going furious, before he went up to Old Shan and whispered into his ear.

It went without saying that Qin Nan would not reveal Princess Miao Miao's true identity. He only referred to Princess Miao Miao as someone who the Qin Clan was obliged to, and was here to specifically train him.

Old Shan did not have any doubt after hearing the words;many great experts did train their successors secretly.

However, Old Shan was shocked as he had not expected Qin Nan to be so lucky to receive favor from this Princess Miao Miao.

A hint of awkwardness appeared on Old Shan's face as he said, ’’Ah so you're Princess Miao Miao, I apologize for my offensive behavior, I hope princess can forgive me.’’

Princess Miao Miao's body shuddered after hearing this, and her face blushed instantly, completely losing the imperious aura from before, as her tone turned surprisingly gentle, ’’Wow, old man, you're such a cutie! My eyes are powerful, as I already knew you're a sensible old man at first sight! Come come, call me princess again, call me princess again...’’

Old Shan's body stiffened immediately;he, the Great Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect, was being called a cutie and a sensible old man.

Most importantly, he was not allowed to be mad.

Qin Nan almost burst out laughing after seeing Old Shan hitting a brick wall like he had in front of Princess Miao Miao;this caused him to feel better about his past experiences.

’’By the way, Old Shan, Princess Miao Miao will be staying at the Mystic Spirit Sect for a prolonged period. I hope you could arrange an identity for her.’’ Qin Nan said in an urgent tone.

’’Not a problem!’’ Old Shan turned energetic hearing this, as he said after a brief pause, ’’If the Princess decides to stay at the Mystic Spirit Sect, we will definitely give her an identity of 'Honorable Elder'. Such identity is only below Great Elder and the Sect Leader, without any restrictions apart from the sect rules. Princess, what are your thoughts on this?’’

Princess Miao Miao was immersed in joy after hearing Old Shan addressing her as 'Princess' twice in a row. Her gaze toward Old Shan turned gentle instantly;if it weren't for the need to behave sensibly, she would definitely accept the offer straight away.

’’It's fine to be an Honorable Elder;how many pills can I get every month?’’ Princess Miao Miao blinked her eyes.

’’In regard to this...’’ Old Shan hesitated for a moment, before he said, ’’One hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills every month, same benefits as mine!’’

Qin Nan was stunned instantly after hearing this.

One hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

Princess Miao Miao will receive one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills every month without any responsibilities?

Princess Miao Miao immediately replied in a joyful tone, ’’Old man, let that be it. From now onward, I will be the Honorable Elder of your sect.’’

An undetectable hint of joy flickered among Old Shan's eyes, as he then sealed the deal.

On the other hand, Qin Nan had still failed to react from it.

This was because Qin Nan had no clue of the intense competition between the top four sects in the Luohe Kingdom. If the Mystic Spirit Sect were to have one more Martial Ancestor expert like Princess Miao Miao, it would give the other sects a great shock.

A Martial Ancestor expert was considered the peak of battle power among the sects.

In Old Shan's view, it was considered a bargain to draw a Martial Ancestor expert with a mere price of one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills each month.

After giving Princess Miao Miao her badge, Old Shan was incredibly joyful, as he shoved Qin Nan a Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge and smilingly said, ’’Don't break the badge again. Besides, I have something to ask you. What exactly is the grade of your Martial Spirit? How did you defeat the second-layer Xiantian Realm Nangong Cheng when your cultivation was only at the half-Xiantian Realm?’’

In the midst of his words, Old Shan threw a sharp gaze toward Qin Nan.

After hearing this, Qin Nan clearly knew that the mysterious black-robed man he met in the Trial of Versatility had definitely paid Old Shan a visit.

’’I can't tell you my Martial Spirit grade for now, I hope you can understand.’’ Qin Nan did not hesitate for long and said with a sincere tone, ’’As for being able to defeat someone with second-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation, the main reason was because I've found a type of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, which transformed my Qi into Atavistic Qi after being consumed. I was going to ask for your help on this during this visit...’’

Old Shan nodded his head without questioning any further. He then calmly said, ’’So it was Atavistic Qi, you're now considered an Atavistic Cultivator. Atavistic Cultivation refers to the cultivation of Atavistic Qi. Cultivating Atavistic Qi is different than others', as your cultivation will remain at the half-Xiantian Realm in others' eyes. When the Qi accumulated in your body has reached the tenth-layer Xiantian Realm, you can then attempt to break the barrier, and become a Martial Emperor cultivator!’’

Qin Nan was startled and immersed in his thoughts for a while, before he asked, ’’Old Shan, what's the difference between our cultivation and Atavistic Cultivation?’’

’’The only difference is that the cultivation speed for Atavistic Cultivation is incredibly fast, but the difficulty of breaking the barrier into the Martial Emperor Realm will be three times harder than ordinary cultivators.’’ Old Shan glimpsed at Qin Nan, as if he were able to see through everything, and said, ’’I'm afraid it only took you a month's time to reach first-layer Xiantian Realm, right?’’

Qin Nan nodded his head;as a matter of fact, it only took him two days.

Old Shan glanced at Princess Miao Miao, as if he had discovered something, before saying in an advisory tone, ’’Qin Nan, my Senior Brother has high hopes in you, so I have to remind you;even though Atavistic Cultivation helps you to improve at a rapid speed, you have to be prepared. Many disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect chose to go into the path of Atavistic Cultivation for its rapid improvement speed, but they have yet to reach the Martial Emperor Realm in the past ten years. Even a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, after becoming an Atavistic Cultivator, took five years, and countless resources to become a Martial Emperor...’’

Qin Nan continued to nod his head while pondering upon the information he had received, which allowed him to have a clearer vision of the path he planned to take.

It would be incredibly difficult for Atavistic Cultivators to break the barrier of Marital Emperor Realm;however, by then, his divine Battle Spirit would most likely be Xuan-ranked, right?

If it were to become a Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit, the downside of Atavistic Cultivation could be ignored.

Beside them, Princess Miao Miao curled her lips disdainfully. Despite that, she did not speak, as every word spoken by the princess was incredibly precious to her.

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