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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 130


Chapter 130 - Princess Miao Miao

Qin Nan arrived at the fifth residence, a hint of hesitation on his face.

He now had three thousand Martial Emperor Pills, a hundred thousand Xiantian Pills and an Emperor Prosperous Pill on him;it was an incredible fortune.

Although the white jade ginseng had agreed to partner with him, he still found it hard to trust the white jade ginseng completely.

What if this fortune is consumed by the white jade ginseng again?

’’After absorbing the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, my Qi is mixed with Atavistic Qi, causing it to be equivalent to first-layer Xiantian Realm. It was the reason why I was able to defeat someone who was at the second-layer Xiantian Realm when I'm just at the half-Xiantian Realm. If it weren't for this white jade ginseng, I wouldn't be able to continue absorbing this Atavistic Qi...’’

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before he clenched his teeth, after coming to a decision.

For his cultivation's sake, he had to take the risk.

Qin Nan took a deep breath before entering the residence. As he expected, the moment he entered the place, the white jade ginseng flew toward him like a wolf that smelled the scent of blood, and landed before him while making a buzzing sound.

Qin Nan had prepared himself for this, and he spoke instantly, ’’You can consume the pills on me, but...’’

This time, he did not have the chance to finish his sentence, as the white jade ginseng fired a blinding light, which encapsulated Qin Nan entirely within it.

This sudden occurrence took Qin Nan by surprise, who failed to react in time.

When he finally collected his thoughts, Qin Nan's expression changed greatly as he let out a furious roar, ’’You son of a bitch, you dare to consume all my pills again!’’

Qin Nan went mad instantly;his three thousand Martial Emperor Pills, a hundred thousand Xiantian Pills, and the Emperor Prosperous Pill were all gone!

This white jade ginseng has gone too far!

However, at that instant, a strange occurrence took place.

The stalk of white jade ginseng began to emit a colorful light, which then turned into a huge sphere of light covering an area of one meter square, concealing the secrets hidden inside.

The previously enraged Qin Nan was stunned after seeing this.

’’This... This is...’’

Qin Nan held his anger back, and his face filled with a confused expression.

Following this, the colorful sphere began to crack like a mirror, emitting a blinding colorful light from the cracks.

A figure appeared slowly within the light.

The figure belonged to a girl, who was aged around thirteen. Her face, arms, and legs were incredibly pale, like a high-quality mutton fat jade. She was wearing a long dress with a mixed color of purple and gold. The twinkling dress was like a rare piece of treasure, filled with a mysterious and powerful aura.

Under the illumination of the colorful light, an invisible sacred light could be felt emitting from the girl's body, giving her a calm and warm appearance, which would cause one's eyes to be glued onto her.

After seeing this, Qin Nan's face was filled with utter astonishment.

Previously, with the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, he had discovered a powerful life force hiding within the mysterious white jade ginseng.

What surprised him the most was that the initial unremarkable, rotting ginseng, had now seemingly turned into a little girl?

And this little girl caused him to be amazed?

Most importantly, a ginseng turning into a girl;is this the changeling of spiritual ingredient that is mentioned in the legends?

At that instant, even Qin Nan found his thoughts falling into chaos.

Even though the colorful light had long vanished, he was still stunned on the spot, as if he had turned into an idiot.

The girl landed on the ground, while emitting a noble aura. Her faint golden pupils glanced at Qin Nan, before a disdainful expression appeared seen on her face as she said, ’’It is extremely disappointing to see my servant behaving like an idiot.’’

After hearing the words, Qin Nan slightly regained his consciousness, and he could not help but ask, ’’Who... Who are you?’’

’’Me?’’ The girl raised her head slightly, revealing her pale neck, and said in a prideful tone like a fairy, ’’I am your master, Princess Miao Miao.’’

’’Princess Miao Miao?’’

Qin Nan was startled, and took a deep breath. He could now finally believe that the stalk of ginseng he had stumbled into turned into a living girl.

As Qin Nan was about to ask more questions, a sudden thought came up to him, which caused his expression to change greatly, as he asked in a harsh tone while emitting a murderous intent, ’’Princess Miao Miao? I don't care what princess you are, do you know how many pills you've consumed since I found you? Give them all back to me;if not, I'll take them back myself!’’

At that instant, Qin Nan unleashed his aura relentlessly, which shattered the rock under his foot into pieces straight away.

Princess Miao Miao gave him a side glance, and said with an unconcealed disdainful expression, ’’As my servant, everything that belongs to you is my possession.’’

’’My arse!’’

Qin Nan could not hold it any longer;the anger within him exploded, and he took a step forward and threw a forceful punch at Princess Miao Miao.


Princess Miao Miao frowned her eyebrows elegantly, then flicked her finger in Qin Nan's direction.

This simple action seemingly contained no force, but it caused Qin Nan's expression to change greatly.

The flick of the finger felt like an enormous flood crushing toward him;he felt like an ant before the force, with no way of defending himself.


A stream of force struck Qin Nan's forehead.

The sudden pain caused Qin Nan to inhale deeply, and he was knocked a few steps back by the incredible force, extinguishing his flames of fury instantly.

Qin Nan was not stubborn;he clearly knew that half of the force of the flick was released before it struck his forehead.

If not, the full force of the flick would shatter him into pieces instantly.

’’You...’’ Qin Nan stared at the girl while touching his forehead with his finger, his body covered in cold sweat. For some reasons, even though the force from the flick was not too overwhelming, it was extremely painful.

Princess Miao Miao replied in a mocking tone after seeing his furious expression, ’’As my servant, don't be too naughty;that flick was a small punishment.’’

Qin Nan looked at her while clenching his teeth, as he unleashed the Eyes of divine Battle Spirit in secret.

He would like to see how powerful the strength of this Princess Miao Miao was.

However, Qin Nan was shocked with a glance.

The strength of this Princess Miao Miao was comparable to Old Shan's strength?

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