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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 13


Chapter 13 - Mystic Spirit Sect

The entire Conference Hall of the Qin Clan sunk into dead silence.

All of the attendees had gaping eyes, they had never thought that Qin Tieba would actually impeach Qin Tian's position as Patriarch.

The expressions of the Second Elder and Third Elder beneath Qin Tieba were exceedingly calm, it was as though they were expecting this to happen.

’’Impeach me?’’ Qin Tian broke the silence, his smile revealed a trace of indifference, ’’Supreme Elder, you want to impeach me due to this? In that case, why don't you show me what abilities you have to impeach me!’’

As Qin Tian spoke, majestic True Qi violently surged from his body.

Body Tempering Realm is equivalent to tempering the body. Xiantian Realm was the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, absorbing and transforming it into one's own True Qi

The expressions of the present crowd simultaneously changed as they felt immense pressure, it was as though even breathing had become exceedingly difficult.

This was the innate difference between Body Tempering Realm and Xiantian realm.

Qin Tian stood up and observed the audience before his gaze finally landed on Qin Tieba as he said, ’’I, Qin Tian, am the only Xiantian Realm expert within the Qin Clan. If you want to impeach me, then I'd like to see just what qualifications you, the Supreme Elder, have to be on an equal standing as the Fang Clan.’’

As Qin Tian finished speaking, the faces of a large majority of the crowd changed abruptly.

Qin Clan and Fang Clan are the two major Clans of Linshui City, they were also incessantly battling against each other. Moreover, the Patriarch of Fang Clan was also a Xiantian Realm expert. If Qin Clan didn't have Qin Tian, the Qin Clan definitely wouldn't be on par with the Fang Clan.

Qin Tieba remained unperturbed, instead, a mocking smile appeared on his face, ’’Qin Tian, I assume you're going to rely on your cultivation to deal with this affair? Do you think you are the only one who can support the Qin Clan?

The crowd was dumbstruck. What did Qin Tieba imply? Could it be that Qin Tieba has broken through and achieved Xiantian Realm?

Qin Tieba stood up, he was apathetic about the pressure that Qin Tian had released. Instead, he said in an indifferent manner, ’’Let me tell everyone some news today. Two days ago, my son, Qin Changkong, was acknowledged by Mystic Spirit Sect and was selected to become their disciple! Furthermore, Mystic Spirit Sect will visit Linshui City to conduct a disciple selection in five days!

In this instant, the entire Conference Hall turned silent once again, even the current Qin Tian's expression changed dramatically.

Mystic Spirit Sect!

Within the entire Luohe Kingdom, Mystic Spirit Sect was one of the four Great Sects. Its strength was placed in the top echelon of the Luohe Kingdom and was deemed to be exceedingly powerful. For youths, this was the Holy Land of Martial.

There hadn't been a single disciple in the history of Qin Clan that had entered Mystic Spirit Sect.

An attendee's breathing became increasingly rapid, ’’Supreme Elder, is this true? The selection period for Mystic Spirit Sect has always been once in three years. Currently, it has only been less than two years since the previous selection!’’

’’The selection this time had been shifted to an earlier date,’’ said Qin Tieba with pride.


The crowd finally reacted to his words, it was as if they had all taken a deep breath at same time. Their gazes were fixed on Qin Changkong;if their previous look were of revere and intentions of currying favors, then their current gaze would be one brimming with passion and hope!

In an instant, Qin Tian's position in their heart had instantly hit an all time low.

So what if Qin Clan didn't have a Xiantian Realm expert?

As long as Qin Changkong had become a disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect, then the Qin Clan wouldn't just become the superior clan of the two, they could even pressure the Fang Clan and become the true Overlord of Linshui City. Their future was boundless and was far better in comparison to the benefits that Qin Tian could possibly bring to the Clan!

’’Everyone,’’ Qin Changkong said, his face was filled with endless pride and a strong sense of disdain as he glanced directly into Qin Tian's eyes, ’’The Patriarch of Qin Clan is unable to differentiate public and private affairs and had transferred five hundred Body Tempering Pills to a waste. In my opinion, someone like this can no longer be the Patriarch of the Qin Clan.’’

Qin Tian's complexion changed, his heart gave rise an ill premonition.

Although he knew that Qin Tieba would use this Clan Meeting as an opportunity to revolt, he hadn't expected that Qin Changkong had actually become a disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect.

Thus, although Qin Tian had Xiantian Realm cultivation and was the number one expert of the Qin Clan, it had absolutely no meaning at all.

Qin Tian took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down as he quickly said, ’’Everyone, although I, Qin Tian had indeed withdrawn five hundred Body Tempering Pills for my son, I have already used my own cultivation resources in exchange!’’

’’Furthermore, I, Qin Tian can boast about something. Ever since I've assumed the responsibility of Patriarch, I have dedicated myself to the Qin Clan in order to make it become even more powerful. It has been fifty years since I assumed the responsibility of Patriarch, and in these past fifty years, I don't dare to say how many things I've accomplished. However, I do dare to say that the Qin Clan has become powerful under my guidance!’’

’’Ever since the Martial Spirit Awakening when my son had went from a genius to a waste, the Clan's evaluation of him had dropped drastically. Not only am I the Patriarch of the Qin Clan, I am also Qin Nan's father. This was the first request Qin Nan had ever asked, thus, as a father, I am obligated to fulfill his request. Furthermore, I've previously declared that my future cultivation resources will be returned to the clan. This is all I wanted to say. I hope the you will continue to support me!’’

Every word and sentence was very deep and low;it came from the bottom of the heart of Qin Tian.

When Qin Tieba and Qin Changkong watched this scene, their faces didn't show a slightest hint of sympathy. Instead, their mocking expression turned increasingly visible.

The crowd sunk into silence once again. At this moment, the Second and Third Elder who sat behind Qin Tieba stood up simultaneously as they said, ’’I support Qin Changkong. Qin Tian should no longer assume the position as the Patriarch of the Qin Clan!’’

When the Second and Third Elder took the initiative to speak, the attendees immediately erupted. Practically the entire crowd spoke against Qin Tian, it was clear they didn't take Qin Tian's word to heart.

’’That's right! Qin Tian, you don't have the qualifications to be the Patriarch anymore.’’

’’What a joke! What does the development of our Qin Clan have anything to do with you? This was all due to our own efforts!’’

’’I support the impeaching of Qin Tian! I've been tired of you since a long time ago. You would actually give that many Body Tempering Pills to that waste of a son? Is this something you should do? You should be giving these Body Tempering Pills to Young Master Qin Changkong, that'd make more sense!’’

’’Impeach Qin Tian! We definitely shouldn't let this kind of person continue being the Patriarch of our Qin Clan!’’

The entire Conference Hall blew up, all of the attendees wore either an expression of hesitation or resent. Some of these attendees became angry to the point where their killing intent could be seen. If it weren't for Qin Tian's cultivation, they would have already rushed up to him and beat him up.

Qin Tieba and Qin Changkong exchanged gazes, one could see a great delight within their eyes.

Qin Tian's figure flashed past, his face paled. He gazed at the attendees who were filled with resentment, rage and killing intent filled their faces. In this instant, it was as if a tremendous saber had ferociously stabbed his heart, causing Qin Tian to feel heart-tearing, lung-splitting pain.

Qin Tian had never thought that the people of the Qin Clan would actually show resentment towards him!

’’Haha......’’ At this time, Qin Tian suddenly faced toward the skies and let out a laugh, his aura suffered an abrupt and devastating decline. It was as though he had lost his three souls and six senses. As he staggered, he remarked, ’’So it's like this.... it's actually like this... Since it is like this, then I'll promise....’’

Before Qin Tian finished speaking, Qin Tieba began to feel excitement. He had been lusting for the position of Patriarch for many years, however, his cultivation simply wasn't comparable to Qin Tian's. Thus, he could only endure.

However, ever since Qin Nan became a waste, his son had become the number one genius of the Qin Clan..

Thus, Qin Tieba took advantage of the Clan Meeting to start a revolt. As long as he was able to remove Qin Tian from his position in the Clan, Qin Tieba would be able to become the Patriarch of the Qin Clan!

Qin Changkong who was behind Qin Tieba also felt excited.

Qin Changkong hadn't felt much resentment towards Qin Tian, moreover, he had also understood that if it weren't for Qin Tian, the Qin Clan wouldn't have become the second ranked Clan within Linshui City. However, the fact that caused Qin Changkong to feel extremely excited was the fact that if Qin Tian were to lose his position, then Qin Nan would become absolute garbage in Qin Changkong's eyes.

Although Qin Nan had become a waste, Qin Changkong still thought that this enough. He wanted to take away Qin Nan's qualifications to even look up to himself for the rest of his life.

However, at this moment, the sound of an explosion suddenly resounded.

The gate of Qin Clan's Conference Hall was instantly blown into pieces scattered throughout the sky. A figure emerged from within the sawdust, residue, smoke, and dust;his face was filled with overwhelming rage. This person was Qin Nan!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: Mantou


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