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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 129


Chapter 129 - Surging Undercurrent

The Outer Domain Trial came to an end with a long lasting cheer.

The outer domain geniuses including Qin Nan, Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and the Five Tyrannical Tigers were summoned to the outer domain Elders' Hall.

The second elder stood in the leading spot and glanced at the crowd before saying in a steady manner, ’’The Outer Domain Trial has finally come to an end despite all the mishaps during it. I will now temporarily take the role of the first elder, and distribute the rewards of the trial.’’

After hearing this, Qin Nan's eyes glistened with excitement.

The second elder waved his sleeves, causing numerous jade jars to fall into the hands of the crowd.

Qin Nan, who came first in the trial, received two jade jars, which contained a hundred thousand Xiantian Pills and an Emperor Prosperous Pill respectively.

’’This Emperor Prosperous Pill is indeed fascinating;no wonder Nangong Cheng wants it so badly...’’ Qin Nan said to himself while unleashing the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, enabling him to see the golden lines combining into webs on the surface of the Emperor Prosperous Pill, which formed into a mysterious force in the center of the pill.

The force was beyond the Xiantian Realm;hence, Qin Nan was unable to understand its secrets despite being able to see through it with the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

At that instant, the second elder let out a cough to recapture the attention of the crowd, as he then said in a serious tone, ’’Qin Nan, Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, Da Hu, remember that you five only have ten days time before going to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. Among these ten days, remember not to reach the Xiantian Realm, as those who have reached the Xiantian Realm will not receive the best out of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!’’

Qin Nan was stunned slightly, but soon understood the message.

The other four remained calm, without any signs of being surprised.

On the other hand, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun's expressions turned dull after hearing this.

The second elder seemed to know what they were thinking, as he glanced toward Xiao Leng and Chu Yun and said in a friendly manner, ’’Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, you two are geniuses with eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits. Your strengths are considered top-tier among the disciples. If not because of Nangong Cheng and the first elder, you both would have had a high chance to come in the top five in the trial. Hence, to accommodate your losses, you two are allowed to pick a treasure from the first-floor of the Treasure Vault!’’

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun did not react instantly after hearing this;however, as they collected their thoughts, their eyes were filled with great astonishment.

Although they did not have the chance to go to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion for the legendary benefits, they now had become the disciples of the Disciplinary Hall Leader, and now had a chance to pick a treasure from the Treasure Vault. These benefits were not any worse than going to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

’’Thanks, second elder!’’

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun replied instantly, as they gazed toward Qin Nan with a hint of gratitude.

They both knew that if it weren't for Qin Nan, they would not have been granted such benefits.

Qin Nan replied to them with a smile, as he let out a relieved sigh in his heart.

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun were both his friends;he would not be willing to see their futures getting ruined because of him.

The outcome now was no doubt the best.

The expressions on the elders' faces became relieved as they were convinced that Qin Nan would not bother troubling the outer domain elders after everything was settled.

The second elder did not waste any more time, as he waved his hand and said, ’’You all are dismissed. For Qin Nan and the rest, don't forget to gather at the outer domain dojo after ten days. The sect will arrange an inner domain elder to bring you all to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!’’

Qin Nan and the rest nodded their heads and brought their fists together, before leaving the Elders' Hall.

After exiting the outer domain Elders' Hall, the group did not separate, but gathered together with Qin Nan being the leader.

Qin Nan glanced at all these outer domain disciples and straightened his face, before bringing his fists together and saying, ’’Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, thanks for the help in the Outer Domain Trial. From today onward, you all will be regarded as my friends. Feel free to ask for help from me when the time comes!’’

These words were honest words coming out from Qin Nan's heart.

Qin Nan was incredibly touched when the three were willing to make way for him after being pressured by Nangong Cheng and the first elder.

Qin Nan was someone who treasured friendship seriously;he would take good care of those who were kind to him.

Mo Zishan shook his head in a polite manner and said, ’’You're welcome. Senior Brother Qin Nan is a just man, which I'm very impressed with;hence, why I was willing to surrender.’’

Xu You was a slippery fellow as he mumbled, ’’I wouldn't have surrendered if not for the fact that I would be unable to defeat you.’’

The group burst out laughing after hearing this.

Among the group, the Five Tyrannical Tigers felt they were placed in an awkward situation;previously, they were enticed by Nangong Ershao to challenge Qin Nan, and ended up being beaten up by Qin Nan.

As a result, they had previously offended Qin Nan.

Da Hu felt like speaking, but he could not find suitable words, causing his face to blush as he finally managed to blurt out, ’’Senior Brother Qin Nan, on behalf of the Five Tyrannical Tigers, I apologize for the troubles we caused. If Senior Brother has any favor to ask, even if it's to climb a mountain of swords, or plunge into a sea of flames, we would not frown our eyebrows.’’

The other four tigers nodded their heads like chicks pecking, and no longer had the ferocious appearance from before.

Qin Nan gave them an unfriendly stare and said, ’’You five should behave well from today onward and stop troubling others. If not, I'll beat you up every time I stumble into you.’’

The Five Tyrannical Tigers' faces turned pale immediately after hearing these words, and shook their heads. They were incredibly terrified after being beaten up by Qin Nan, which still gave them nightmares when they recalled the incident.

Following this, the Five Tyrannical Tigers left in a hurry, as they were not close to Qin Nan or the others.

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun did not stay any longer either;they were both now disciples of the Disciplinary Hall Leader, thus they had to report themselves to the Disciplinary Hall.

Mo Zishan and Xu You chatted with Qin Nan for a while to understand more about each other, before leaving.

The last one to leave was Huang Long;before he left, he clenched his teeth and with red eyes, and he said as if he was making an oath, ’’Qin Nan, you wait. One day, I, Huang Long will challenge you again, and I will defeat you!’’

Qin Nan did not reply, but nodded his head. He then returned to his residence.



After a few hours, what happened at the Outer Domain Trial was made known to the entire Mystic Spirit Sect.

At that instant, everyone among the outer disciples, inner disciples, inner elders, and even the Vice Hall Leaders and the Hall Leaders were utterly shocked!

This outer domain disciple with the name Qin Nan was extremely skillful in Pill Alchemy, and even found out the mistake of a Pill Alchemy expert!

Not only that, this Qin Nan, with a mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and a cultivation base of the half-Xiantian Realm, was able to defeat someone with a second-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation!

The most shocking part was that the four Hall Leaders were there personally to do him justice, and ended up arresting a Vice Hall Leader, the outer domain first elder, and inner disciples for Qin Nan's sake!

This Qin Nan, who exactly is he?

How could he with a mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit possess such incredible strength, and terrifying background?

Finally, after an unknown period of time, a few of them recalled that a while ago, there was a new disciple with the name Qin Nan who achieved a thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, making history in the Mystic Spirit Sect!

This discovery caused Qin Nan's name to become even more famous, like adding oil to the fire.

At that instant, everyone took note of Qin Nan's name with extreme caution!

...Meanwhile, at the inner domain of the outer disciples...

On a mountain, a young man was listening to the report of a lady before him, and then wore a hideous smile on his face, ’’Interesting, having Old Shan's Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge. If I recall correctly, this guy named Qin Nan is quite close to my girlfriend too, right? Hmm, if that's the case, maybe it's time to teach him a lesson...’’

The lady nodded her head and acknowledged the order.

If anyone were to be here, the person would find out that the lady was none other than the inner domain disciple, Li Hong!

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