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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 127


Chapter 127 - Wrath of the Hall Leader

At that instant, when the four Hall Leaders arrived, no one could have expected the Disciplinary Hall Leader to ask about Qin Nan suddenly.

Everyone's gaze was instinctively fired in Qin Nan's direction.

Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged, and he calmly stepped forward and brought his fists together toward the four Hall Leaders, ’’I am Qin Nan;it's my pleasure to meet the four Hall Leaders.’’

The four Hall Leaders glanced toward Qin Nan and inspected him carefully, before a slightly shocked expression could be seen on their faces.

The Skills Library Leader the gorgeous middle-aged woman let out a laugh all of a sudden and said, ’’Qin Nan, I heard that you had a Martial Talent battle with a super genius at the Skills Library that triggered the violet illumination.’’

After hearing this, Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao felt their hearts dropping, and their faces turned stiff instantly.

Qin Nan replied with a smile and said, ’’It's my pleasure that Hall Leader has heard of my name before.’’

’’That's enough.’’ The Disciplinary Hall Leader waved his hand and said, ’’Qin Nan, young lad, feel free to speak;the reason we four are here is to do you justice!’’

The last three words ’’do you justice’’ felt like a grenade being tossed into Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao's ears, and their faces turned pale.

Apart from them, shocked expressions could be seen on the faces of the disciples;they began to doubt if their ears had misheard it.

The four Hall Leaders are here just to do Qin Nan justice?

Qin Nan has such a formidable background?

Only Gong Yang let out a sigh in his heart, as he then glanced at Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao with a pitiful expression.

Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged, as if it were not a big deal that the four Hall Leaders were here to do him justice;he began to speak calmly, ’’The issue here is quite tricky;let us first talk about the first elder Cheng Biao.’’

Cheng Biao shuddered violently at that instant;his eyes were now filled with terror, which completely replaced the previous disdain he had had.

At this moment, he finally realized that things were going to get really serious!

Qin Nan glanced toward Cheng Biao as his calm tone instantly turned harsh, ’’First elder, in the Outer Domain Trial, you manipulated the trial at your own will just to let your disciple come first, causing the first round of the trial to switch to identifying ingredients and pills. Everyone knows that you are a Pill Alchemy expert, hence it was reasonable that your disciple is quite skillful in Pill Alchemy. Do you dare to say that the first round was not specifically designed for your disciple, Nangong Cheng?’’

After hearing this, the four Hall Leaders looked toward Cheng Biao at the same time.

The first elder's body shivered, as if his figure was being locked onto by four ferocious beasts, causing his heart to feel a hint of iciness, as he nodded his head unwillingly.

He clearly understood that if he chose to deny it, there would be grave consequences awaiting him!

Qin Nan's tone turned calmer as he continued, ’’However, the first elder did not expect me to be so experienced in Pill Alchemy;as a result, I ended up coming first in the first round, and won five hundred thousand Xiantian Pills from this master and disciple pair.’’

The four Hall Leaders' eyes were filled with astonishment upon hearing this.

Qin Nan's face turned cold as he said, ’’In the second round of knockout eliminations, as a way of avenging himself, the first elder arranged my two friends who are ranked eleventh and twelfth to stumble into me continuously, causing them to be disqualified in the first phase. Not only that, he arranged for me to battle against the second, third, and fourth ranked geniuses, as a way to try and suppress me!’’

The four Hall Leaders' faces turned slightly unpleasant after hearing this.

’’What shocked the first elder the most was that I managed to advance to the final round, and fought Nangong Cheng in the finals!’’ Qin Nan burst out laughing suddenly;his laugh was filled with a thick sense of anger, ’’I managed to defeat the second-layer Xiantian Realm Nangong Cheng with my strength of the first-layer Xiantian Realm. However, the first elder accused me of cheating with pills! Not only that, he forcefully expelled me from the sect, and summoned Vice-Leader Zhao here immediately with a Sound Conducting Rune!’’

Qin Nan then pointed his finger at Vice-Leader Zhao and said with a hollow laugh, ’’Vice-Leader Zhao was even more ruthless;he immediately expelled me without a proper investigation. He even planned to kill me with his own hands after I asked him a question!’’

At that instant, Cheng Biao and Vice-Leader Zhao's faces turned pale.

The four Hall Leaders did not seem to be too furious after listening to the explanation;in fact, they looked astonished, as they inspected Qin Nan carefully once again.

They were here after receiving the order from the Great Elder, causing them to rush here immediately. What they had not expected was that Qin Nan would have defeated someone with a second-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation, when he was only at the first-layer Xiantian Realm.

The four Hall Leaders then realized that Qin Nan had practiced Atavistic Cultivation, which gave him the strength of the first-layer of the Xiantian Realm.

Most importantly, in terms of Atavistic Cultivation, it was not totally impossible for a first-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator to defeat someone with a second-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation;beating someone with a higher cultivation was quite acceptable!

The crowd of disciples had their eyes open wide. Watching Qin Nan scolding Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao in front of the four Hall Leaders felt like a dream to them for reasons unknown.

Qin Nan's expression became calm as he brought his fists together and asked, ’’Four Hall Leaders, I've finished speaking now. So, what are your thoughts on how these two should be punished?’’

Three of the Leaders did not say anything, as they glanced toward the Disciplinary Hall Leader.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader wore an unpleasant expression, before saying with a hollow laugh, ’’You two are really impressive in terms of what you have done. If that's the case, you two will be sent into seclusion for five years, with no contact allowed with the open world.’’

The other three Hall Leaders nodded their heads slightly.

Vice-Leader Zhao and the first elder of the outer disciple both possessed real power in the sect;it was not necessary to give them death penalties for what happened.

Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao both let out sighs of relief;although being sent into seclusion for five years was quite a heavy punishment, in comparison, being sent into seclusion for five years was considered a good outcome.

Upon having this thought, Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao were confused;they had still yet to understand why the four Hall Leaders were willing to aid Qin Nan.

It seemed like the four Hall Leaders were not particularly close to Qin Nan?

Qin Nan spoke in a calm tone once again, ’’I disagree.’’

’’You disagree?’’ The Disciplinary Hall Leader frowned his eyebrows;he did not expect such a scene to occur before him, as he said with an unpleasant tone, ’’What do you want?’’

The other three Hall Leaders frowned their eyebrows too;they did not expect Qin Nan to not give in with such an outcome.

Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao's faces turned cold instantly after hearing this, and their hearts were filled with hatred.

Qin Nan continued to say in a calm tone, ’’The first elder abused his power for his own benefits, prohibiting the outer disciples from having a fair competition. He even teamed up with Vice-Leader Zhao to expel disciples forcefully. On the other hand, Vice-Leader Zhao immediately expelled genius disciples without any proper investigation. He even planned to kill a disciple with his own hands. According to their doings, their cultivations should be crippled, while sending them into seclusion for a hundred years!’’

The words felt like an enormous explosion.

The four Hall Leaders were startled;they did not think Qin Nan would demand such a request.

As for Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao, they were extremely furious after hearing the words;if the four Hall Leaders were not present at the scene, they would surely attack Qin Nan straight away and kill him on the spot.

’’Impossible!’’ The Disciplinary Hall Leader said, ’’I can't accept your request;what I said just now will be the outcome for what happened today. Five years of seclusion...’’

However, he did not finish his words. It was the first time that the Disciplinary Hall Leader had been interrupted by an outer disciple, as Qin Nan let out a few words slowly, ’’The badge was destroyed by them.’’

After hearing this, the four hall Leaders were stunned;the Disciplinary Hall Leader asked instinctively, ’’What badge?’’

Qin Nan pointed his finger at the pieces of the badge on the ground, and said with a hollow laugh, ’’The Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge!’’

Even the four Hall Leaders had their expressions change greatly after hearing those six words.

It was obvious that they clearly knew the significance of the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge!

At that instant, the other three Hall Leaders immediately glanced toward the Disciplinary Hall Leader.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader had his expression utterly change, as his eyes emitted a terrifying murderous intent while he roared, ’’You two sons of bitches;are you trying to kill yourselves!’’

The Disciplinary Hall Leader became extremely furious!

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