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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 126


Chapter 126 - Arrival of the Hall Leader

The shout contained a terrifying force, which swept through the crowd like a tornado.

The disciples were utterly astounded by the shout, which caused their expressions to change greatly;those with weaker cultivations were even knocked a few steps backward.

The Martial Emperor Realm was split into ten layers too;Vice-Leader Zhao was only at the second-layer of the Martial Emperor Realm. However, the owner of the shout had reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm.

Vice-Leader Zhao who had initially sprung toward Qin Nan to kill him halted in his tracks. The next second, he could feel a terrifying force approaching from his back, causing him to panic, and forcing him to back off, leaving him without enough time to kill Qin Nan.

Despite that, the terrifying force still landed on Vice-Leader Zhao's body, which caused him to quiver and made his face turn pale.

Cheng Biao and Mo Li were completely shocked;they had not expected things to happen in this way.

Following this, a man with a bald head appeared, carrying two huge hammers and emitting a ferocious aura. Ordinary people would definitely be frightened seeing his appearance.

Before Vice-Leader Zhao had the chance to see his appearance, he quickly blurted out, ’’Who is that, the Disciplinary Hall is enforcing rules at the moment. If you were to interfere with brute force... AH!’’

Vice-Leader Zhao spoke while turning his head around. He was greatly shocked upon seeing the bald-headed man, and exclaimed, ’’Hall... Hall Leader, why... why are you here?’’

In an instant, the ferocious aura which Vice-Leader Zhao had possessed previously vanished entirely due to the shock.

This was because the newcomer was none other than the Disciplinary Hall Leader!

In the Mystic Spirit Sect, the Hall Leaders were ranked next in terms of authority after the Sect Leader and the Great Elder;they possessed great power, and were considered some of the top executives of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

For example, in the Disciplinary Hall, there were at least twenty Vice-Leaders like Vice-Leader Zhao.

Cheng Biao and Mo Li's faces were filled with surprise;they did not expect the Disciplinary Hall Leader to be here.

As for the other disciples, they already had their jaws dropped and eyes opened wide. For them, the Disciplinary Hall Leader could be considered a legendary presence, as it was extremely difficult to meet him.

Before the Disciplinary Hall Leader could speak, at that instant, another forceful aura could be felt coming from above, some a distance away, which instantly attracted the attention of the crowd.

A gorgeous middle-aged woman with an expressionless face approached the dojo slowly while stepping in the air. A terrifying pressure was being emitted from her body;although it was not as ferocious as the one possessed by the Disciplinary Hall Leader, it was incredibly memorable, so that one would never forget for the rest of his life from just a glimpse.

Meanwhile, many among the jaw-dropped crowd began to cry out shockingly.

’’She's the Skills Library Leader;I saw her before at the Sect Congress a year ago. She was the Master of Ceremonies of the Sect Congress!’’

’’I saw her too. My god, the Disciplinary Hall Leader is here;now, even the Skills Library Leader is here too!’’

’’What is happening? What is bringing the two Hall Leaders here!’’


At this moment, the crowd of disciples was bewildered, as they could not comprehend the shocking scene before them.

Not only the disciples, even Vice-Leader Zhao, Cheng Biao, Mo Li, and the other elders were dumbfounded their hands began to tremble.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader by himself was enough to astonish them. Now, even the Skills Library Leader had arrived!

Does this mean that something serious happened in the sect?

Meanwhile, another two terrifying auras from two different directions approached the dojo.

An old man and an old lady could be seen approaching the crowd from above. Powerful auras comparable to the two Hall Leaders from the Disciplinary Hall and the Skills Library could be felt emitting from their bodies.

After seeing the two newcomers, Vice-Leader Zhao was incredibly shocked;even his tone began to shiver, ’’The Hall of Fame Leader...... The Treasure Vault Leader......What... What...’’

Cheng Biao and Mo Li wore blank expressions on their faces. They had never expected another two Hall Leaders to come after the arrival of the previous two Hall Leaders.

After seeing this, everyone stared with their eyes opened wide, and a huge chatter exploded out.

’’What's going on today;even the Leaders of the Hall of Fame and the Treasure Vault are here after the arrival of the Hall Leaders of the Disciplinary Hall and Skills Library!’’

’’So they are the Leaders of the Hall of Fame and the Treasure Vault;there are four Hall Leaders here right now!’’

’’Tsk, such a remarkable scene. This is more shocking than the Sect Congress!’’


The amazement of the crowd of disciples was understandable.

In the Mystic Spirit Sect, there were a total of six different halls. In the annual Sect Congress, one of the Leaders would be its Master of Ceremonies. If anything serious happened in the sect, there would be two Hall Leaders handling it.

However, there were a total of four Hall Leaders on the scene!

Something like this would only happen when there was a collaborative event between the top four sects!

Most importantly, what was the reason that these four Hall Leaders arrived at the outer domain dojo?

Vice-Leader Zhao, Cheng Biao, and the crowd never thought that this could be linked to Qin Nan;their first instinct was that something serious had taken place in the sect, which caused the four Hall Leaders to be here at the same time.

Vice-Leader Zhao took a deep breath, but his voice was still trembling, ’’I'm... I'm the Vice-Leader of the Disciplinary Hall... at... at your service... Is there anything I can do?’’

The first elder and the other elders immediately rose from their seats and greeted the Hall Leaders;they no longer had the imperiousness from before.

The four Hall Leaders gazed at them without saying a word, and glanced at the crowd of disciples before withdrawing their gazes.

At that instant, the Disciplinary Hall Leader finally spoke in a cold tone, ’’You, speak up;tell me what happened here, that you had to be involved personally too?’’

Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao shuddered violently;they had not expected the Disciplinary Hall Leader to ask about this.

This caused suspicion to rise in their hearts.

Vice-Leader Zhao immediately went up and prepared to speak. It seemed like he was quite frightened of the Disciplinary Hall Leader, causing his tone to feel shaky, ’’Hall... Hall Leader... the reason I'm here today... is... is because...’’

’’Fine, you shut the f**k up;you can't even speak properly, such trash.’’ The Disciplinary Hall Leader let out a roar, which caused Vice-Leader Zhao to shiver. Following this, the Leader glanced toward Cheng Biao and said in a harsh tone, ’’You there, tell me what happened!’’

Cheng Biao was still someone who carried real weight in the Mystic Spirit Sect, and he was still able to remain calm and speak swiftly, ’’Hall Leader, we were having an Outer Domain Trial among the outer domain disciples;However, not only did one of the disciples break the rules, he even consumed forbidden pills to boost his strength. Besides, he even dared to oppose Vice-Leader Zhao violently when he arrived, which then turned into the scene you saw...’’

Cheng Biao's words were incredibly tricky;half stated the truth while the other half was a lie, which concealed the majority of the details of what happened.

Cheng Biao was clear that even though he had no idea what the four Hall Leaders were here for, if he were to speak the truth, his fate would be sealed.

In Cheng Biao's expectations, the four Hall Leaders would quickly go through the questions, as there would be something more important to handle;if not, they would not be here personally.

It was not too late to deal with Qin Nan and the other ants after the four Hall Leaders left.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader nodded his head and exchanged glares with the other three Hall Leaders, before saying, ’’I see. Good, you stand aside.’’

After hearing this, the first elder was slightly relieved;as he had expected, the four Hall Leaders were here for a more important issue.

However, the Disciplinary Hall Leader scanned the crowd, and spoke suddenly in the midst of the tense atmosphere, ’’Who amongst you is Qin Nan?’’

The words caused Cheng Biao and Vice-Leader Zhao to be stunned, as if they had mistakenly heard something. However, their expressions changed greatly in the next moment.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader is here looking for Qin Nan personally?

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