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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 125


Chapter 125 - Enforcing The Rules Forcefully

The initially furious crowd of disciples had their faces turn pale at that instant, and they all instinctively took a few steps backward.

They did not expect that, in just a few breaths time, Qin Nan would be exiled from the Mystic Spirit Sect.

At that instant, even if they supported Qin Nan, even if they were angry, they had lost the courage to challenge the vice-leader of the Hall of Discipline!

Gong Yang's face turned cold as he took a step forward and said, ’’Vice-Leader Zhao, how can you convict my brother immediately after hearing those words? Do you think it is impossible for a first-layer Xiantian Realm Atavistic Cultivator to defeat someone at the second-layer Xiantian Realm?’’

Vice-Leader Zhao was startled;he had not expected Gong Yang to be an outer disciple's brother, and was willing to voice out and defend him.

On any other occasion, Vice-Leader Zhao would definitely show his respect toward Gong Yang;however, it was not the same case at this instant, as he used to be Cheng Biao's disciple hence he would not reject Cheng Biao's request.

Vice-Leader Zhao did not hesitate as he let out a smile and said, ’’Junior Brother Gong Yang, this has nothing to do with you. The Hall of Discipline is only enforcing the rules.’’

Gong Yang almost burst out laughing after hearing this.

Who among the crowd could not tell that they were purposely picking on Qin Nan?

Gong Yang shook his head. His attitude was not very firm as he said, ’’If Vice-Leader Zhao will not accept my advice, I won't be wasting my time. My only piece of advice is that I hope you will not regret doing what you have decided.’’

Gong Yang's words caused the disciples to feel confused.

Vice-Leader Zhao let out a laugh in his heart;he would never regret it as it only involved a mere outer disciple.

Despite that, more trouble began to take place before the previous one was settled.

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun, after hesitating briefly at the start, stepped forward and said with a firm attitude, ’’If Qin Nan is to be exiled, then exile us too!’’

Apart from Xiao Leng and Chu Yun, Huang Long also volunteered by stepping forward.

Surprisingly, even Mo Zishan and Xu You, who were not very close with Qin Nan, chose to step forward with firm expressions on their faces.

The first elder burst out laughing after seeing this, Well, well, well. It seems like you five are all Qin Nan's accomplices. If that's the case, I request that Vice-Leader Zhao exile them from the sect too!’’

Vice-Leader Zhao did not bother looking at them, as he waved his hand and said, ’’You five, from today onward, are no longer disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect...’’

In Vice-Leader Zhao's eyes, exiling five mere outer disciples was nothing significant, which would not bring him any trouble.

The other elders in the elders' seating area were stunned as if a spell had been cast on them. They did not dare to voice out even if their beloved disciple was among the group of five who had just been exiled.

The crowd of disciples felt their faces burning, so much so that some of them even bowed their heads downward in shame.

However, at that instant, a cold voice could be heard, ’’Wait!’’

The one speaking was none other than Qin Nan.

Qin Nan's face was filled with iciness, and his eyes emitted flames of anger.

This time he was seriously angry.

He had not expected the first elder to be so shameless and unrighteous, to immediately kick him out of the sect. He even teamed up with the vice-leader of the Hall of Discipline to convict them directly without any investigation.

Qin Nan's words immediately grabbed everyone's attention.

Nangong Cheng, who still lay on the ground in a weakened state, burst out laughing and said, ’’HAHAHA, Qin Nan, what can you say? So what if you defeated me today? From today onward, you're no longer a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect;the first place is still mine!’’

Nangong Cheng's face was filled with disdain.

The first elder too looked down at him coldly, as if he were looking at an ant.

Qin Nan glanced at Nangong Cheng, before his gaze landed onto Vice-Leader Zhao and he said in a harsh tone, ’’Vice-Leader Zhao, who gave you the right to exile us from the Mystic Spirit Sect before any investigation took place? The trial was entirely manipulated by the first elder, why don't you terminate his identity as the first elder? Is this how the Hall of Discipline should enforce the rules?’’

Upon saying this, Qin Nan emitted his full strength as he questioned, ’’How could a person like you be the vice leader of the Hall of Discipline?’’

The crowd was utterly gobsmacked.

They did not expect Qin Nan to explode at that instant and challenge Vice-Leader Zhao directly.

Did Qin Nan think the situation was not troubling enough?

Vice-Leader Zhao lost his train of thoughts after being questioned by Qin Nan. After collecting his thoughts, he immediately burst out laughing.

As the vice leader of the Hall of Discipline, he possessed great authority;even the role of first elder was uncomparable to him. Where did a mere outer disciple get his courage from, to have the guts to challenge him?

Vice-Leader Zhao waved his hand and said in a cold tone, ’’Your words serve as a serious offense according to the sect rules;disciplinary elders, listen to my command. Kill this guy immediately using all your strength!’’

’’Roger that!’’

The disciplinary elders behind Vice-Leader Zhao all displayed hideous smiles on their faces as they emitted their auras;they had all achieved the Martial Emperor Realm.

At that instant, everyone's expressions changed greatly;they did not expect Vice-Leader Zhao to be so overbearing, giving out an order to kill Qin Nan straight off.

On the other hand, Nangong Cheng and Mo Li were extremely excited. They now had the chance to witness their enemy die before them, so of course, they would be excited.

Qin Nan's face turned cold as he took out the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge and said, ’’Open your dog eyes and look carefully what badge this is. Who do you think you are, to try and kill me?’’

The Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge flew rapidly in the direction of Vice-Leader Zhao.

’’What shitty badge is this?’’ Contrary to expectations, Vice-Leader Zhao did not even bother looking at the badge. He waved his hand and unleashed a force toward the badge, which shattered it into pieces. He then said with murderous intent, ’’Disciplinary elders, this guy dares to attack me;he had definitely broken the sect rules. Attack at once, and let him have a taste of the Thousand Slashes Execution!’’

The Thousand Slashes Execution was one of the cruel tortures of the Mystic Spirit Sect;by using a special technique, the person being executed would have his flesh cut off at least a thousand times. The person would not die immediately, but would be tortured to death over a prolonged period.

This torture was only used against those who had committed serious offenses!

Vice-Leader Zhao had now treated Qin Nan as someone who had committed a serious offense!

However, Qin Nan and Gong Yang both wore a blank expression on their faces, as if they did not hear Vice-Leader Zhao's words.

They both did not expect Vice-Leader Zhao to shatter the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon badge into pieces with his own hands!

On the other hand, Vice-Leader Zhao and Cheng Biao never treated the badge as anything serious;even if the badge did have some background, it was at most an inner elder's badge, nothing to be afraid of.


Over ten disciplinary elders let out roars filled with murderous intent as they sprang toward Qin Nan.

Cheng Biao let out a wry smile upon seeing this;his eyes filled with a scornful look.

Aren't you impressive Qin Nan, coming first in the round of identifying ingredients and pills, winning four hundred thousand Xiantian Pills from me, and even defeating Nangong Cheng to be placed first in the trial?

So what, your life and death are still under my control!


After being shocked for a moment, Gong Yang became enraged, and a Martial Emperor aura burst out from his body toward the disciplinary elders.

Gong Yang was a real top ten super genius among the inner disciples, with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and had reached the third-layer Martial Emperor Realm. His strength was more than enough to face these disciplinary elders with mere first-layer Martial Emperor Realm Cultivations.

The disciplinary elders' expressions changed greatly, as they did not expect Gong Yang would interfere using brute force.

Vice-Leader Zhao was stunned too, as he then let out a roar, ’’Gong Yang, you are indeed courageous;you dare to interfere when the Hall of Discipline is enforcing rules. After I'm done with all this, the Hall of Discipline would surely pay you a visit! I'll handle this myself;I'll kill anyone who stands before me!’’

Vice-Leader Zhao let out a roar as a Martial Emperor aura was emitted, which transformed into a strike aiming in Qin Nan's direction.

The crowd of disciples felt their scalps going numb, as their faces were filled with utter terror;they did not expect a great battle to break out!

However, at that instant, a deafening roar could be heard from a distance away, which felt like a thunder strike crushing down from above!

’’Son of a bitch, stop it at once!’’

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