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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 124


Chapter 124 - Exiled From the Sect

The disciples were stunned after seeing this.

It would have still been reasonable if Qin Nan with the strength of first-layer Xiantian Realm defeated a first-layer Xiantian Realm Nangong Cheng. However, the truth was, Qin Nan managed to defeat a second-layer Xiantian Realm Nangong Cheng, with only a single ability!

Does this mean that Qin Nan's real strength was comparable to the third-layer Xiantian Realm!?

How significant would it be for a first-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator to be comparable to third-layer Xiantian Realm?

It was considered impossible;it could be considered a myth as it was something that would not even happen in a dream.

However, Qin Nan had managed to accomplish such an achievement without cheating whatsoever.

Nangong Cheng lay on the ground with enlarged pupils, his eyes filled with great shock.

Initially, in his expectations, Qin Nan's strength should not have been underestimated, and he even considered that he might have had the strength of the first-layer Xiantian Realm;hence, Cheng Biao had given him the Frenzied Demonic Pill just in case.

However, he was still defeated even after consuming the Frenzied Demonic Pill;not to mention that it only took a single skill.

’’How is this possible... how is this possible...’’ Nangong Cheng began to lose his thoughts as he mumbled;he could not believe what had just happened.

Meanwhile, Mo Li recovered from his shock and glanced toward Qin Nan while swallowing his saliva. At that instant, Mo Li could feel a sense of danger which he had never felt before. Even with his Martial Emperor strength, it still caused him to tremble.

Mo Li was quite experienced;in his memory, only the super geniuses of the Mystic Spirit Sect had the ability to defeat someone whose cultivation was two layers higher.

Now, did Qin Nan just do what only a super genius could do?

As for Cheng Biao, he stared straight ahead as his brain kept on buzzing, causing him to lose the ability to think.

He could not believe that the disciple he was proud of still lost to Qin Nan after consuming the Frenzied Demonic Pill!

This Qin Nan only possessed an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, how could he be so powerful?

The crowd of disciples was stunned for a moment, before a round of applause was heard, and excited faces could be seen on the disciples.

’’HAHAHA, that felt so good;it felt so good!’’

’’Senior Brother Qin Nan is too good. Senior Brother Qin Nan is definitely the first-ranked;As for that Nangong Cheng, he should piss off.’’

’’First! First! Senior Brother Qin Nan came first!’’


At that instant, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun's anger was replaced with joy.

They were picked on by the first elder due to their relationship with Qin Nan, causing them to be disqualified before entering the second phase. Now that Nangong Cheng was still defeated by Qin Nan, how could they not be excited?

As for Mo Zishan and Xu You, they shook their heads while letting out soft sighs.

Even Huang Long, who had a great lust for battle, stared at Qin Nan for a while, before eventually closing his eyes.

Previously on the ring, when Huang Long was facing Qin Nan, he could feel a terrifying force hiding within Qin Nan's body, which was nowhere weaker than the Xiantian Realm. Despite that, Huang Long did not expect Qin Nan's strength to be comparable to the third-layer Xiantian Realm!

’’Shut up all of you!’’

All of a sudden, a loud roar could be heard.

Every disciple's heart skipped a beat, and they instinctively became quiet and wore confused expressions on their faces.

At that instant, green veins could be seen on Cheng Biao's head as his eyes emitted flames of anger.

After taking the role of the first elder, it was Cheng Biao's first time to be so angry at an outer domain disciple.

This was because he had forcefully interfered in this Outer Domain Trial by changing the first round of the trial to identifying ingredients and pills, so that Nangong Cheng could come first. However, Cheng Biao did not expect Qin Nan to display such a great talent for Pill Alchemy, and steal the first rank from them.

Even after losing in the first round, Cheng Biao continued to interfere in the second round, by disqualifying Qin Nan's friends, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun, to trip Qin Nan up.

However, not only did Qin Nan not back off, but it made his intent for battle stronger, which brought him all the way to the finals with Nangong Cheng.

The most unexpected thing was that Nangong Cheng, who consumed the Frenzied Demonic Pill, was defeated by Qin Nan in a single attack!

This meant that the Martial Prosperous Pill and the other benefits were all taken away by Qin Nan!

All the preparations he made were totally useless!

How could he not be angry?

Cheng Biao's eyes flickered with murderous intent, and an imperious aura was emitted while he stared at Qin Nan and shouted, ’’Qin Nan, this duel does not count. Besides, you have broken the rules by practicing Atavistic Cultivation, or it's possible that you've consumed some forbidden pills! I represent the Mystic Spirit Sect, and based on your offense, I declare you to be exiled by the Mystic Spirit Sect you're no longer a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect!’’

The shout caused every disciple's mind to start buzzing, as their faces were filled with great anger.

Qin Nan had defeated Nangong Cheng, but Cheng Biao said that it did not count.

Not only that, he even planned to terminate Qin Nan's identity as a disciple!

Such a shameless and cowardly act.

’’Who do you think you are? You're being f**king biased!’’

’’I refuse to accept this;A first elder like you will not be approved of by me!’’

’’Damn it, how could someone like you take the role of the first elder.’’


The disciples were completely incensed;it seemed like an aura burst out from the crowd, which had the intent to rioting.

As for Gong Yang, who had been a spectator throughout the battle, he rose from his seat, emitting a Martial Emperor aura and said in a cold tone, ’’First elder, everyone was here watching the battle. Do you think you can forcefully twist the truth just because you are the first elder?’’

The other elders at the elders' seating area exchanged glares with each other;they had not expected the first elder to act so ruthlessly.

Meanwhile, on the ring, Qin Nan was left stunned;he even thought he had heard it wrong.

’’Stop the nonsense!’’ The first elder emitted a strong aura and said with a thunderous voice, disregarding their words, ’’Gong Yang, you're an inner disciple. This is the business of the outer disciple, which has nothing to do with you. As for the other disciples, if you all continue to cause such a fuss, you will be regarded as Qin Nan's accomplices! I'll now let the Hall of Disciple to take over!’’

Cheng Biao raised his hand and with a swing, a rune was fired as a beam of light into the sky.

In the period of just five breaths' time, over ten strong auras were felt approaching the area.

Among the group of people, the one leading wore an expressionless face and a white robe;the word 'Discipline' was carved onto the sleeves of the robe, displaying his identity as someone from the Hall of Discipline.

The crowd of disciples were slightly stunned;they did not expect the first elder to summon people from the Hall of Discipline immediately.

Even Gong Yang instinctively frowned his eyebrows after seeing the group of people.

The middle-aged man from the Hall of Discipline scanned the crowd after arriving at the dojo, before his gaze landed onto the first elder with a flicker, as he began to speak, ’’I'm the vice-leader of the Hall of Discipline;Senior Brother Cheng Biao, is there something wrong here that you've summoned for me?’’

After hearing this, many of the disciples had their expressions greatly changed;they had never thought this person would be the vice-leader of the Hall of Discipline.

Not only that, the disciples could easily tell that the vice-leader of the Hall of Discipline was quite close to the first elder.

The first elder's eyes were filled with an icy glare as he pointed his finger at Qin Nan and said in a harsh tone, ’’This lad with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit possessed the strength of the first-layer Xiantian Realm after practicing Atavistic Cultivation. However, he was able to defeat Nangong Chen who possessed a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation base of second-layer Xiantian Realm. This is impossible even with his Atavistic Cultivation. Hence, this lad must have consumed some kind of ancient pill, and broken the rules. Therefore, I've summoned you from the Hall of Discipline to terminate his identity as a disciple, and kick him out of the sect!’’

The words caused everyone's heart to skip a beat;despite being angry at the start, they could not speak at this moment.

Now that the vice-leader of the Hall of Discipline was here, if they were to oppose the first elder, would they be exiled too?

Only Mo Li was filled with a joyful sensation;if Qin Nan were to be exiled today, he would be able to deal with Qin Nan at his leisure.

The middle-aged man was shocked, and so were the discipline elders behind him.

A first-layer Xiantian Realm atavistic cultivator defeating a second-layer Xiantian Realm opponent with a greater Martial Spirit?


The middle-aged man reacted swiftly, and his face turned cold before he said, ’’The outer domain first elder is speaking the truth;Qin Nan has broken the rules. Hence, he is no longer a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect from today onwards!’’

The words felt like a sudden thunder strike.

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