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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 121


Chapter 121 - Making Way

At that instant, the crowd of disciples grew even more furious and blurted out.

’’This is ridiculous;it is obvious they want Qin Nan to battle Mo Zishan. When two tigers fight against each other, one is guaranteed to be injured!’’

’’Damn it;is there really no rules anymore in this Outer Domain Trial?’’

’’What the hell. I've finally witnessed the definition of shamelessness today!’’


The disciples were all blaming Nangong Cheng;at the same time, the words were directed at the first elder, Cheng Biao, too.

After hearing this, Cheng Biao rose from his seat and let out a hollow laugh, before saying, ’’These are the rules given by the sect. If any of you are not happy about it, feel free to come up and stand before me. Otherwise, stop wasting time talking nonsense. If I hear anyone making rumors, I will detain them with my own hands!’’

The words served as giant swords that hung above the heads of the disciples, which caused their expressions to change greatly.

Despite their anger, they could only keep quiet under Cheng Biao's authority.

Among the crowd, Qin Nan was the only one unaffected, as he stomped his feet on the ground, and landed on the ring.

Following this, Mo Zishan arrived on the ring too.

Mo Zishan wore a white outfit, with a badge hanging around his waist and his hand held a fan. He had a polite appearance, but the aura emitted from his body, had reached the half-Xiantian Realm state, which was incredibly powerful.

The judge then spoke with an expressionless face, ’’The battle starts now!’’

Qin Nan did not say a single word, but he slowly withdrew an ancient saber from his storage bag.

The ancient saber, was one of the Seven Great Sins, with the name Wrath.

Mo Zishan squinted his eyes and did not move, but let out a smile while saying, ’’Qin Nan, in my eyes, you are a worthy opponent, whom I would love to fight seriously against. However, I'm able to realize that something is not right today. Hence, I will not compete with you under such circumstances;plus, I would love to see you advancing all the way up and challenging Nangong Cheng.’’

After saying this, Mo Zishan glanced at the judge and said, ’’I surrender.’’

Qin Nan was stunned, as he had not expected Mo Zishan to concede;he went silent for a moment, before saying, ’’Thank you.’’

Mo Zishan shook his head smilingly, as his figure then became immersed into the crowd with a flash.

The judge looked at Qin Nan and declared, ’’Qin Nan advances to the next phase!’’

The disciples were shocked after seeing this.

The trial determined the people who were able to enter the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, not to mention that the first place could even get an Emperor Prosperous Pill;it was unbelievable that Mo Zishan chose to surrender.

This caused every disciple's eyes to flicker, and they began to respect Mo Zishan in their hearts.

Despite that, the smile on Nangong Cheng's face stiffened immediately, and his expression became extremely unpleasant.

According to Cheng Biao's plan, Qin Nan would be facing against all the top geniuses throughout his turns;even if Qin Nan's strength was quite impressive, he would still lose his energy gradually.

’’Mo Zishan...’’ Nangong Cheng clenched his teeth as his eyes flickered with a murderous intent.

Meanwhile, the matches continued to take place;after an hour's time, the first phase of the trial had finally finished.

In the first phase, a total of three hundred and ninety two disciples were disqualified;only thirty disciples were able to advance to the second phase.

The seventh elder did not give the crowd time to rest, as he rose from his seat and said in a loud tone, ’’The second phase has thirty participants;same as last round, the opponents are picked out at random. The knockout continues until the top ten, and then top five are picked. The last two who have never lost before will go into the final. The second phase starts now!’’

’’Number one versus eight, two versus thirteen, three versus twenty, four versus five...’’

The faces of the disciples turned dull;this first elder was way too shameless that even in the second phase, he immediately arranged for Qin Nan to face the fourth-ranked Xu You.

Chu Yun and Xiao Leng, in particular, were emitting flames from their eyes, and the murderous intent grew stronger on their bodies.

Qin Nan did not say a single word, but he now stood in the ring holding the ancient saber Wrath in his hand.

Xu You was a man with rough manners;his aura was quite similar to Huang Long's and he was the first to speak with a smile, ’’Qin Nan, I didn't want to make way for you initially, but since you're able to break the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation and smash the Five Tyrannical Tigers, it's obvious that your strength is incredible. I, Xu You, am impressed. I'll challenge you again if I have a chance in the future!’’

After saying this, with a flicker, Xu You turned around and left the ring.

The judge declared immediately, ’’Qin Nan advances to the top ten!’’

This caused every disciple's eyes to flicker, with a pleasant feeling in their hearts. They never thought after Mo Zishan, Xu You would be willing to make way too.

Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao both wore unpleasant expressions on their faces, as things were not going the way they planned.

As time went on, only the top ten participants were left!

This time, Qin Nan's opponent turned out to be Huang Long!

On the ring, Qin Nan and Huang Long stood on each side, as they both emitted dangerous auras from their bodies.

Behind Huang Long floated nine golden rays, with a Blood Sword;his eyes were glued onto Qin Nan, and a ferocious rumbling aura was emitted from his body, causing the temperature of the surroundings to drop.

This no doubt caused Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao to let out a relieved sigh, as it seemed like Huang Long would not concede straight away.

’’Huang Long, what are you waiting for? You've been looking forward to this duel for a long time.’’ Qin Nan said calmly, ’’You have to understand that even without you surrendering, I can still enter the top five and challenge Nangong Cheng, so you don't have to worry about me!’’

Huang Long eyes flickered ferociously as he let out a hideous smile and said, ’’Qin Nan, are you trying to say that I'll lose for sure?’’

As he began to speak, an aura of the half-Xiantian Realm and the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon exploded out from his body toward the crowd.

It felt like he had transformed into an ancient fighting beast, staring at Qin Nan, and would spring toward him at the very next second.

Qin Nan remained expressionless, but his eyes began to emit a terrifying Saber Intent.

The atmosphere of the dojo intensified at this moment.

A great battle would break out any moment now!

Despite that, Huang Long withdrew his aura all of a sudden and burst out laughing, ’’Damn it, even after going into seclusion for a month, I'm still no match against you. There's no need to burn my own finger in this trial. I surrender!’’

After saying this, Huang Long carried his Blood Sword Martial Spirit and walked down from the ring;the disciples immediately made way for him.

Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao stared with their eyes opened wide, while clenching their fists. They had not expected the second-ranked Huang Long to take the initiative to surrender at that moment.

They could not believe that Huang Long was unable to defeat Qin Nan!

Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he stared at Huang Long's back before saying to himself, ’’It seems like this guy's Blood Sword Martial Spirit is able to detect the aura inside my body...’’

Following this, he shook his head and withdrew from the ring.

A few battles took place after this, which determined the ranking of the top five disciples;they were: Qin Nan, Nangong Cheng, Huang Long, Mo Zishan, and Da Hu, who was the leader of the Five Tyrannical Tigers.

Among the battles, there was a great one between Huang Long and Mo Zishan, which Huang Long had won, placing him third. Mo Zishan was placed fourth, and Da Hu was placed fifth.

Qin Nan and Nangong Cheng were tied for the first place.

The seventh elder scanned the crowd with a glance, before saying in an excited tone, ’’After a few hours of battles, we've finally come down to the top five, which means the Outer Domain Trial is approaching its end. Now, for the finals, let us welcome Nangong Cheng and Qin Nan onto the ring for the last battle!'

As the words were finished, two figures landed onto the ring in a flash.

The next moment, a huge murderous intent burst out from their bodies almost at the same time!

This caused the quiet dojo to turn noisy instantly!

The final battle had finally begun!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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