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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 119


Chapter 119 - Atavistic Qi

As the first elder left, the crowd turned noisier and the disciples surrounded Qin Nan immediately.

’’Senior Brother Qin Nan, how are you so good? Are you really a Pill Alchemy expert?’’

’’Wow, Senior Brother Qin Nan, that was awesome. Your Junior Sister has some time to spare tonight. Senior Brother Qin Nan, can you give me some advice on cultivating?’’

’’Piss off, how dare you trying to seduce Senior Brother Qin Nan with your terrible looks!’’

’’Senior Brother Qin Nan, you're so impressive. I want to be your disciple!’’


Not only the disciples bombarded him with questions, even Xiao Leng, Chu Yun and Huang Long joined in on the chatter too. There were also some elders who approached him from the elder's seating area and asked Qin Nan to make some pills for them, for tremendous rewards.

Upon seeing this, Qin Nan was speechless;after greeting Xiao Leng and the others, he immediately left the place.

As for making pills?

What a joke;he had no knowledge on Pill Alchemy. He relied solely on the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit to see through the pills.

...Meanwhile, at the first residence...

The entire residence was dead silent. Nangong Cheng sat in a corner, clenching his fists tightly while his lips kept on twitching.

After a while, Cheng Biao finally spoke with an icy tone, ’’Qin Nan must not be left alive;we must get rid of him in the second round. We can't let him do whatever he wants!’’

Nangong Cheng raised his head. A strong murderous intent could be seen within his eyes, ’’Master, I want him dead!’’

As the top genius of the outer domain, Nangong Cheng had never suffered such a loss until today;he had never felt so ashamed before too.

’’Now is not the time to kill him.’’ Cheng Biao shook his head, as his eyes let out a sharp gaze, ’’That being said, we might be able to target his friends. If he still behaves inappropriately in the second round, keep this with you, just in case!’’

Cheng Biao raised his hand and placed a pill in Nangong Cheng's hand.

After seeing the pill, Nangong Cheng's pupils contracted slightly, before he burst out laughing. The hideous expression on his face was gone, and he had everything under control once again.



Qin Nan entered the fifth residence hesitantly.

As he pushed open the wooden door, he immediately yelled out, ’’I believe you have sensed a huge amount of pills on me. Please don't consume all the pills straight away;I hope you will have a talk with me, so that we can work together.’’

The white jade ginseng, which was initially prepared to consume the pills was stunned for a moment, before the prideful, immature voice of a girl could be heard, ’’My servant, how do you want to work together?’’

Qin Nan's lips twitched. Although he was extremely angry at the white jade ginseng, he had no choice but to hold it back.

This stalk of white jade ginseng was way too powerful;it did not matter where the pills were, they could never escape from its reach.

Hence, Qin Nan took the initiative to lower his position.

Qin Nan took a deep breath and said, ’’These five thousand Martial Emperor Pills, I can give you two thousand of them. The remaining three thousand are extremely important to me. In return, I hope that you will trade me three drops of the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid for the remaining three thousand Martial Emperor Pills!’’

After hearing this, the immature voice let out a cold humph, ’’Only in your dreams;as my servant, it is your responsibility to bring me the pills. You dare to negotiate with me?’’

After saying this, the white jade ginseng fired a bright light in Qin Nan's direction.

Qin Nan's expression changed greatly as his eyes were filled with fury, while he roared, ’’Don't you dare to bully me again!’’

The immature voice replied with a prideful tone, ’’So what if I'm bullying you?’’

While staring at the approaching light, Qin Nan's entire body turned tense as the anger in his eyes grew stronger.

In that instant, ten golden rays appeared behind Qin Nan, together with the divine Battle Spirit.

The human figure of the divine Battle Spirit floated behind Qin Nan;it lowered its head, and a pair of white-colored eyes glanced at the white jade ginseng.

At that moment, the bright light which the white jade ginseng had fired vanished instantly;it returned to its calm state.

The furious Qin Nan was slightly stunned and confused after seeing this. However, he did not spend much time thinking about it, as he lowered his tone and said, ’’I sincerely want to trade with you. Besides, if you consumed all my pills again, I would never return to this residence, which means that you wouldn't be able to consume any more pills, right? Therefore, it's a win-win for both of us if you agree to work together!’’

The white jade ginseng became silent for a moment, before the immature voice could be heard again, ’’Fine, I accept the offer.’’

Qin Nan was surprised hearing the words. According to his expectation, the negotiation was very likely to fail, or a prolonged time was needed to convince the ginseng. He did not expect the white jade ginseng to accept his suggestion straight away.

Qin Nan let out a joyful expression, as he took out five thousand Martial Emperor Pills and said, ’’I wish us a good cooperation.’’

The white jade ginseng emitted a bright light, consuming the five thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Following this, it fired three drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid toward Qin Nan's forehead.

Qin Nan's figure quivered, and he sat down and started cultivating without wasting any time.

The three drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid were what Qin Nan was aiming for.

From his previous experience, Qin Nan discovered that after consuming the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, not only was his cultivation improved, it also caused his Qi to have an atavistic feeling to it, making it extraordinary.

If it weren't because of the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, Qin Nan would never return to the fifth residence after receiving the five thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

After the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid was absorbed, rich streams of Qi exploded within his body and flowed around.

Qin Nan's Dantian swiftly absorbed these streams of Qi, which were all transformed into a transparent personal Qi.

Not only that, the scarce stream of atavistic aura was absorbed into Qin Nan's Dantian too, which caused his personal Qi to be tinged with an atavistic feeling, turning it arcane and mysterious.

However, as Qin Nan's was cultivating, the white jade ginseng in the room's corner trembled, as a tiny virtual figure appeared slowly.

The figure's gaze was focused onto the busily cultivating Qin Nan, as a doubtful expression could be seen in her eyes, ’’His Martial Spirit, what kind of Martial Spirit was that? Why did I have the feeling of being suppressed before it? This man seems to be extraordinary...’’

The figure lost her thoughts for a while, before saying in a huff, ’’F**k it, I don't care. He is still my servant. It doesn't matter how extraordinary he is, he will still be my servant!’’

Following this, the figure slowly vanished.

Qin Nan had no idea what had just happened, as he was still immersed in his cultivation. He finally opened his eyes after eight hours.

At that instant, no aura could be felt emitting from Qin nan's body, with no sign of rumbling Qi at all, as if his cultivation base was still tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

’’This Qi, felt so weird after being added with the atavistic aura. It is clear that after consuming the three drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, my Qi's thickness has definitely reached the first-layer Xiantian Realm, or even beyond that. However, my cultivation is still stuck in the Body Tempering Realm!’’ Qin Nan's eyes were filled with doubts.

He could feel scarcely that there was still a barrier he had to break through.

Qin Nan shook his head and decided not to ponder further, as he then switched his focus onto the Dantian.

Within his Dantian, a thick stream of Qi was accumulated, with a mystic appearance that contained incredible strength. Furthermore, the Qi also had an atavistic aura to it, as if it had existed since a very long time ago, giving it a mysterious feeling.

Qin Nan observed it for a moment, then shook his head. He was unable to understand its secrets with his current knowledge.

However, the outcome was quite exciting for Qin Nan, as he now had the strength to match first-layer Xiantian Realm opponents or even someone at the second-layer Xiantian Realm.

Following this, Qin Nan did not continue cultivating but rather started to rest up.

After two hours, as dawn approached, the sound of an old bell resounded through the outer domain mountain.

The second round of the trial had begun!

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