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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 118


Chapter 118 - An Enormous Fortune

The entire dojo fell into a dead silence.

What just took place before them felt like a dream to everyone.

Qin Nan, an outer disciple who was relatively new to the sect, possessed such a great talent in Pill Alchemy that he was able to discover the mistake made by a Pill Alchemy expert, and correct the answer!

After a long pause, the dead silent crowd burst out cheering loudly.

’’Damn, that's awesome, that's really awesome. I've never seen anyone so awesome in my two years as an outer disciple!’’

’’HAHAHA, this is the definition of an expert. Under everyone's suspicion, he was able to turn the tables around by discovering the first elder's mistake, and gave out the correct answer;who could be matched against him?’’

’’Tsk, in comparison to Qin Nan, Nangong Cheng's talent in Pill Alchemy is completely worthless!’’

’’Does that mean Senior Brother Qin Nan's Pill Alchemy standards have reached the expert level of a Pill Alchemist?’’


At that instant, everyone gazed at Qin Nan with admiration, and with a hint of respect in their hearts.

This was because Qin Nan had achieved something unimaginable in their eyes!

’’I... I... I...’’

Nangong Cheng stared with his mouth opened wide. The anger he had had was gone completely, replaced by a blank expression on his face.

Did I lose?

Regarding to skill in Pill Alchemy, did I really lose to Qin Nan?

The first round of identifying ingredients and pills was specifically designed for me. Why is Qin Nan the one being cheered on?

...Meanwhile, at the elder's seating area...

The elders, like the disciples, were incredibly shocked. However, as their wills are firmer, they did not voice out and praise Qin Nan instantly, unlike the disciples.

However, the gazes from the elders toward Qin Nan were filled with a thick sense of a complimentary nature.

As elders, they never expected anyone to surpass Nangong Cheng in terms of Pill Alchemy, and even had the level to challenge the first elder!

However, Qin Nan proved them wrong!

Out of everyone, only the elder in charge wore a helpless expression while glancing at the first elder.

Qin Nan's actions had just proved that the Dragon Phoenix Pill was half destroyed;so does that mean he should declare Qin Nan to have scored one hundred marks, which would make him take first place for the round?

Even though the elder in charge assumed that Qin Nan should be first, he had to wait for the first elder's acknowledgment.

Cheng Biao noticed the gaze from the elder, causing him to recover from the shock. He no longer had the imperious aura from before, as he said with a bitter tone, ’’Just as what Qin Nan has said, the Dragon Phoenix Pill is indeed half-destroyed;hence, the answer to the last question was wrong. As a result, Qin Nan... has won first place in this round.’’

After hearing the first elder's words, the elder in charge did not hesitate further, as he rose up and declared in a loud tone, ’’In this outer domain trial, in the first round of identifying ingredients and pills, Qin Nan had obtained one hundred marks, placing him first in this round. Nangong Cheng obtained ninety nine marks, placing him second. Mo Zishan is placed third in this round...’’

Following the declaration, the atmosphere of the crowd turned lively once again.

This was only because Qin Nan came first in the round!

However, at that instant, Qin Nan started talking suddenly, ’’Wait, I have something to say.’’

The words caused the lively crowd to turn quiet instantly;every disciple had their eyes open wide and they held their breaths, so they would not miss anything.

Only Cheng Biao whose eyelids flickered after hearing the words snapped in a furious tone, ’’Qin Nan, don't be ridiculous. You've already gotten the first place, what else do you want to say...’’

Qin Nan ignored his anger, and he said while his eyes flickered coldly, ’’First elder, I think everyone here can attest to the fact that you and I had a bet before. Now that you've lost, is it time to pay me four hundred thousand Xiantian Pills?’’

Upon saying this, Qin Nan added another sentence without mercy, ’’Of course, my initial plan was only to win two hundred thousand Xiantian Pills from you;who knew you were so eager to gift me four hundred thousand Xiantian Pills. As a disciple, I can only accept your kind offer!’’


The first elder felt like he was being slapped on his face, leaving a burning sensation, but he could not find any words to refute.

Qin Nan was telling the truth;before the bet took place, Qin Nan did ask him if he only wants to bet two hundred thousand Xiantian Pills. However, he treated Qin Nan as infinitesimal, assuming he would never surpass Nangong Cheng and come first in the round.

Now, not only had Qin Nan come first in the round, he had even corrected his mistake, causing him to feel embarrassed.

Cheng Biao took a deep breath to hold back the murderous intent in his heart, and took out forty jade jars from his storage bag and said, ’’Here are forty jars of Martial Emperor Pills!’’

After saying this, he endured the pain in his heart as he threw the forty jars of Martial Emperor Pills, which contained two thousand Martial Emperor Pills in total onto Qin Nan's hand.

Even as the first elder of the outer domain, withdrawing four thousand Martial Emperor Pills in one go was equivalent to a fourth of his fortune, how could he not be unwilling?

Despite that, he could not go back on his own words. Otherwise, he would lose all his reputation!

Qin Nan received the forty jade jars and checked their content, before storing them carefully inside his storage bag.

Looking at Qin Nan's reaction, Cheng Biao's lips started twitching, as he could feel his heart bleeding.

After receiving the pills from the first elder, Qin Nan held back the excitement in his heart as he glanced toward Nangong Cheng and said in a calm tone, ’’Senior Brother Nangong Cheng, I'm sorry to come first in the round, making you lose the bet. I did remind you that your action was like giving me the pills for free, but you did not listen and insisted on betting with me. Now, it's time for you to pay me one hundred thousand Xiantian Pills!’’


Nangong Cheng also had the feeling of being slapped on his face, which left a burning sensation behind, and awakened him from the previous shock.

Nangong Cheng clenched his teeth and stared at Qin Nan with a hint of hatred, but he did not make it too obvious, as he unwillingly took ten jade jars out and said, ’’Take these!’’


Qin Nan replied shamelessly, as he stored the jade jars into his storage bag. At that instant, he felt incredibly light.

In the blink of the eye, he had earned five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

This caused Qin Nan to instinctively say, ’’Pills... are so damn easy to earn!’’

After hearing this, Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao's expressions changed greatly;they almost vomited blood due to their anger.

The crowd of disciples did not show any signs of jealousy. Instead, they were all excited about it, which caused their blood to flow rapidly.

He is a real man he calmly challenged a super genius to a shocking bet. Not only that, he went against everyone at the scene, voicing his opinion to reveal the mistake of the answer, which completely turned the tables around, causing him to be in the limelight of the crowd, and come first in the round!

What more impressive was that, with just a few sentences, Qin Nan gave Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao powerful slaps to their faces and earned five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Who among the disciples was able to do something like that?

At that instant, the first elder let out a cold harrumph all of a sudden;while suppressing his anger, he said, ’’Today's trial has come to an end. The second round of the trial is postponed until tomorrow!’’

After saying this, he instantly left the scene without further ado.

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