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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - I'm Sorry, Only I am Ranked First

Qin Nan's voice was heard all of a sudden, causing everyone to wear blank expressions.


What is there to disagree about?

After being stunned for a moment, Cheng Biao frowned his eyebrows and looked at Qin Nan with disgust while saying, ’’What do you disagree with?’’

The others collected their thoughts too, their faces full of confusion.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan went forward to the front where the fifty ingredients and pills were placed, and said with a firm tone, ’’I disagree with my result;I should be getting one hundred marks instead of ninety nine!’’

At that instant, everyone was dumbfounded.

Disagree with his own result?

Did Qin Nan just say he should be getting one hundred marks?

Is this guy seriously not satisfied with being tied for first place with Nangong Cheng?

’’Nonsense, what nonsense!’’ The elder in charge became angry as he scolded, ’’Every paper was checked with care according to the answers. How could your result be one hundred marks instead of ninety nine?’’

Qin Nan did not care about the crowd's gaze, as he pointed toward the last pill and said toward Cheng Biao, ’’I did not say there was any error in the answer checking process. But, the answer to the last question is wrong, and my answer is right! Could the first elder give me a chance to prove that my answer is right?’’

After hearing this, the crowd of disciples was shocked, as they felt like they were looking at a lunatic.

Qin Nan dares to say the answer is wrong?

Qin Nan dares to say the answer given by the first elder is wrong?

Qin Nan dares to correct the first elder's answer?

Everyone among the outer domain disciples knew that the first elder, Cheng Biao, was an expert in Pill Alchemy, who had a lot of experience in making pills. He could be considered one of the best in the Luohe Kingdom.

But now, Qin Nan dared to challenge such a Pill Alchemy expert directly!

Not only were the disciples dumbfounded, the elders at the elder's seating area were utterly stunned, including Cheng Biao.

Nangong Cheng was startled at first, but then yelled angrily, ’’Qin Nan, you have gone a little too far. You should be proud that you've achieved a result of ninety nine marks. Who do you think you are, to doubt my master's answer...’’

However, Qin Nan completely ignored him, as his eyes were looking at Cheng Biao seated at the elder's seating area.

Cheng Biao finally collected his thoughts, as a tiny hint of Martial Emperor Realm aura was emitted from his body. No one could tell what his expression was from his face, but everyone could sense burning flames of fury emitting from him as he calmly said, ’’If that's the case, I'll give you a chance. I would like to see where did my answer go wrong for the last question. If you fail to prove it, prepare to face punishment at the Hall of Discipline!’’

The last four words felt like thunder striking at everyone's heart.

The Hall of Discipline!

In the Mystic Spirit Sect, the Hall of Discipline was every disciple's nightmare without a doubt. Not a single disciple was willing to enter the Hall of Discipline. After one was brought to the Hall of Discipline, there was no way of escaping from the endless torture even if the person begged for death, which would not be granted.

At that instant, everyone took a deep breath, as they stared at Qin Nan with disapproval.

’’This Qin Nan is out of his mind, not satisfied with getting ninety nine marks. It's his own fault if he ended up receiving the punishment!’’

’’I know, right;initially I was not fond of the first elder being partial toward his disciple. However, it seems like this Qin Nan is too scornful, even more irritating.’’

’’Yeah, he dares to challenge the first elder with his level in Pill Alchemy?’’

’’It's his own doing, he deserves it!’’


The disciples began to switch sides at that instant.

In their eyes, there was no way the answer provided by the first elder was incorrect;Qin Nan's challenge was too disrespectful, he was behaving like a clown.

Qin Nan ignored all the comments around him, as he walked forward and pointed toward the last pill and said, ’’First elder, I only have three questions. First question, this pill is a Dragon Pheonix Pill, which is made with ingredients like Dragon Whiskers Grass, Phoenix Tail Flower, Nine Icy Deep Spring, Frosty Mist, etc., am I right?’’

After hearing this, those disciples who were quite experienced in Pill Alchemy nodded their heads in agreement.

Although Qin Nan was so proud of himself, they could not deny that the Dragon Pheonix Pill was indeed made of these ingredients.

The first elder nodded his head while remaining expressionless, ’’That's right, two more questions.’’

Together with his words, the pressure from the first elder's aura grew stronger, ready to explode at any time.

Qin Nan remained calm and continued speaking, ’’The fifty pills here are added with restrictions with special methods after being made by the first elder, which are undetectable with naked eyes. If I recall correctly, among the fifty pills, the first forty nine of them had at most three restrictions. However, the Dragon Pheonix Pill had five restrictions added, to serve as the most difficult question, am I right?’’

After hearing the words, even Nangong Cheng who was immersed in flames of fury, was utterly astonished.

This was because what Qin Nan had said was completely accurate.

Cheng Biao frowned his eyebrows after hearing the words;he did not expect Qin Nan to be able to examine the fifty pills so thoroughly, which caused him to be doubtful;if Qin Nan was able to see through the pills, he should have no problem identifying the restrictions added to the pills.

Then, why did Qin Nan only achieve ninety nine marks?

Despite being confused, Cheng Biao nodded his head calmly and said, ’’You're right;now for the last question!’’

The crowd was astounded after seeing the first elder admitting it;it seemed like Qin Nan did have some outstanding talents in Pill Alchemy to be able to acquire ninety nine marks.

However, the disciples failed to realize one other question.

Qin Nan paused for a while, before saying in a gentle tone, ’’If my prediction is right, when you were making the Dragon Phoenix Pill, all you thought of was to increase the difficulty, to avoid Nangong Cheng getting one hundred marks. If not, it would be too obvious that you were helping him. However, have you realized that adding too many restrictions would cause the pill's efficiency to crumble, thus resulting in destroying half of the pill?’’

Upon hearing this, the crowd of disciples stared with eyes opened wide.

What did Qin Nan just say?

Did he just accuse a Pill Alchemy expert of making a pill in which half of it was destroyed?

Nangong Cheng was stunned for a moment, before turning enraged and roaring, ’’Qin Nan, stop your accusation. My master is a Pill Alchemy expert. How could half of his Dragon Phoenix Pill be destroyed during the making process? I'm afraid you've gone too far, to have the guts to say such disrespectful words!’’

Cheng Biao was stunned too, and he collected his thoughts after hearing Nangong Cheng's roar. He then rose up from his seat while emitting a terrifying aura and said in a harsh tone, ’’You bastard, you dare to accuse me of making a half-destroyed pill! I would like to see how you would prove that this pill is half-destroyed!’’

If it weren't for the last bit of rationality in Cheng Biao's mind, he would definitely slap Qin Nan to death instantly.

He would not allow his honor as a Pill Alchemist to be blasphemed!

’’You're sure?’’ Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged, as he picked up the Dragon Pheonix Pill, and applied pressure with his two fingers, crushing the pill immediately into powder.

Following this, it could be seen that half of the powder had a black color, with a rotting smell, while the other half had a crystal clear color, from which a powerful pill efficacy could be felt.

The contrast between the two was incredibly easy to observe for the crowd.


Every disciple felt like there was a ray of lightning exploding in their brains, leaving a buzzing noise.

Everyone stared straight at Qin Nan's palm, their faces filled with utter astonishment.

Half of the Dragon Phoenix Pill was really destroyed?


Cheng Biao felt like he was hit by lightning striking down from the Heavens, which caused him to wear a blank expression.

The pill he made was really a half-destroyed product?

QIn Nan ignored everyone's surprise, as he turned his head toward the elder in charge and said, ’’Elder, as what I mentioned before, this Dragon Phoenix Pill is actually a half-destroyed pill;hence the answer for the last question was wrong. However, on my paper, the answer to the last question was written as 'half-destroyed pill'!’’

After saying this, Qin Nan switched his gaze to Nangong Cheng.

Qin Nan brought his fists together and said, ’’I'm sorry. In this round, only I.... am ranked first!’’

The last few words felt like a thunder strike!

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