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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 - Tied For First Place

The announcement felt like a small storm which encapsulated the entire crowd.

Everyone let out shocked expressions, and a huge chatter exploded following it.

’’Ninety nine marks, only a mark less than one hundred, as expected of Nangong Cheng!’’

’’Hmph, why is everyone surprised that he achieved this result? He is a Pill Alchemist to begin with!’’

’’You're right, but since Nangong Cheng has achieved such an unbelievable result, what kind of result could Qin Nan get?’’



At the same time as being shocked, the disciples could not help but shake their heads.

It was within their expectations for Nangong Cheng to achieve a result of ninety nine marks;However, how could Qin Nan stand a chance against such an overwhelming result?

At the elder's seating area, many of the elders rose up and congratulated Cheng Biao.

’’Congrats, first elder. With such an amazing result, Nangong Cheng will surely come first in the first round.’’

’’Yeah, ninety nine marks. Even I would have trouble achieving such a result if I were to participate in this trial.’’

’’Impressive young man, young but incredibly talented.’’


While the elders were congratulating, they instinctively glanced toward Qin Nan with pitiful looks.

Although they admired Qin Nan's courage for confronting Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao, the outcome of the bet was considered to be confirmed at this moment with the result.

Qin Nan was sure to lose in the grand bet.

Meanwhile, both Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao glanced toward Qin Nan, with no signs of hiding the joy in their eyes.

In their views, Qin Nan was guaranteed to lose. Not only would he hand them the Seven Great Sins, he would be kneeling at the dojo for ten days and ten nights.

Despite that, Qin Nan, who was the limelight of the crowd, remained expressionless.

It seemed like he was perfectly calm, as if he had no idea what would happen to him.

Qin Nan's appearance caused Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao to laughed disdainfully in their hearts. In their eyes, Qin Nan's appearance was like an arrow loaded onto a crossbow, who was on the verge of losing himself.

Following this, the elder in charge did not pause for long, as he began to continue reading out the results.

’’Huang Long, sixty marks. Advances to the next round.’’

’’Xiao Leng, fifty three marks. Advances to the next round.’’

’’Chu Yun, seventy two marks. Advances to the next round.’’


Many names of the geniuses had been heard, but none of them achieved a mark higher than eighty.

At this moment, the elder in charge hesitated for a moment, before declaring, ’’Mo Zishan, eighty one marks. Advances to the next round!’’

Upon hearing this name, the crowd of disciples turned lively again.

’’It's Mo Zishan;I was told his family is well-known for being Pill Alchemists. I didn't expect he would only get eighty one marks.’’

’’I told you before, that this round of identifying ingredients and pills, is specifically designed for Nangong Cheng;no one could be his opponent.’’

’’Sigh, it seems like Qin Nan is sure to lose.’’


The disciples shook their heads immediately. There was no longer any hope in their hearts for Qin Nan.

A smile appeared on Nangong Cheng's face. Among the geniuses, only Mo Zishan was able to achieve eighty one marks;the rest were all less than eighty marks. He could easily tell that the victory was his for the round.

As for Qin Nan? There's nothing to be worried about.

Following this, the elder in charge continued to reveal the results. All of a sudden, his pupils contracted, as he paused momentarily, before saying, ’’This paper belongs to Qin Nan...’’

After hearing this, the lively crowd turned dead silent, as if a spell had been cast upon them.

Although the disciples assumed Qin Nan was to lose already, they instinctively were keen to know the result he achieved.

This was because Qin Nan's result was the key to determine the outcome of the grand bet!

Even the elders at the elder's seating area glanced toward the elder in charge while holding their breaths, as if they were really keen to listen to the result carefully.

Only Nangong Cheng wore a calm expression. At that instant, he burst out laughing, ’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, try guessing the marks you got? Although I have on idea where you get your confidence from to challenge me, I'm surely the winner for this round, and you, are the ’’

Meanwhile, the elder in charge swallowed his saliva, before saying the next few words with difficulty, ’’Ninety nine marks, tied for first place with Nangong Cheng!’’


Nangong Cheng felt his brain buzzing instantly;he could not let out the word 'loser' which had already arrived at his lips. His face was filled with utter astonishment.

Ninety nine marks?

Qin Nan had achieved ninety nine marks?

How could this be? How was this possible?

Apart from Nangong Cheng, Cheng Biao at the elder's seating area wore an utterly shocked expression too.

This round of the trial was specifically prepared by Cheng Biao for his disciple, Nangong Cheng. Under such circumstances, Qin Nan still managed to tie for first place with Nangong Cheng?

Does that mean that this Qin Nan was secretly a Pill Alchemy expert?

Everyone was dumbstruck after hearing the result.

The bet which Qin Nan was guaranteed to lose, turns out to be a tie between the two?

At that instant, the crowd was deathly silent;the disciples felt like their brains had stopped working.

After a long period of time, a huge chatter exploded among the crowd. Most disciples had their faces filled with great astonishment.

’’My god, Qin Nan achieved ninety nine marks!’’

’’HAHAHA, this time the first elder and Nangong Cheng are going to be extremely mad. The round was specifically prepared for Nangong Cheng, but who knew there would be Qin Nan here to interfere!’’

’’Great, so damn great. The first elder used his power to alter the trial for Nangong Cheng. I was never fond of that, but now that Qin Nan and Nangong Cheng are tied for the first place, I'm keen to know what their reaction will be!’’


The disciples were extremely excited with their faces blushed red;they now stood on Qin Nan's side to support him.

This was because Cheng Biao's action was being partial to Nangong Cheng, which was completely unfair, causing them to feel discontent.

Now that Qin Nan had made a miracle, ruining both Cheng Biao and Nangong Cheng's plan, how could they not support Qin Nan?

Meanwhile, Nangong Cheng and Cheng Biao's faces were contorted;their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with a sense of murderous intent.

They never expected Qin Nan to have such an impressive talent in Pill Alchemy, to be able to interfere with their plan!

However, it was unwise for them to unleash their anger as the outer domain trial was still taking place. If they did anything stupid, even they would not be able to face the consequences.

Nangong Cheng took a deep breath, before saying with a dull expression, ’’Qin Nan, I never thought you and I would be tied for first place. It seems like I have underestimated your capabilities.’’

Qin Nan remained expressionless;he did not even give Nangong Cheng a glimpse.

At the elder's seating area, Cheng Biao said in a loud tone, ’’I did not expect to see such a remarkable man with impressive Pill Alchemy talent. Qin Nan, regarding the bet between us two and you, since you two have the same results, the bet will be considered as a draw!’’

After hearing this, the crowd of disciples became excited once again.

They initially thought Qin Nan would surely lose the bet, but who knew Qin Nan was capable of having such a comeback.

However, Qin Nan did not speak a single word throughout the whole process.

Following this, the elder in charge did not hesitate any longer, and continued to reveal the remaining results. In half an hour time, every disciple's result was declared.

Qin Nan and Nangong Cheng, were still tied for first place!

The elder in charge inhaled deeply, before he faced the crowd and said, ’’Now, I declare that, Qin Nan and Nanogng Cheng are tied for the first place in the first round of the outer domain trial. They both achieved ninety nine marks. As for the second place, it is Mo Zishan, with eighty one marks. The third place belongs to...’’

However, before the elder in charge could finish speaking, an unexpected occurrence took place.

Qin Nan, who had remained silent throughout this whole time, took a step forward and said in a harsh tone, ’’Wait, I disagree!’’

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