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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 - Atavistic Spiritual Liquid

Before going back to his residence, Qin Nan went to the Pill Hall and exchanged for five thousand Xiantian Pills.

However, as he entered his residence, a familiar blinding light approached him, which caused the smile on his face to stiffen.

Qin Nan instinctively looked in his storage bag, and his expression turned cold instantly, which was then replaced by an unpleasant look.

The five thousand Xiantian Pills which he had just received were once again consumed by the white jade ginseng.


Qin Nan stared at the ginseng before him and spoke with a trembling voice;his body trembled too.

He did not expect his pills to be consumed again even when they were placed in his storage bag;it did not stop the damned white jade ginseng from stealing them.

After a while, Qin Nan sat on the ground with a helpless expression on his face.

From what he had experienced, it was impossible to stop this stalk of white jade ginseng from consuming his pills. Not only that, even Qin Nan's strongest attack was unable to harm the ginseng, leaving him with no chance of avenging himself.

’’The next time I have pills on me, I shall not return to this place.’’

Qin Nan took a deep breath, and came to a decision.

Although the fifth residence was rich with Qi, pills were more precious to him. He had already been robbed by the ginseng three times he could not afford anymore losses.

It took Qin Nan an hour's time to restrain the pain in his heart, before immersing himself in cultivation.

Not only was Qin Nan cultivating in seclusion, the whole outer domain mountain was dead silent, without any movement, as everyone went into seclusion as well.

Time passed swiftly;seven days were gone in the blink of an eye.

On the eighth day's morning, the light from the rising sun covered the whole outer domain mountain, causing it to have a sparkling appearance.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan's eyes finally opened slowly at this moment.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

At that instant, Qin Nan's blood started to rumble like the waves of an ocean, emitting a loud noise and releasing a powerful force toward his surroundings.

His cultivation had finally improved to the tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm!

Qin Nan had now reached the peak of the Body Tempering Realm;his flesh, muscles, joints, organs, and blood had turned incredibly tough, reaching a limit, which caused his body to become extremely strong.

’’Tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm at last.’’ Qin Nan opened his eyes, and released a breath. He clenched his fists, feeling the rumbling force within him and thought, ’’With my current strength, if I were to face Ling Zixiao again, I won't even need to use the Heavenly Accumulating Strike, nor my Martial Spirit;I could easily defeat him with a single attack... However, if I were to face a Xiantian Realm opponent, I would have some troubles winning.’’

Qin Nan's expression turned serious, without any sign of joy from levelling up his cultivation.

From his calculations, Huang Long and Nangong Cheng would definitely participate in the outer domain trial, and it was highly possible that they both had achieved the Xiantian Realm.

If they really did succeed in reaching the Xiantian Realm, it would pose a great threat for Qin Nan to come first in the trial.

Back at the Qin Clan, Qin Tian was a Xiantian Realm expert, hence Qin Nan was quite familiar with it.

Upon reaching the Xiantian Realm, one's Dantian would be developed, which was able to transform the Qi from the surroundings into personal Qi. The force it brought was incredibly powerful and unimaginable.

For example, Qin Nan could now run very fast on the surface of a river to stop himself from sinking into the water. However, a Xiantian Realm expert was able to walk slowly on the surface of a river.

It was obvious to observe the great difference between the Body Tempering Realm and the Xiantian Realm.

After having this thought, Qin Nan did not reveal any hint of intimidation;he was only regretful as he could not help but glance toward the white jade ginseng sitting in the corner and say, ’’If my Seven-Colored Flower, Ambergris and Nine-Rotation Golden Pill were not swallowed by that thing, maybe I would have reached the half-Xiantian state by now?’’

Qin Nan then let out a wry smile;he could only blame himself for buying the ginseng in the first place.

At that instant, the white jade ginseng budged, and the immature voice of a girl with a prideful tone could be heard, ’’It's your honor that I, the princess, am willing to consume your pills. Some people might not even have the chance to do so despite their diligence in cultivating. Hence, you should be grateful and serve me well.’’

Qin Nan's face turned cold, as his lips began to twitch.

All of a sudden, the tone of the immature voice changed, ’’However, as a servant, I shall not see you suffer;I'll grant you some benefits.’’

Following it, the white jade ginseng budged again and fired a drop of purple-colored liquid in Qin Nan's direction.

’’What the f**k... is this?’’

Qin Nan's expression changed greatly, and he tried to dodge it. Despite that, his reaction was too slow, and he could only watch the drop of purple-colored liquid vanish into his forehead.

’’YOU ’’

Qin Nan was immediately furious;all of his pills had already been consumed by this thing, and it still planned to harm him?

However, before he could unleash his anger, a rich and pure force exploded within him, which flowed toward all parts of his body.

’’What's going on?’’ Qin Nan was startled, and his face was filled with a shocked expression.

He could feel an extremely pure stream of Qi inside his body;even the Qi from the Three-Petalled Golden Lily was less than a tenth of this. Besides that, he could feel something mysterious and fascinating encapsulated within the force.

’’Humph, that was a drop of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid granted by me, the princess. You should hurry up and refine it.’’ The immature voice from the white jade ginseng said in a slightly unwilling tone, and then went silent after finishing the sentence.

’’Atavistic Spiritual Liquid?’’

Qin Nan was a little stunned. He did not have time to process his thoughts, as he began to feel an incredible force growing in his body. He then clenched his teeth, and sat down on the ground, absorbing the force with all his focus.

One hour!

Three hours!

Eight hours!

After a period of ten hours, Qin Nan's expression finally changed.

In these ten hours' time, he had absorbed an incredible amount of Qi, which caused his Dantian to have a burning sensation, as if a flame was ignited within his Dantian.

Not only that, the Qi that he absorbed began to flow around his body, and eventually gathered in his Dantian, forming a transparent aura.

This aura was his personal Qi!

’’Xiantian Realm, it actually feels like the Xiantian Realm.’’ Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement, ’’In just a day's time, I have reached the half-Xiantian state. The force encapsulated within the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid is unbelievable, giving me a chance to achieve the Xiantian Realm today...’’

Upon having this thought, Qin Nan instinctively glanced toward the white jade ginseng in the corner with a weird expression.

It seems like this white jade ginseng is not as bad as I thought?

At least, this drop of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid would be able to be sold at a price of a hundred thousand Xiantian Pills or even higher at an auction.

Following this, Qin Nan shook his head wildly;he already had a personal conflict with this mysterious ginseng, he would not allow himself to be grateful for it.

After calming his thoughts, Qin Nan immersed himself in cultivation.

A day's time passed since then.

On the second day, the whole outer domain mountain became lively, as the outer domain trial was about to take place.


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