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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 111


Chapter 111 - Outer Domain Trial

Qin Nan returned to his residence with a smile on his face, which showed he was feeling content.

Not only was he able to increase his knowledge from the lecture, he received a badge from Senior Sister Li Hong out of the blue, and most importantly, he obtained eighty seven jade jars of Xiantian Pills from the Five Tyrannical Tigers and Nangong Ershao when he was broke!

For the current Qin Nan, eighty seven jars of Xiantian Pills was a massive fortune.

’’Last time was an accident;this time, I will never let you eat my pills again.’’ Qin Nan glanced at the white jade ginseng sitting in the corner of his room and let out a cold smile, ’’Wait until I improve my strength;I'll definitely break you open, and see what's hiding inside.’’

After saying this, Qin Nan sat down with his legs crossed and adjusted his breathing to prepare himself to settle down his Martial Heart.

However, a rare occurrence took place!

The white jade ginseng sitting in the corner began to vibrate with a buzzing sound, as if it was angry at Qin Nan's words.

Following this, a blinding light was emitted from the ginseng, which encapsulated Qin Nan within it.

A blank expression appeared on Qin Nan's face, who instinctively reached out his hand toward his chest pocket.

With a touch, his expression changed greatly.

The Xiantian Pills he had just obtained were all gone!

’’F**k you!’’

At that instant, Qin Nan let out a devastating roar, his aura burst out thoroughly while he withdrew the Seven Great Sins, and he slashed crazily at the white jade ginseng as if he were possessed.


A series of explosion could be heard from Qin Nan's residence once again.

The white jade ginseng remained unharmed under the attacks. Following this, the same immature voice of a girl appeared again with a prideful tone, ’’Hmph, I did not want to steal your pills after seeing you in such a miserable state. Who knew that you would dare to challenge me, hence the punishment. Besides that, hurry up and find me more pills. If not, you shall receive my wrath!’’

After hearing this, Qin Nan halted his action of slashing at the white jade ginseng, and his expression changed rapidly.

This thing dares to chastise me after eating all my pills?

It dares to demand more pills from me after stealing all those pills?

Qin Nan's chest began to rise and fall as flames of fury arose in his heart, approaching the verge of bursting out.

Since he had awakened his Martial Spirit, it has always been him robbing his opponents' pills after defeating them. Since when had he been so helpless and angry before?

Despite that, a familiar voice could be heard from the outside of his residence, ’’Brother Nan, we're back!’’

The owner of the voice was none other than Xiao Leng.

Qin nan took a deep breath to hold his anger back. He stared angrily at the white jade ginseng, before going outside.

Xiao Leng was not the only visitor, as Chu Yun had come with him too.

Qin Nan could tell from their stronger auras that they had received great benefits from their training while doing their quests away from the sect.

’’Not bad.’’ Qin Nan let out a smile after knowing the two had improved their strengths, ’’With your cultivation, you two will be in the top ten very soon.’’

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun exchanged glances, and were able to see wry smiles in each other's eyes.

The reason they went out for practice was because of the pressure from Qin Nan. They could not wait to meet Qin Nan after their cultivation had improved. What they did not expect was that Qin Nan's cultivation would continue to improve at a rapid speed, and that he would have reached the ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

Qin Nan, with a cultivation of the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, was already able to kill Ling Zixiao who had possessed a tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation. How strong would he be now?

’’I'm still no match for Brother Nan.’’ Xiao Leng lowered his head and said in a discouraged tone.

’’Well, even Ling Zixiao was no match for Junior Brother Qin Nan;hence why you should keep on working hard.’’ Chu Yun said while covering her laugh with her hand.

After hearing this, Xiao Leng turned energetic, as a smile reappeared on his face.

Looking at the two, Qin Nan could somehow feel a strange bond developing between Chu Yun and Xiao Leng.

Following this, Chu Yun straightened her face and said with a worried look, ’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, I've heard that Nangong Ershao has been troubling you? This is all my fault. If it weren't for me, he would not trouble you at all.’’

’’Don't mind. It's already been settled.’’ Qin Nan smiled.

Seeing Qin Nan's careless attitude, Chu Yun remembered the rumors she heard after returning to the sect. It was said that this Junior Brother Qin Nan had not only caused Nangong Ershao to be banned from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of his life, he also suppressed Nangong Cheng at the auction.

Not to mention that not long ago, Qin Nan had completely outmatched the Five Tyrannical Tigers, and managed to destroy the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation which even Nangong Cheng would have had a hard time dealing with.

These were not the reason Chu Yun gave up, after all though.

What struck Chu Yun the most was that after the Trial of Versatility, every new disciple was ordered to come to the outer domain to familiarize themselves with the surroundings. Only Qin Nan left with the two famous inner disciples, Xiao Qingxue and Gong Yang, to some other places.

Since then, Chu Yun had waited for Qin Nan outside his fifth residence three days in a row, but she failed to find Qin Nan.

She then remembered the spreading rumors among the sect;it was said that there was some sort of relationship between the top beauty of the sect Xiao Qingxue, and Qin Nan. She did not believe it at first. She was quite confident in herself too. But later, she realized the distance between her and Qin Nan grew further unnoticedly.

If that was the case, it was better for her to get rid of the thought.

Chu Yun let out a sigh in her heart, and then smilingly said, ’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, are you going to participate in the Outer Domain Trial?’’

’’Outer Domain Trial?’’ Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows slightly, ’’What's that? A competition?’’

’’Well, you can see it as a competition,’’ Xiao Leng started laughing at the side, as his eyes were filled with a spark of battle intent, ’’There is a trial among the outer disciples every three months, which is held specifically by the sect to test the disciples' strength. In the trial, those who acquire the top five spots will receive great benefits. Not only that, the ranking of the trial will affect the ranking of the outer domain. Hence, if you want to live at a better residence, you have to take the trial.’’

’’Great benefits?’’ Qin Nan's eyes flickered, as he felt a pain in his heart.

Just a moment ago, his only possession of eight thousand seven hundred Xiantian Pills, was all consumed by the white jade ginseng.

Not only that, the immature voice inside the ginseng who referred to herself as a princess humiliated him verbally too.

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun were confused, Why is Qin Nan wearing such a painful expression?

Following this, Chu Yun let out a smile and said, ’’The Outer Domain Trial is still ten days away. Besides that, Senior Brother Huang Long had gone into seclusion. Before that, he told me to tell you that he wishes to fight you in the upcoming trial!’’

’’Huang Long?’’

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement, as his blood began to boil, emitting a hint of battle intent.

Among the new disciples, even Ling Zixiao had managed to beat Huang Long in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, but in terms of pure strength, Ling Zixiao was no match for Huang Long. Furthermore, as Huang Long had gone into seclusion now, his strength would greatly improve by the time he came out after the ten days.

’’Sure, I'll take part in the Outer Domain Trial.’’ Qin Nan nodded his head, as a hint of excitement could be seen in his eyes.

After Qin Nan received the divine Battle Spirit, his personality had been reshaped unnoticedly. There were only two things which could make him excited.

The first one was pills, and the second one was battling against other geniuses!

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun exchanged glances again. They both could sense Qin Nan's transformation, and at the same time, they too were excited about the trial.

The Outer Domain Trial would have a lot of strong disciples. What kind of miracle would Qin Nan make this time?

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun stayed a little longer to chat with Qin Nan before returning to their residences to do the final preparations for the Outer Domain Trial in ten days' time.

Qin Nan did the same thing too;he entered his residence, sat down and unleashed his divine Battle Spirit, and started cultivating.

...Meanwhile, at the first residence located at the peak of the outer domain mountain...

In the residence, Nangong Cheng opened his eyes slowly, as a cold murderous intent could be seen in his eyes when he spoke, ’’Are you telling me that Qin Nan was the one who did all this?’’

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