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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 110


Chapter 110 - Bullying The Five Tigers

The Five Tyrannical Tigers finally collected their thoughts and their eyes were filled with utter astonishment.

The Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation they executed was a half-complete one they had coincidentally found;even the sect elder was quite impressed after they showed it to him.

Now the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation which they were extremely proud of had been easily destroyed by a single attack?

At that moment, Da Hu could not handle the shock, as he began to scream, ’’How is this possible? How did you break the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation...’’

The scream was like an explosion, which caused the disciples to recover from the shock and become immersed into a huge chatter.

’’What? The Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was destroyed?’’

’’My god, this is unbelievable, Qin Nan actually broke the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation!’’

’’How did he manage to break the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation? Even Nangong Cheng would be helpless against it!’’

’’Did you guys not realize, Qin Nan only used a single attack, one single attack!’’


The disciples, while shocked, were extremely excited too.

This was because most of them had been bullied by the Five Tyrannical Tigers using the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation before. How could they not be excited seeing the unbreakable Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation be broken by a single attack!

As for Nangong Ershao, he remained in spot with a blank expression on his face and was unable to react despite the loud chatter around him.

How could this be? The Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was broken? Even the Five Tyrannical Tigers were no match for Qin Nan?

Qin Nan remained expressionless, as if he could not hear the loud noise around him. He then approached the Five Tyrannical Tigers, one step at a time.

For unknown reasons, the Five Tyrannical Tigers began to shiver as they instinctively stepped backward, especially Da Hu, who blurted out, ’’Qin Nan, what are you trying to do? This is the dojo, you can't break the rules. Otherwise, you'll be punished by the sect...’’

The other four tigers nodded their heads continuously, their faces filled with terror.

They had already lost the intent to battle when their Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was destroyed.

How would they stand a chance against someone in the ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm, with the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm if, even when they teamed up, he was able to break their Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation?

Qin Nan halted his movement after hearing this, as he glanced toward them and said in a low tone, ’’Five Tyrannical Tigers, initially I did not want to waste my time with you guys, as I've learned a lot from Senior Sister Li Hong's lecture. What I did not expect was that you guys really rob my pills!’’

After saying this, Qin Nan's expressionless face became enraged, as his body trembled with anger.

His heart was consumed with hatred!

My pills have already been consumed by the goddamned ginseng, and now these guys still want to rob me of my pills?

Did they and that goddamned ginseng think he was someone to be bullied so easily?

Upon having this thought, Qin Nan could no longer hold himself back as the Saber Intent of the Arcane Realm was gathered. He then dashed toward the five tigers, like a beast with a human appearance.

The Five Tyrannical Tigers let out screams of terror as they all ran with their fastest speed, trying to get away. However, no matter how hard they tried, it was impossible for them to outrun Qin Nan, who had perfectly mastered the Mystical Eight Steps. In just a short moment, the Five Tyrannical Tigers had all been captured by Qin Nan, who lashed out his fists like a thunderstorm onto their bodies.


One fist after another, which caused a series of explosive noises, together with the cries of agony from the Five Tyrannical Tigers.

’’Dare to rob my pills!’’


’’You f**kers dare to rob my pills!’’


’’Do you still dare to rob my pills? Not anymore? Why not?’’


’’Don't you guys know, throughout my life, those who want to rob my pills are the most hated by me!’’


The crowd of disciples who was initially immersed in great shock was petrified after seeing this.

The continuous explosions, together with the punches, felt like huge boulders exploding in their heart, which caused their minds to tremble.

Even though the Five Tyrannical Tigers were the ones being beaten up, they could still feel the pain, which caused them all to shiver!

So ferocious!

So violent!

So terrifying!

As for Nangong Ershao, he was so scared that he lost his strength and kneeled onto the ground.

At last, after the period it took for an incense to burn, Qin Nan breathed heavily as he finally stopped beating the Five Tyrannical Tigers.

Everyone could not help but gaze at the Five Tyrannical Tigers. With a glimpse, they immediately shivered and took deep breaths.

The Five Tyrannical Tigers, who were normally ferocious looking, now had the appearance of five dead dogs lying on the ground. Not only that, their faces all looked like pig heads due to the swelling from the beating. Even their eyes turned into tiny gaps due to the swelling.

Qin Nan remained expressionless, as if he did not realize his violence;he looked toward the Five Tyrannical Tigers and asked, ’’You guys, do you still want to rob my pills?’’

After hearing this, it felt like the Five Tyrannical Tigers had just encountered the most terrifying presence;their bodies began to tremble vigorously, while they started to moan in agony, and their eyes filled with utter terror.

If their eyes were not beaten up into tiny gaps, they would be crying now.

This man before them, was not human he was a devil!

What caused them to lose their mind was that the reason this man had beaten them up so violently was because of a single sentence!

Did he really need to beat us up so badly because of a single sentence?

’’You guys planned to rob me before;now it's my turn.’’ Qin Nan was incredibly straight forward, as he approached the Five Tyrannical Tigers and started searching their bodies, and found twenty four jade jars. Each jar contained a hundred Xiantian Pills.

This caused Qin Nan's eyes to flicker;his unpleasant emotion finally improved as he said, ’’Hmm, not bad. You may now leave.’’

The words felt like a decree of pardon, as the Five Tyrannical Tigers immediately tried their best to get up and leave the dojo, leaving the crowd speechless.

Who would have thought that the previously ferocious Five Tyrannical Tigers would turn into wimps today?

Qin Nan kept the pills and glanced at Nangong Ershao.

After making eye contact with Qin Nan, Nangong Ershao shivered as if he had just seen a devil, and started crying, ’’Big Bro Qin Nan, Master Qin Nan, don't beat me up. If you really want to beat me up, please don't hit my face! I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I won't do it again. I will treat you as my grandfather...’’

Qin Nan continued to stare at him without any sign of moving.

A sudden thought came into Nangong Ershao's mind, and he instantly took out every single jade jar he had and said, ’’Grandfather, here are all my pills. They are all yours!’’

Every jade jar contained one hundred Xiantian Pills, but Nangong Ershao was richer than the Five Tyrannical Tigers and had a total of sixty three jade jars.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with a hint of joy, but this was soon hidden by him, as he calmly placed the sixty three jade jars into his chest pocket, and said, ’’Your death penalty has been waived, but there are still some penalties. I'll not beat you up today, but a punishment must be given, to remind you for the rest of your life.’’

After hearing this, Nangong Ershao was not frightened at all, but said with a surprised tone, ’’Thank you, Master Qin Nan, as long as you don't hit my face...’’


Nangong Ershao was shocked as a burning sensation could be felt on his face.


Nangong Ershao lost his thoughts from the impact. The series of slaps were too fast for him to react.


Qin Nan gave Nangong Ershao almost fifty slaps, before he stopped and said, ’’Don't trouble me anymore.’’

After saying this, Qin Nan left the place;only this time, no one dared to stop him.

As for Nangong Ershao, he kneeled down onto the ground with a blank mind, and finally recovered after an unknown period of time, before he burst out crying.

Didn't I say not to hit my face? Why did he slap my face so many times? How can I show myself to anyone now?

The crowd of disciples felt their lips twitching upon seeing this, and their hearts were filled with an icy sensation.

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