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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 106


Chapter 106 - Enraged Qin Nan

The stalk of the rotting black ginseng swiftly consumed Qin Nan's blood, before a blinding light burst out from the top.

Not only that, a mysterious absorption force was emitted from the ginseng, which felt like a gigantic hand grabbing the Seven-Colored Flower, the Ambergris, the Nine-Rotation Golden Pill, and the eight thousand plus Martial Emperor Pills.

’’This is...’’

Qin Nan had yet to recover from the shock. However, looking at the scene before him, a sinking feeling instinctively arose within him.

Following this, as if it was proving Qin Nan's instinct to be accurate, the Seven-Colored Flower, the Ambergris, the Nine-Rotation Golden Pills, and the eight thousand plus Martial Emperor Pills all shattered into pieces with a loud bang, turning into a stream of rich Qi which flowed into the ginseng.

In just a period of three breath's time, the stream of rich Qi was completely consumed by the stalk of ginseng.

Kacha... Kacha...

At that instant, something strange happened to the mysterious ginseng, as it's black rotting outer layer started to crack and drop onto the ground, giving it an appearance like a piece of exquisite white jade.

Qin Nan wore a blank expression on his face;what happened just then was too fast, that he had had no time to react at all.

As Qin Nan finally collected his thoughts, his face contorted instantly, and he let out a mournful cry, which traveled from the fifth residence into the surroundings.

The outer disciples who were cultivating at their residences located close to Qin Nan's were all shocked by the cry, with stunned expressions on their faces.

Where did that cry come from?

Why is the cry so mournful?

Meanwhile, in the house of the fifth residence, Qin Nan stared at the ginseng with the appearance of white jade with a twisted expression and a bleeding heart!

My Seven-Colored Flower is gone!

My Ambergris is gone!

My Nine-Rotation Golden Pill is gone!

Even my eight thousand Martial Emperor Pills are all gone!

The Seven-Colored Flower is equivalent to thirty thousand Xiantian Pills, the Ambergris is equal to fifty thousand Xiantian Pills, and the Nine-Rotation Golden Pill is around one hundred thousand Xiantian Pills. Over eight thousand Martial Emperor Pills can be exchanged for eight hundred thousand Xiantian Pills. This means in just a short while, that stalk of ginseng consumed a total of one million Xiantian Pills!

How significant is one million Xiantian Pills?

If I were to consume them all, my divine Battle Spirit would most likely be Xuan ranked by now!

However, this goddamn stalk of ginseng just consumed all of them!

’’You piece of shit!’’ At that instant, Qin Nan let out a furious roar and unleashed his Martial Spirit. An eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm aura was emitted, together with the Arcane Realm Saber Intent, which both combined into a powerful punch which shoved toward the mysterious ginseng.

At that instant, Qin Nan had gone completely berserk.

His pills were the most precious thing to him;those who had the intention of stealing his pills would be regarded as his greatest enemies!


With a loud bang, Qin Nan could feel a powerful deflective force from the mysterious ginseng, which flung him into the air. It took him more than ten steps to stabilize himself.

On the other hand, the white jade ginseng remained stationary, as if it did not receive any damage at all.

Qin Nan was even more furious seeing this;he took a big step forward and picked up the Seven Great Sins one by one from the ground, while gathering a more ferocious Arcane Realm Saber Intent.

However, at that instant, a cold 'hmph' could be heard coming from the stalk of white jade ginseng.

The voice sounded immature, like a little twelve-year-old girl's;it was a pleasant voice, but filled with a hint of pride.

Upon hearing this, the enraged Qin Nan was startled.

What is going on?

Is there a person in this stalk of ginseng?

Having this thought, Qin Nan instinctively unleashed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and looked at the mysterious ginseng.

With a glance, Qin Nan was even more surprised, as he discovered a strong life force growing inside the stalk of ginseng, which was taking the shape of a human.

’’What you looking at, stop peeking at me, the princess!’’ The immature voice could be heard once again from the ginseng, with a prideful tone, ’’As my energy is still insufficient, I'll be falling into a deep sleep soon. As my slave, from today onwards, help me collect pills, a great amount of them!’’

After saying this, the immature voice disappeared, as the place fell into silence.

The words felt like a saber penetrating into Qin Nan's heart, which caused the startled Qin Nan to go berserk again.

Help you to collect pills?

Help you to collect pills?

Go f**k yourself!

Qin Nan let out a raging roar, emitting his strongest force while holding the ancient sabers, and slashed continuously at the ginseng.

The Seven Great Sins consists of seven ancient sabers;Qin Nan swapped between the sabers, and continued to slash at the ginseng, as if he had lost his mind.

At that instant, endless sound of explosion could be heard coming from the fifth residence like a chain of grenades, which startled the disciples in the surroundings.

In a short period of time, many disciples had gathered before the entrance of the fifth residence, with shocked expressions on their faces.

’’What's going on in there? Is someone training inside?’’

’’Tsk, tsk, such a terrifying force. Who's living here?’’

’’I remember the guy's name to be Qin Nan, who was ranked first in the Trial of Versatility. According to the rumors, he achieved the Arcane Realm, and made history by completing the one thousand steps of the Mind Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods. Besides that, he even managed to slay a tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm, ninth-grade Huang ranked super genius, when he was only at the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm and eighth-grade Huang rank...’’

’’It's him;I've heard of him too!’’

’’Hehe, it seems like you guys have no idea about the interesting stuff that happened at the auction a while ago.’’


As the disciples continued to chat, the exploding noise coming from the house grew louder and scarier, causing them to be even more shocked;some of them even felt intimidated.

To be able to cause such a terrifying noise while practicing this Qin Nan was no ordinary person.

Meanwhile, among the crowd, a certain person's eyes were filled with a thick sense of hatred.

The person was none other than Nangong Ershao.

Because of Qin Nan, Nangong Ershao was banned from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of his life. He would surely hate Qin Nan to the extreme. Not only that, he was told how his brother Nangong Cheng was suppressed by Qin Nan at the auction, which further intensified his flames of anger.

Although Nangong Cheng did remind him not to provoke Qin Nan, due to Nangong Ershao's personalities, there was no way he could forgive Qin Nan that easily!

’’I hope you enjoy the calmness for now.’’ Nangong Ershao let out a grim smile and said, ’’When the time comes, I'll make sure you have a taste of my wrath.’’

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