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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 103


Chapter 103 - Ambergris

The words caused every disciple at the scene to be stunned, and glance toward Qin Nan at the same time.

They never expected Qin Nan to speak at that instant;Isn't he worried about offending Nangong Cheng?

A cold flash flickered in Nangong Cheng's eyes.

Meanwhile, Old Zhang frowned his eyebrows;he did not anticipate any outer disciple to go against Nangong Cheng's will, as he calmly said, ’’This disciple, I'm sorry, as your bid is one step late, this Seven-Colored Flower belongs to Nangong Cheng.’’

It was evident that Old Zhang was being partial through his words.

Firstly, he had no idea who Qin Nan was, and secondly, he had the intention to fawn upon Nangong Cheng, thus using his authority, he declared the ownership of the item straight away.

’’Is it?’’ Qin Nan's expression remained calm as he said, ’’If I want this Seven-Colored Flower, it doesn't matter who's here today, it'll still be mine.’’

After hearing these words, the disciples were dumbfounded, as they did not think Qin Nan would be so scornful.


Old Zhang became furious after hearing these words;as the Master of Ceremonies of the outer disciple auction, this was his first time meeting such an arrogant disciple.

’’Old Zhang, there's no need to be mad.’’ At that moment, Nangong Cheng began to speak, still with a calm tone, ’’Since this Junior Brother wants to compete with me, then let him be. I'm interested to see the price he's able to bid.’’

The disciples were stunned, before their hearts were filled with excitement. Nangong Cheng had finally decided to deal with Qin Nan.

Old Zhang held back the flames of anger in his heart as he let out a hollow laugh, with no intention of concealing his disdain toward Qin Nan, as he said, ’’Nangong Cheng bid fifty thousand Xiantian Pills, what's your price?’’

As everyone knew, Nangong Cheng was ranked top among the outer disciples, and was heavily focused on by the Great Elder of the outer domain. His wealth was unmatched by the other outer disciples.

Who does this eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm guy think he is, to have the right to compete with Nangong Cheng?

’’Why do I need to bid?’’ Qin Nan glanced toward Old Zhang and said, ’’I already told you that if I'm fond of this Seven-Colored Flower, then it belongs to me. It doesn't matter how much someone bid, because it will still be mine.’’

Everyone was left speechless on the spot, including Nangong Cheng.

According to Qin Nan's words, does he mean he's going to get the Seven-Colored Flower for free without him bidding?

What a joke, this is the outer disciple auction. One must definitely pay to get any piece of treasure from this auction!

’’HAHA, this Junior Brother has quite a sense of humor.’’ Nangong Cheng collected his thoughts and burst out laughing, ’’If you're unable to afford the price, then please don't disturb. Of course, if you appear to have enough pills, you're always welcome to compete.’’

Within the smile, Nangong Cheng instinctively displayed his ignorance toward Qin Nan.

Even though Qin Nan was someone who ranked first in the Trial of Versatility, who even achieved one thousand steps, and killed a higher ranked super genius, he was still utterly mismatched against Nangong Cheng.

Old Zhang let out a cold ’’hmph’’, and said, ’’Hey you, if you dare to interrupt again, I'll treat it as offending the rules. You will be banned from attending any outer domain auction for the rest of your life.’’

In Old Zhang's eyes, Qin Nan had become a poverty-stricken idiot trying to get the attention of the crowd.

Trying to get the Seven-Colored Flower for free? No f**king way, only possible in his dreams!

However, at that instant, a white-haired old man went toward the stage in a hurried pace.

Upon seeing this old man, Old Zhang's expression changed slightly, as he said in a respectful tone, ’’Elder, you're here.’’

This white-haired old man was the elder in charge of the auction

The disciples were confused after seeing this, Why is the elder here?

Meanwhile, the white-haired elder whispered a few sentences into Old Zhang's ear, which caused the latter's face to twist thoroughly, as countless cold sweat formed on his forehead.

Old Zhang took a deep breath, before glancing toward Qin Nan. The previous disdainful and scornful expression in his eyes was gone, replaced with a hint of respect as he said, ’’Qin... Junior Brother Qin Nan, pardon my ignorance, not knowing your identity beforehand. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. This Seven-Colored Flower, as you mentioned, if you want it then it's yours, without needing to pay.’’

Upon hearing this, the disciples were shocked;Nangong Cheng was shocked.

What's happening right now?

Why did Old Zhang's attitude alter so rapidly?

What kind of identity does Qin Nan possess, to be able to receive the Seven-Colored Flower with the price of fifty thousand pills for free?

’’Old Zhang, what do you mean? It has always been the one with the highest bidding price to get the piece of treasure in every auction. What rights does he have to get the Seven-Colored Flower for free?’’ Nangong Cheng demanded in a harsh tone.

After all, he had planned to get the Seven-Colored Flower beforehand. If Qin Nan were to outbid him, it was still acceptable, but now the item was taken by Qin Nan for free, how would he accept that?

Old Zhang's attitude became firm as he said, ’’This is the order of the sect. Enough with that, let's move on to the next item!’’

Following this, the attractive lady appeared once again, together with the next item.

After seeing this, the disciples glanced toward Qin Nan differently now;being able to cause Nangong Ershao to be banned from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of his life, and now completely gaining the upper hand against Nangong Cheng, along with receiving the Seven-Colored Flower for free, showed how extraordinary Qin Nan's identity was.

Nangong Cheng's face was contorted, but he did not lose his ability to think;he now realized that Qin Nan's identity was nothing ordinary.

’’I'll remember what you did to me this time. I'll make you pay when the time comes!’’ Nangong Cheng stared at Qin Nan furiously, before taking a few deep breaths trying to calm himself down.

Meanwhile, the auction continued and the previously silent hall turned lively once again.

When the twentieth item came out, Old Zhang's pitch went high as he yelled out, ’’This will be the second best seller of our auction, known as the Ambergris. When it's ignited, it will release a unique scent, which aids one to improve his Martial Realm. For example, if one is at the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon, with this Ambergris, he has a great chance to achieve the Arcane Realm! The bidding starts now, with the base price being ten thousand Xiantian Pills!’’

After hearing this, the crowd of disciples went mad, as they all locked their gazes onto the Ambergris on display.

Compared to the Seven-Colored Flower from before, it seemed like this Ambergris possessed an even greater value.

’’I bid eleven thousand Xiantian Pills!’’

’’Fifteen thousand, I bid fifteen thousand pills!’’

’’Screw you all, it's been half a year since I reached the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon, unable to proceed to the Perfection Stage. This Ambergris is just what I need;I'll bid eighteen thousand!’’


After a while, the bidding price of the Ambergris had increased to twenty-five thousand Xiantian Pills, with no sign of stopping.

Upon seeing this, Nangong Cheng ran out of his patience. He had achieved the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon a year ago, with no sign of improving to the Arcane Realm. If he were to get his hands on this Ambergris, he would surely achieve the Arcane Realm, boosting his strength insanely.

’’Eighty thousand Xiantian Pills!’’ Nangong Cheng rose up from his seat and yelled.

His words caused everyone's face to be twisted. Either Nangong Cheng's identity, or the bid of eighty thousand Xiantian Pills, was out of their range of affordability.

’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, this Ambergris is incredibly rare. If you don't get it this time, you will have a hard time finding it again. If you're interested, you're free to compete with me...’’ At that instant, Nangong Cheng glanced toward Qin Nan;his eyes were filled with a hint of provocation.

According to Nangong Cheng's prediction, even though Qin Nan's identity was enough to take the Seven-Colored Flower for free, that would be his limit he would not be able to take a second one.

If not, it would become a great loss for the Treasure Vault, wouldn't it?

’’Senior Brother, you're right. If that's the case, this Ambergris is now mine.’’ Qin Nan nodded his head and said.

’’Yours? Why is it yours before you tell us your bid?’’ Nangong Cheng felt irritated after hearing this, ’’You've already taken the Seven-Colored Flower, do you really think you can take this Ambergris...’’

Before Nangong Cheng could finish his words, Old Zhang declared with a loud voice, ’’The Ambergris belongs to Qin Nan. Let's proceed to the next piece of treasure.’’

After hearing this, Nangong Cheng halted his sentence, as he was left completely stunned on the spot.

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