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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 - Let The Auction Begin

Qin Nan was left speechless, and he was too lazy to answer.

This Nangong Cheng, if he knew I'm Qin Nan, what's the point of asking for confirmation again?

All the disciples breathed heavily after witnessing Qin Nan ignored Nangong Cheng. This Qin Nan is really full of himself;he dares to ignore Nangong Cheng's presence.

Nangong Cheng remained expressionless, as if he was not mad at Qin Nan's reaction, as he continued to say in a calm tone, ’’My brother was too proud of himself all this time. If he offended you just then, please forgive him.’’

After hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded. Did Nangong Cheng just apologize to Qin Nan?

Qin Nan was surprised. He did not expect Nangong Cheng's first sentence to be an apology.

’’Because of you, my brother was banned from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of his life;that was his own fault.’’ At that moment, Nangong Cheng gave a sharp stare as he said, ’’However, I have to remind you;don't be too scornful, and don't mess around with me. If not, you'll have to bear the consequences.’’

Upon saying this, Nangong Cheng's fully displayed the aura as the first ranked outer disciple.

The crowd of disciples was astonished. Nangong Cheng was indeed acting like himself, playing around with the words. He was not here to beg for forgiveness, but to mock Qin Nan.

After saying this, Nangong Cheng did not stay any longer;he entered the auction hall immediately.

’’Young Master Qin Nan...’’ Bai Heng appeared to have something to say.

’’It's fine. Let's go in too.’’ Qin Nan remained expressionless;not a hint of anger could be seen on his face, as he turned around and entered the auction hall.

The disciples were disappointed that the two did not break out into a fight. However, they did not think about it for long, as they began to enter the auction hall.

The auction hall was not extremely large, with an area of hundred meters square. At the front of the hall, there was a stage made of white jade, and following it, rows of seats could be seen.

As Nangong Cheng and his group entered the auction hall, they went straight for the first row, and no one dared to say anything.

Qin Nan was not fussy about the seats, and he simply picked a quiet spot and sat down, waiting for the auction to start.

In just a period of three breaths time, the entire place was crowded with people;some who were late could only stand at the back.

’’Welcome to the outer domain auction.’’ An old man dressed luxuriously walked out toward the center of the stage while saying with a blasting voice, ’’My name is Old Zhang, I'll be the master of ceremonies of this auction. Enough with that though;as I assume everyone here clearly understands the rules of auctioning, thus I'll save some time by skipping that bit. Let's start with the first piece of treasure.’’

As soon as his sentence was finished, a lady with heavy makeup and an exposing outfit appeared from the back of the stage. On her hand, was a golden plate, and a lily could be seen in the middle of the plate.

The lotus, emitting golden light, was none other than the Three-Petalled Golden Lily which Qin Nan had consumed before.

Upon seeing this, the crowd exploded instantly.

’’What? The first piece of treasure is already a three-petalled golden lily?’’

’’Damn, this outer disciple auction is going to be intense!’’

’’Nice, very nice. This three-petalled golden lily, I'm definitely going to get it.’’


The reveal of the three-petalled golden lily instantly caused the atmosphere of the auction to turn lively.

A hint of satisfaction flickered in Old Zhang's eyes, as he let out a cough and said in a loud tone, ’’There's no further explanation needed for this, as everyone would surely know what it is. The auction starts now, with one thousand Xiantian Pills as the base price. Each bid must not be less than five hundred Xiantian Pills compared the previous bid price.’’

After hearing this, a disciple instantly yelled, ’’One thousand Xiantian Pills!’’

’’I'll bid one thousand, five hundred. Damn it, who dares to compete with me? I'll make you pay with your life!’’

’’Such a high-sounding tone, If that's the case, I'll bid two thousand!’’

’’Three thousand for me!’’


In the end, this Three-Petalled Golden Lily was sold with a price of eight thousand Xiantian Pills.

Upon seeing this, Qin Nan could not help but smack his lips;he did not expect the price of the Three-Petalled Golden Lily to be so high. It was more than two times the estimated price Xiao Leng gave previously.

However, the main reason for this was that the outer disciples who lived many years in the Mystic Spirit Sect were definitely richer than the new disciples.

Old Zhang's whole face went excitedly red after seeing the Three-Petalled Golden Lily being sold at such an incredible price;the higher the price, the higher the commission he would be getting. Upon having this thought, his voice turned enlivened as he said, ’’Now let's move on to the next piece of treasure!’’

Following this, ten other auction items were displayed one after another, which all caused the disciples to compete intensely for them.

However, these ten items were not as fascinating compared to the Three-Petalled Golden Lily.

Old Zhang let out a cough and straightened his face, ’’The following piece of treasure is one of the top three items in this auction. I believe many of you are here especially for this. Now, let the lady bring it up!’’

After saying this, the charming lady walked onto the stage with an exquisite jade plate. On top of the plate was a flower.

This flower was different than the previous Three-Petalled Golden Lily. It had seven petals, with a different color on each petal, causing it to be much more incredibly eye-catching than the lady holding it.

At that instant, Old Zhang said, ’’I believe many of you have identified it. This is the Seven-Colored Flower. As everyone knows, it's incredibly difficult for tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivators to have a breakthrough to reach the Xiantian Realm. If one were to consume this Seven-Colored Flower, the person has a hundred percent chance of achieving the first-layer Xiantian Realm successfully. Not only that, every single petal of the flower is able to improve one's comprehension, and its efficiency is seven times that of the Three-Petalled Golden Lily's! Now, the starting price for this is five thousand Xiantian Pills!’’

After hearing this, the crowd exploded, as everyone's gazes became excited.

This Seven-Colored Flower;if they were to have one, not only could they reach the Xiantian Realm with ease, it could also boost their comprehension. Incredible!

’’Six thousand Xiantian Pills!’’

’’Sh*t, I'll bid eight thousand!’’

’’Trying to buy a Seven-Colored Flower with eight thousand Xiantian Pills? I'll bid ten thousand!’’

’’You f**king c**t, increasing the price by two thousand pills? Fifteen thousand from me!’’


The whole place turned lively, as the auction price continued to rise.

At that moment, Nangong Cheng, who was seated in the first row finally stood up and said facing the crowd, ’’For this Seven-Colored Flower, my bidding price is fifty thousand Xiantian Pills. I hope all my Senior and Junior Brothers here will not compete further. As you all know, I'm only a step away from the Xiantian Realm, hence I really need this Seven-Colored Flower.’’

After hearing this, the disciples gradually fell silent.

To begin with, fifty thousand Xiantian Pills was too expensive, surpassing their limits. In addition, even if they were given ten guts, they would not dare to go against Nangong Cheng's will in public!

A hint of joy appeared as Old Zhang saw Nangong Cheng's bid, as he said, ’’Junior Brother Nangong, it's you. If Junior Brother Nangong is willing to bid fifty thousand Xiantian Pills, and no one has any intention to raise the price, then the Seven-Colored Flower will be yours...’’

However, at that instant, a calm voice could be heard, ’’This Seven-Colored Flower it's mine.’’

The one speaking was none other than Qin Nan.

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