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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 101


Chapter 101 - Nangong Cheng

Nangong Ershao was dumbfounded, so were the outer disciples.

They never thought that the elder of the Treasure Vault would rebuke the old man in the black robe straight away, and ban him from entering the Treasure Vault from now on after seeing Qin Nan's badge.

In other words, the future of the old man was completely gone.

What is going on?

The badge Qin Nan took out, what kind of badge is it exactly?

Why is the elder so mad after seeing the badge, that he rebuked the person in charge immediately?

’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, I'm so sorry for that. That guy was completely blind;I hope he didn't offend you.’’ The middle-aged man glanced at Qin Nan respectfully, without any sign of the imperiousness from before.

The fact was that the middle-aged man hated the person in charge so much, that he even had the intention to murder him right now.

This is the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge, which is equivalent to the presence of the Great Elder. That piece of trash can't even recognize it?

The middle-aged man could only pray in his heart that Qin Nan would not unleash his anger upon him. If not, he was sure to lose his position as an elder.

’’Don't worry.’’ Qin Nan did not release his anger onto the man, as he calmly said, ’’Elder, just now, this Nangong Ershao colluded with the old man in the black robe, to prohibit me from joining the auction. I'm quite a fast-tempered person, hence this guy should be banned from ever entering the Treasure Vault too.’’

After hearing this, Nangong Ershao who was still immersed in great shock, jumped like a cat whose tail was being stepped on, and said, ’’Qin Nan, what did you say? I'm Nangong Cheng's brother, you dare to try and ban me from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of my life? Are you out of your mind...’’

Before Nangong Ershao could finish his sentence, the middle-aged man said in a cold tone, ’’Nangong Ershao right? From today onward, you are prohibited from ever entering the Treasure Vault, otherwise, you will be expelled from the Mystic Spirit Sect!’’


Upon hearing this, Nangong Ershao felt like he was being struck by lightning, as his prideful face from before turned pale instantly.

I am Nangong Ershao, brother of Nangong Cheng, but this elder really obeyed Qin Nan's demand and banned me from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of my life?

’’Fine, fine, fine.’’ Nagong Ershao recovered from his shock and said with a cold expression, ’’Qin Nan, I'll remember what happened today. I'll make you kneel down and beg me when the time comes.’’

After the threatening, Nangong Ershao could not stay any longer, and he left the scene in a hurry.

It would be a total disgrace for him if he continued to stay.

The middle-aged man glanced at Nangong Ershao's departing figure, and a hint of mercy flashed within his eyes. As the first floor elder of the Treasure Vault, he clearly knew Nangong Cheng's identity. However, looking at the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge before him, how was Nangong Cheng comparable at all?

At that instant, the crowd of outer disciples was stunned.

They did not expect Qin Nan to show no mercy once he struck, by banning Nangong Ershao from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of his life.

Besides that, they never thought Qin Nan's identity to be so powerful that even the first floor elder of the Treasure Vault had to obey his words.

’’I remembered that, many among you guys were mocking me just then.’’ Qin Nan spoke suddenly, as he reached out his hand and pointed to the ones who mocked him before and said calmly, ’’I'm quite a vengeful person, but since it's your first time making such a mistake, I'll give you all a period of three breaths' time to vanish from my sight. Otherwise, you all will be banned from entering the Treasure Vault.’’

After hearing this, those who were pointed out by Qin Nan had their faces contort. Without any hesitation, they all disappeared from the crowd's vision at their fastest speed.

The disciples at the scene were astonished once again. With only a single sentence, Qin Nan had displayed his incredible power.

The other disciples now realized that this Qin Nan before them was someone they could not afford to offend.

’’Young Master Qin Nan, here is your badge.’’ The middle-aged man immediately returned the badge to Qin Nan and smilingly said, ’’According to the rules of the Treasure Vault, later at the commencement of the outer disciple auction, you are allowed to choose up to three pieces of treasure without paying any fee. No one has the right to compete with you.’’

Bai Heng, who was standing beside Qin Nan, was utterly shocked after hearing this. Free to choose three pieces of treasure?

What kind of badge did Qin Nan just take out?

’’Okay, thanks elder. By the way, do keep my identity a secret.’’ Qin Nan brought his fists together and said. He would not want everyone to know that he possessed the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge.

’’Will do, will do.’’ The middle-aged man nodded his head instantly. Even without Qin Nan's reminder, he would not dare to speak about it.

When dealing with stuff related to the Great Elder, a wrong step would bring him ultimate destruction.

After the middle-aged man walked away, Bai Heng could not help but ask in a cautious tone, ’’Young Master Qin Nan, the badge you just took out...’’

’’A gift from an elder.’’ Qin Nan said calmly, ’’Which allows me to access all the floors of the Treasure Vault.’’


Bai Heng was astounded, who shut his mouth up instantly. An utterly shocked expression could be seen in his eyes.

As an outer disciple, Bai Heng had spent quite some years at the Mystic Spirit Sect. He clearly knew the significance of being able to access every floor of the Treasure Vault.

Following this, Bai Heng took a few deep breaths. Since Lingshui City, he had witnessed Qin Nan's ability to have comebacks all the time, including his recent achievement at the Trial of Versatility as he defeated Ling Zixiao, achieved one thousand steps, and came first. Other people might have doubts hearing this, but Bai Heng never did.

Furthermore, he now realized the terrifying identity Qin Nan displayed, which further impressed him, and convinced him to submit himself to Qin Nan.

As the commencing time of the auction approached, the entrance to the auction hall was getting more and more crowded.

Suddenly, a loud yell could be heard among the crowd, ’’Nangong Cheng is here! Nangong Cheng is here!’’

The voice served like an explosion, which caused the whole crowd to turn lively.

’’What? Even Nangong Cheng came?’’

’’Damn it. Looks like I won't have the chance to compete for some of the extremely precious treasure in the auction.’’

’’I never expected him to be here, isn't he supposed to be in seclusion?’’

’’Shit, God bless;the treasure I am interested in would not catch Nangong Cheng's attention.’’


The disciples continued to discuss, and many of them glanced toward Qin Nan at the same time.

Just a few moments ago, Qin Nan had displayed his power, and banned Nangong Cheng's brother, Nangong Ershao, from entering the Treasure Vault for the rest of his life.

Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged, as he glanced forward, and saw a young man wearing a white robe was approaching at a firm pace surrounded by the crowd like a celebrity.

Qin Nan secretly unleashed his eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, fully analyzing his attributes. A ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit;Mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon, with a cultivation base at the half-Xiantian Realm.

’’This Nangong Cheng is indeed impressive. His strength is slightly greater than Ling Zixiao.’’

Qin Nan nodded his head secretly.

Meanwhile, Nangong Cheng halted in his tracks and glanced toward Qin Nan, before saying with a calm voice, ’’So you're Qin Nan?’’

At that instant, the lively crowd turned silent immediately, as every disciple held their breaths and stared at them without blinking their eyes.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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