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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 10


Chapter 10 - Arrogant and domineering

Ever since Qin Nan's cultivation had reached the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm, he had been very confident in concealing himself. After one has tempered their viscera, they would be able to completely control their aura. If they stopped emitting their aura, it'd be very hard for people to sense them.

At the very least, it should be impossible for a cultivator at the third-layer of Body Tempering Realm to discover Qin Nan.

Seeing that he had been discovered, Qin Nan felt a slight headache. However, he didn't continue to stay silent or did he decide to escape. Instead, he chose to walk out in an open manner as he asked indifferently, ’’How did you discover me?’’

The middle-aged man seemed slightly dumbstruck. Usually, these who had been discovered tend to seem flustered or bear killing intent. However, the expression of the young man before him was exceedingly calm. This caused him to feel amazed.

Soon after, the middle-aged man came to his senses. His face subconsciously displayed a sense of pride, ’’The Martial Spirit I had awakened is named 'Mistgrass'. Although its rank isn't very high, it has the ability to sense everything within the circumference of ten meters. Your method of concealing yourself is fascinating and if you weren't within the range of my ability, then it'd definitely be impossible for me to discover you.’’

Qin Nan's heart shivered. He hadn't foreseen this.

There were many different kinds of Martial Spirits and an infinite number of them. Although there is a clear segregation between Martial Spirits, their abilities are different.

For example, the two brothers, Qin Yu and Qin Xiao. One had a Bow Martial Spirit while the other had a Sword Martial Spirit;both of these Martial Spirits were classified as an Offense type. The Martial Spirit of this middle-aged man before him was classified as a Probe type.

’’It seems like I will need to be more cautious in the future. I definitely can't underestimate everyone because of my cultivation,’’ thought Qin Nan to himself. This matter could be considered as a warning.

At this moment, Fang Xue's angry voice resounded, ’’Who!? Who was following this young lady!?’’

Under the escort of the other two middle-aged burly men, Fang Xue promptly rushed over. After seeing Qin Nan's figure, Fang Xue's originally angry expression immediately changed into one of dumbstruck. This was due to the fact that she hadn't expected that the person following her was Qin Nan.

At this moment, the three burly men swiftly surrounded Qin Nan with brimming killing intent. If Qin Nan were to make the slightest movement, the trio would launch a devastating attack in a blink of an eye.

’’Qin Nan? How could a waste like you be following me?' Fang Xue thought it was inconceivable. She was filled with suspicion as she enquired, ’’Shouldn't a waste like you be within the Qin Clan properly practicing? Why were you following me?’’

The expressions of the three middle-aged burly men gradually turned into one of dumbstruck. They had never imagined that the youth who had followed them was actually the famous Qin Nan of Linshui City, the number one genius who had turned into the number one waste.

At the same time, the three middle-aged burly men slightly let their guard down. Their instincts told them that Qin Nan wouldn't be able to pose a threat to them with his first-grade Martial Spirit and only half a month worth of cultivation.

Qin Nan's expression immediately turned cold. Initially, he didn't mind Fang Xue, but who would've thought that the second she opened her mouth, the word ’’waste’’ would be blurted incessantly.

’’Why does it matter to you whether I'm practicing in the Qin Clan or not?’’ Qin Nan retorted in an indifferent manner. ’’Moreover, I hadn't had the slightest interest in following you. I only happened to pass by, that's all. Now that you've found me, I won't remain here.’’

After Qin Nan finished speaking, he immediately turned around and began to leave. He felt disinclined to further associate with the opposite party.

’’What did you say!? Stop right there! If you don't kowtow and apologize to this lady immediately, you won't be leaving today!’’ Fang Xue's voice was incomparably sharp.

Fang Xue's mood today was simply terrible. This was due to the fact that she had purchased an extremely expensive ancient map in Linshui City. Following this, she brought her guards along with her to search for the treasure in the map.

She wanted to secretly obtain the treasure and then bring it back to the clan. This would definitely cause her parents to gain a newfound respect for her.

However, they had already searched for four hours as they followed the map, but other than the shabby cavern, there wasn't anything else. Although Fang Xue refused to admit it, her heart was already clear about the fact that this ancient map was a scam.

To think that she, the young lady of the Fang Clan, with a somewhat important background, had unexpectedly been scammed. How could she not be angry?

Now that Qin Nan had appeared before her with an attitude of contempt towards her, it caused Fang Xue's already terrible mood to immediately erupt. What qualifications does a waste like you have to talk to me in this manner? Qin Nan, do you actually think that you're still the number one genius?

It was simply asking for death!

’’Kowtow and apologize?’’ Qin Nan felt this was completely absurd, he couldn't help but retort, ’’Is there a problem with your head? You want me to kowtow and apologize? Why should I kowtow and apologize to you? Since you like kowtowing and apologizing so much, why don't you kowtow and apologize to me?’’

Originally, Qin Nan thought the two brothers, Qin Yu and Qin Xiao were immoral and shameless. Who would've thought that this Fang Xue was even worse than them. The moment she saw him, she wanted him to kowtow and apologize.

’’What!? You dare scold me?’’

As Fang Xue was being incomparably rude and unreasonable, her killing intent immediately erupted, ’’If it weren't because you were the young lord of Qin Clan, then a waste like you wouldn't even have the qualifications to kowtow and apologize to me! Men! Heed my order! I want you to sever his limbs and destroy his Dantian!’’

Qin Nan's face turned increasingly icy. He had never thought that this Fang Xue would actually be arrogant to this degree. If she didn't like you, she'd sever your limbs and destroy your Dantian. This girl, just how malicious of a heart did she have?

The three middle-aged burly men showed no hesitation, they only felt pity for him. They charged toward Qin Nan and simultaneously unleashed a punch. They were already accustomed to this kind of order from Fang Xue. The three men have no idea how many limbs they had already severed, and Dantians they have destroyed under Fang Xue's command.

Fang Xue watched this scene in a mocking manner. This insignificant first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit waste actually dared to speak to me in such a rude manner. This was simply asking for death.

Presently, Fang Xue could almost visualize the appearance of Qin Nan laying on the ground, shrieking miserably.

’’Good! I'll play along with your injustice and animosity. The moment you see me, you want to sever my limbs and destroy my Dantian? Then let me see how exactly you're going to do so!’’ Qin Nan was enraged to the point where he even began to laugh. He immediately took a large stride and the aura of a fourth-layer Body Tempering Realm immediately surged!


In this instant, Fang Xue's arrogant smile froze. She could only feel immense pressure confining her, causing her to feel suffocated. In a split second, her former disdain and ridicule had completely dispersed, and in its place was fear which had brewed within her.

The three burly men's suddenly stopped in their tracks, they were completely stunned.

The famous waste who possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was actually emanating the aura of a fourth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator? How was this possible?

’’Kill him! Kill him immediately!’’ In this split second, Fang Xue seemed as though she had become insane as her sharp voice resounded.

A 'waste' like Qin Nan was actually emitting such an incredibly tyrannical aura? Fang Xue was simply unable to accept this. She only knew of a single way to deal with this situation, and that was to have Qin Nan die. No matter what, Qin Nan must die!

The faces of the three burly men turned solemn as they promptly recovered from their shock. Their Martial Spirits emerged as yellow rays simultaneously arose from each of their backs.

All three of these men possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

Following this, the three middle-aged men charged over synchronously. They gave off an ambiance that seemed as though their aura and Martial Spirit had merged together.


The three burly men immediately struck out at the same time. They all utilized the exact same technique which gradually merged together, forming a formidable Martial Skill. Its power was boundless and caused one to unable to move, simply unable to escape or avoid.

’’No wonder these three could become Fang Xue's guards. Possessing this kind of ability despite only having first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits as well as third-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation... However, it isn't enough to obstruct my Saber!’’

Qin Nan's eyes revealed a trace of ruthlessness;he was not afraid or was he afraid. The Black Iron Saber in his hands swung down along with a thunderous sound, turning into a slice of cold light.

’’Ah ’’ Three frigid shrieks resounded but was cut short. It was as if their throats were suddenly ripped off, causing them to be unable to let out any sounds.

Blood wafted into the surroundings as the three middle-aged men were completely annihilated by Qin Nan's single strike.

Fang Xue widened her eyes and her former delicate and beautiful face turned into one of fear in a blink of an eye. The bloody scene before her was like a gigantic claw which latched onto her body, causing her to stop breathing.

Her guards were defeated? Even if they were to face a fourth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator, they should still be able to hold their ground. Presently however, they weren't even able to obstruct a single strike from their opponent?

Just how fearsome was the strength of this number one 'waste' named Qin Nan?

’’Young lady Fang, why aren't you saying anything?’’ At this moment, Qin Nan's voice echoed in Fang Xue's ears, ’’Didn't you just say that you were going to sever my four limbs and destroy my Dantian? Excuse me for accidentally kill your guards, they are no longer able to complete their mission to sever my limbs and destroy my Dantian. In that case, are you planning to personally annihilate me?’’ As Fang Xue heard this, she felt as though she was hit by lightning, her body shook and her face paled.


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