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Path To Heaven - Chapter 216


Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Extorting A Confession

’’Searching for me?’’

Just when the suspicious Rat Whiskers old cultivator was about to leave, a sudden voice drifted out from the forest beneath.

’’Aura concealing skill technique? No wonder you can escape my detection,’’ Old Rat Whiskers wasn't the least bit frightened and sneered while sending his divine sense towards the direction of the voice.

A red beam shot out as a red robed Wei Suo flew out from the forest and addressed the old cultivator, ’’I don't seem to recognize you, why are you pursuing me?’’

’’It doesn't matter if you recognize me or not, as long as you haven't thrown me off. So die!’’ Old Rat Whiskers brandished a white streak of light from his hand which shot towards Wei Suo.

This seemingly unknown Rat Whiskers cultivator actually turned hostile after just a greeting.

Wei Suo's expression changed as he immediately summoned a divine light screen. Concurrently, he released his Scarlet Shell Shield that was cracked by Old Ancestral Zhang.

PA! The divine light screen was shattered in a flash. While the beam struck the Scarlet Shell Shield and bounced back after leaving a slight depression. It was actually an artifact that resembled a foot long willow leaf.

Wei Suo displayed a horrified expression upon witnessing the might of that willow leaf artifact. He scrambled to summon another divine light screen before turning to flee into the forest.

’’Trying to run?’’

Old Rat Whiskers snorted disdainfully and chased with his flying artifact.

With his speed, Wei Suo would definitely fail to escape.

During the chase, the initially horrified Wei Suo abruptly issued a cold smirk.

Noticing a sudden change in Wei Suo's expression, Old Rat Whiskers was momentarily stumped.

All of a sudden, yellowish fog swirled up as he lost vision on Wei Suo. His surroundings were suddenly flooded with monuments of yellow stone henges.

’’Earth element formation array!’’

Old Rat Whisker's exclaimed with an astonished look, before summoning a white gourd.

PU! Yet before he could do anything, a transparent ripple erupted against the back of his head.


Old Rat Whiskers released an anguished scream as his body stiffened. The white gourd floating before him failed to be activated.

Bang! After a while, several yellow boulders came crashing down onto him from every corner.

Old Rat Whiskers could only groan as his eyes rolled up as he fell into a state of semi-consciousness. At this moment, a nearly transparent figure emerged and quietly approached nearby.

This figure waved his hand and casually sent another incorporeal ripple to ravage Old Whisker's head. Several strands of thin black light pierced into the old cultivator's nape.

Old Rat Whisker's body convulsed a little before he finally lost all consciousness.

’’Wanting to bite me with just this cultivator, what a joke.’’ After stripping his Concealment Robe, Wei Suo appeared and scoffed spitefully at Old Rat Whiskers.

Old Rat Whiskers was merely a Heavenly Circuit Stage level 4 cultivator. With Wei Suo's current strength, he could barely deal with a Thought division Stage level 1 cultivator. This cultivator of the same rank actually thought Wei Suo was a simple target, failing to even summon out any defensive artifacts. He was essentially courting death and delivered a pile of spiritual stones to Wei Suo.

After his spiteful bashing, Wei Suo rummaged through Old Rat Whisker's body.

Indeed a Heavenly Circuit Stage level 4 cultivator. Wei Suo found quite a few items on his body.

The white willow leaf-like flying knife he used was clearly a true low grade Spirit Class artifact. Moreover, not only did his willow leaf-like flying artifact display better aesthetics than Wei Suo's White Jade Crane, it was also faster than Wei Suo's White Jade Crane. It would be exceptionally useful for Wei Suo.

Apart from those two artifacts, there was 7,000 low grade spiritual stones in the Treasure Receiving Pocket of Old Rat Whiskers, and a two-sided ancient bronze artifact shields nearing Spirit Class. On one side was an ancient '乾 (heaven)' character and the other side was an ancient '坤(earth)' character. It seemed like a defensive set artifact.

Following that was some Energy Recovery Pellet and other ordinary skill talismans. Old Rat Whiskers also had two yellow paper talismans.

The two yellow paper talismans were extremely peculiar. Their paper texture appeared aged and the red talismanic lines resembled drawings of ghost. It was neat yet distorted, exceedingly queer. One couldn't fathom what class or usage they had.

After examining the two yellow paper talismans with great intrigue, intrigue, Wei Suo then picked up Old Rat Whisker's white gourd that had fallen to the ground.


After a brief inspection, Wei Suo's eyes flashed with astonishment.

’’Nothing special about this white gourd, but it stores Decaying Corpse Water that can be used to corrode artifacts.’’

This caused Wei Suo to subconsciously recall the old cultivator with an umbrella-shaped artifact at the Cyan Wind Mound previously. That old cultivator also possessed a gourd of Decaying Corpse Water, which was still stored in Wei Suo's Treasure Receiving Pocket. Except, there was only a sliver of Decaying Corpse Water left which couldn't be used much.

Yet now, this white gourd was filled up. That old cultivator definitely couldn't fathom Wei Suo's Goldgate Stonehenge Formation, and wanted to use the Decaying Corpse Water to destroy the formation.

After a slight pause, Wei Suo kept the Goldgate Stonehenge Formation and tested out the flying artifact he acquired.

This willow leaf-like flying artifact wasn't large and could only fit three standing individuals. Nevertheless, Wei Suo was incredibly pleased as it was much faster than his White Jade Crane. After touring two rounds, Wei Suo could not control it with ease.

Following that, he grabbed the fainted Old Rat Whiskers like a sack and flew towards Lil'night Mountain.

Before midday arrived, Wei Suo carried Old Rat Whiskers and activated his Cyan Emperor Gourd. Wrapped in nature's aura, he dropped the old man into the valley of his cavern abode.

To his joyous surprise, those 20-30 Immortal Exterminating Vines had grown at an astonishing rate. The highest had actually reached ten meters.

Moreover, at the feet of those Immortal Exterminating Vines, were three large Ground Beetle looking demonic beasts. However, the glittering claws and shells of two of them had been totally wrecked.

Evidently, these were the mid-tier level 4 demonic beast that populated Lil'night Mountain, the Starry-eyed Lobsters.

The three Starry-eyed Lobsters must have coincidentally stumbled into the valley and were slain by the Immortal Exterminating Vines. These mid-tier level 4 demonic beasts were tremendously powerful in terms of strength and magic powers, yet the Immortal Exterminating Vines in the valley appeared completely unharmed. This indicated that the roots of the 10 meter tall Immortal Exterminating Vines had drilled for an for an unknown depth deep into the ground. Otherwise, it would be just like an Immortal Exterminating Vine sapling, being uprooted with just a struggle from demonic beasts.

After surveying his vines with delight, he stored the few mid-tier level 4 demonic beast carcasses into his Treasure Receiving Pocket. Wei Suo then passed through the Immortal Exterminating Vines and into the mountain body.


Unbeknownst how long it took, Old Rat Whiskers awoke gloomily. He first stayed in a meditative posture and faced the stony walls.

This stone room was probably in a mountain belly. The air was stale and caused his body to feel numb. Unable to activate any true energy, Old Rat Whiskers felt extremely stifled.

’’You've been poisoned by my Scorpion-tail Wasp. You can't move but you can still speak. Now, tell me, why are you chasing me and bent on killing me?’’

’’Ahhh!’’ Only right now, did Old Rat Whiskers realized what had happened as he exclaimed in shock. He finally noticed an expressionless Wei Suo standing no too far away. Immediately, he flashed a hoodlum-like smile. ’’I never would've expected I, Zhongri Dayan, will ever encounter a day I'll be so blind. Since I've underestimated you and fallen into your hands, I have nothing left to say. Kill me if you wish, but don't even think of obtaining anything from my mouth.’’

’’Very well!’’

Yet the old cultivator wasn't expecting the expressionless Wei Suo to just walk off nonchalantly after spewing just two words.

After a while, Wei Suo strolled back in with a tiny moss-green pellet bottle. He fished out a tiny sliver knife that slit a cut on the defencess Old Rat Whiskers. He then squeezed a few droplets of dark-green liquid from the moss-green pellet bottle into Old Rat Whiskers' wound.

Following that, Wei Suo emotionlessly tossed ten plus demonic beast carcasses before him. Without saying anything else, he turned to leave. His footsteps echoed further away as he went about his own business.


Moments later, the baffled Old Rat Whiskers screamed repeatedly with utmost anguish.

The moss-green liquid was akin to innumerable scorching needles that repetitively pricked his internal body. The pain was so severe he felt as though his scalp was about to explode.

The agony of explode.

The agony of countless scorching needles would persist for two hours before slowly fading away.

Old Rat Whiskers was drenched in sweat as though he just came up from a swim.

Pu! Before he had the chance to catch his breath, a blood hole abruptly appeared on the head of one of the demonic beast carcass for no reason at all. Slurping sounds echoed out as the demonic beast's brain was sucked dry.

Pu! Once again, another demonic beast's skull was penetrated through. Similarly its brain sap was absorbed from a bloody hole.

In this remote and soundless spacious stone room, a weird scene of a collapsed Old Rat Whiskers due to heat exhaustion was striving to catch his breath.

Moments later, footsteps echoed in. An expressionless Wei Suo sauntered in with a bloodstained, demonic beast fresh skin he had just flayed.

Following that, he excitedly cut off a chunk of flesh from Old Rat Whisker's hand before producing a white pellet liquid, where he dripped onto the old cultivator's wound. Then, he tied the demonic beast skin around the old cultivator's wound.

After accomplishing the deed, Wei Suo strolled out under the venomous glare of Old Rat Whiskers. He didn't have any interest in conversing.


Roughly half an incense worth of time later, Old Rat Whiskers screamed with his eyes nearly popping out.

Although his wound felt numb, to his extreme horror, that demonic beast skin had started to slowly grow along his skin.

’’Old Man, are you certain these methods would work?’’

Back in his Earth Furnace room, Wei Suo was newly smelting the broken set artifact shields while listening to the blood-curdling screams.

’’Of course, I had a sadistic master who loved torturing for a confession. Most cultivators aren't scared of death, Yet to sense that the opposing party was a pervert and was only interested in tormenting them, is truly psychologically unbearable. Not even a single question, purely using their bodies as fresh play things to torment.’’ The green gowned Old Man spoke with confidence.

’’Let's see how long this guy can last,’’ Wei Suo nodded with slight regret. ’’A pity casting the nightmare art of the Demonic Truth Stare technique would harm my cultivation greatly, otherwise, it wouldn't be such a hassle.’’


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