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Path To Heaven - Chapter 185


Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Domesticated versus Undomesticated

Unexpectedly, a Golden Kunpeng Carp was actually residing here!

There were many different species of level 6 demonic beasts. The Gold Ape mid-tier level 6 demonic beast were in vast quantities outside of the Heavenly Dome. As for this Golden Kunpeng Carp, even seeing it once every decade was rare.

Though the might of Gold Apes reached the mid-tier level 6 realm, its body material only provided a shocking fortified skin and a single demonic dan-pellet after being killed. Whereas the Golden Kunpeng Carp was totally different. This colossal demonic beast was a rarely seen hybrid of metal and water element. Not only could its scales and bones be used to forge treasures and artifacts, its backbone carried an unusual magnetic force. When forged into an artifact, it could cause other iron metal type artifacts to turn heavy;thereby impacting one's mobility.

Most artifacts and magic treasures were forged with various essence metal. If one had an artifact that could impair the mobility of enemy artifacts, by adding a bag of Glimmer Yin Sand, the enemy would surely be plunged into a state of desiring to cry but not having the tears to do so.

Naturally, Wei Suo desperately desired the raw materials that could come out of this high level demonic beast.

Yet the crux was this. 'How would a mid-tier level 6 demonic beast be so easily bullied?'

It was said that this Golden Kunpeng Carp could unleash numerous wide scale devastating skill techniques. When Wei Suo scoured with his Aura Determining Technique, he realized that both that black robed cultivator and the golden artifact robed cultivator both possessed a Heavenly Circuit Stage level 5 cultivation. While the others had Heavenly Circuit Stage level 1-2 cultivations, and especially those four Golden Eagle Palace disciples, who only possessed a cultivation of divine Sea Stage level 5.

With such a composition, they actually dared to hunt a mid-tier Level 6 demonic beast. Thus, they definitely had some reassurance.

At this moment, a sparkling white beam shot out from the mist. This beam increasingly expanded in the air, and ultimately formed into a 9-floor pagoda ice sculpture that was roughly 3 metres long.

From the sparkling ice pagoda, waves of white chilling air streamed out. Within a breath, a metre tall glacic arris formed around the perimeter of the 9-floor ice pagoda.

Even from 50 km away, Wei Suo could feel the temperature rapidly plummeting.

’’Spirit Class magic treasure!’’

Sensing its threat, even the two simple-headed blockheads, Zhu Xiaochun and Zhen Chongming, could tell it was a true Spirit Class artifact.

As more ice arris were conjured out repeatedly, it then showered down mercilessly onto the Golden Kunpeng Carp in the lake.

Wei Suo frowned. Just from observing the unceasing deadliness of those ice arris, if anyone told him this wasn't an artifact stronger than a low-grade Spirit Class artifact, he definitely wouldn't believe.

In this instant, floating in the middle of the lake, the twin golden limpid pupils of the Golden Kunpeng Carp flickered with red brilliance.

In a flash, 200 plus arm-sized water arrows floated in a dense mass around its body. After a fleeing pause, the water arrows jetted out;resembling that of countless white fishes swimming through the air, it was truly a gorgeous sight.

Instantly, most of the ice arrises were smashed into fragments, as minute ice shards struck against the Golden Kunpeng Carp. Nevertheless, it felt like peanuts to the Carp.


Following an impactful command, a hundred plus scarlet fireballs arose from the mist. Yet at this moment, the ground within the mist tremored. Following that, another 20 areas of ground rumbled as dust and sediment churned. The tremors became increasingly violent, and areas of ground started caving upwards. Boom! Following a sonorous boom as though a leather bag exploded, 20 plus massive water pillars carrying mud and soil erupted from the midst of the Golden Eagle Palace cultivators.

Pa! The Earth robed cultivator cried out in alarm.

Two of his blue formation flags were actually decimated in one hit by the Golden Kunpeng Carp, while the rest had their divine light dimming substantially. The mist lingering over this bank of the lake rapidly dispersed away.

’’Land for me!’’

Various defence radiance flashed out within this chaotic formation. Following a shout from that dark-blue artifact robed cultivator, a golden hoop spiralled out from the dispersing mist. It was actually a tremendous hoop that was as large as a house. It then pressured down over the Golden Kunpeng Carp.

Yet before the golden hoop could approach.....puchi! A massive water pillar blasted out from the mouth of the Golden Kunpeng Carp. It actually managed to repel the gigantic golden hoop, a heavy type Spirit Class artifact;preventing it from closing down.


Such a domineering show by the Golden Kunpeng Carp caused Wei Suo and Han Weiwei's scalp to turn numb.

It seemed like not even 2-3 Spirit Class artifacts could scratch this mid-tier level 6 demonic beast.


Concurrently, the Golden Kunpeng Carp heavily slammed its body against the water, kicking up a tidal wave that swept down onto the Golden Eagle Palace cultivators, who were standing by the bank of the lake. They staggered to keep their balance, and suddenly, countless green and lush water blades appeared in the air.


Within a split second, the Golden Eagle Palace cultivators were like a pack of humans being trampled by horses. Blood splattered from their bodies in a splendorous display.

Not only did the Golden Kunpeng Carp's skill technique surpass a low-grade Spirit Class artifact in might, its casting speed also vastly exceeded a Heavenly Circuit Stage level 5 cultivator.

The group of cultivators simply couldn't match up to the Golden Kunpeng Carp.

Ang! A sudden terrifyingly imposing sharp squeal echoed towards the sky from within the dispersing white mist. This sudden sound pierced into Wei Suo and Han Weiwei's ears, causing their minds to ring painfully.

Closely following, a surge of exceedingly fiery gale swept through and completely dispersed the lingering remnants of white mist.

Then, a demonic beast clad in scarlet red grains appeared before everyone. It resembled the appearance of a flood dragon, and its body was blazing with flames.

’’No way!’’

Wei Suo almost choked on his own saliva!

This demonic beast looked extremely menacing. Compared to this demonic beast, the Golden Eagle Palace cultivators weren't even worth mentioning.

Its head was rather analogous to a qilin, and 4 tremendous claws grew out from its body. The size of each red claw was seemingly as large as a single Wei Suo.

Demonblaze Dragon!

This was similarly a mid-tier level 6 demonic beast, a Demonblaze Dragon!


Upon making its appearance, the ruby-like eyes of the Demonblaze Dragon flickered maliciously as it widened its mouth, and sprayed out a large fiery pillar of fire.

Hsss! A bitter screech emerged. Caught off guard by the fire element demonic beast, the Golden Kunpeng Carp was instantly struck as it rummaged about agonizingly within the water.

Merciless after achieving the advantage, the Demonblaze Dragon's head swayed as it spat out a fist-sized scarlet red demonic dan-pellet. Massive splashes of dan-pellet flames then rained down onto the Golden Kunpeng Carp.

Concurrently, that black robed cultivator leader soared up and utilized the incessant emulsion of frosty air of the near mid-grade Spirit Class Ice Pagoda, and froze the surrounding waters around the Golden Kunpeng Carp.

As for the rest of the cultivators, they understood their roles and simultaneously unleashed skill talismans. Regiments of red radiance repeatedly churned towards the top of the lake, as vast patches of fire clouds formed. Innumerable amounts of fireballs were within, and hundreds of millstone-sized magma balls as well.


The Golden Kunpeng Carp immediately spat out a fist sized emerald demonic dan-pellet, as countless emerged dan-liquid collided against the dan-flames;emitting out threatening sizzling sounds.

Concurrently, a patch of goldish brilliance radiated from a visible bucket-sized wound along the body of the Golden Kunpeng Carp, and transformed into a thick golden light barrier.

Fireclouds, fireballs and molten magma rained down onto its body, but was completely blocked by that layer of golden light barrier;dense mass of explosions continued unceasingly.

’’Your granny!’’

Wei Suo hadn't witnessed such a scene of a large group of cultivators challenging a level 6 demonic beast before. Moreover, they even had the assistance of a domesticated demonic beast of the same level. Such a scene utterly shook Wei Suo's heart to his soul.

Yet through this, his horizons had been broadened as he couldn't help but grumble dejectedly in his heart.

What that earth robed cultivator released, was clearly something similar to the Spiritmist Formation Flags. They were little blue flags that could protect a cavern abode.

Furthermore, this Golden Kunpeng Carp caused him to feel immensely jealous. Don't mention the wrecked little formation flags, the Golden Kunpeng Carp seemed to be unable to hold on for long, and would soon become the Golden Eagle Palace's possession.

Letting such a Golden Kunpeng Carp being taken away by others before his eyes, was truly an infuriating sensation.

In spite of that, that was a level 6 Demonblaze Dragon, how could he provoke it? Even without the dragon, the two Heavenly Circuit Stage level 5 cultivators were individuals he definitely couldn't deal with even if he mounted a sneak attack.

Who was it that managed to tame a Demonblaze Dragon. He had never heard of the Golden Eagle Palace being able to tame a demonic beast of this level before!

Within a flash, many notions flitted through Wei Suo's mind.

Yet at this exact instant, a deviation occurred!

’’Hsss!’’ The golden light barrier covering the Golden Kunpeng Carp was utterly extinguished. Instead, its emerald demonic dan-pellet exuberated an unparalleled glow, as it morphed into an emerald aqua pillar before pummelling into the Demonblaze Dragon!

Astonishment instantly filled the menacing glare of the Demonblaze Dragon!

Its scarlet demonic dan-pellet had already maximized its fire output. However, such a blazing inferno of dan-flames still couldn't resist the emerald aqua pillar.

Boom! The aqua pillar puncture through the Demonblaze Dragon's neck, leaving a tremendous bloody hole in its wake.

Though similarly a mid-tier level 6 demonic beast, the blazingly tyrannical Demonblaze Dragon was actually inferior to the Golden Kunpeng Carp!

After a momentary daze, Wei Suo immediately came to his senses. Although the body of the Demonblaze Dragon was tremendous, it was probably just several years old. Instead, this Golden Kunpeng Carp was vastly older than the Demonblaze Dragon. Naturally, it would possess a far formidable might.


Witnessing the Demonblaze Dragon receiving such a grievous blow, the expressions of the cultivators sank. Instantly, all artifacts, skill techniques and skill talismans were activated, as they bombarded the Golden Kunpeng Carp.

Mangled flesh and blood erupted from countless wounds along the Golden Kunpeng Carp's body, as it similarly suffered a fatal strike. Following a melancholic hiss, the water beneath exploded forth and decimated the frozen surface of the lake. After the sounds of thunderous splashes, it submerged into the lake.

’’Quick! Chase!'

That blacked robed cultivator leader instantly shrieked furiously. Then, he raced towards the Demonblaze Dragon, whose body radiance had extinguished and blood gushed wildly from its neck. The cultivator swiftly smeared an unknown substance onto its neck, before summoning out an artifact and followed the group of cultivators to dive into the lake in pursuit.

Soon, the lake surface rummaged and boiled, but not a single figure emerged from it.

Only a single divine Sea Stage level 5 Golden Eagle Palace disciple was left to guard the heavily wounded Demonblaze Dragon.

Earlier on a dragon with soaring flames to the heaven, though its neck wound have stopped bleeding, it now appeared like a dead serpent as its body slumped limpidly on the ground. Though its terrifying body shocked the eyes and astonished the hearts, it remained on the verge of its final breath.

’’Wait here just a while for me.’’ At this moment, Wei Suo's eyes flickered with decisiveness, and quickly whispered to Han Weiwei and gang.

’’What're you trying to do!’’ Han Weiwei questioned in shock.

’’I'm going to massage that Demonblaze Dragon!’’ Wei Suo slyly swallowed his saliva. His countenance was reminiscent of a scrooge.


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