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Path To Heaven - Chapter 184


Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Golden Kunpeng Carp

’’Wei Suo, are you sure the Nightfall Fruit and Bloodlotus Stem can dazzle the Blood Dragon for an hour, thus lowering its might by a level?’’

’’I came across that in an ancient record, there shouldn't be a problem.’’

’’How did you even find out the possibility of a Golden-Spotted Ginseng at Duanlong Cliff, and that there may be a Blood Dragon protecting it.’’

’’Same thing, I came across that in an ancient relic record. The Golden-Spotted Ginseng is a cultivation fruit, and ordinary cultivators will probably only harvest the ginseng itself but not pluck out its roots entirely. Blood Dragons possess extremely keen sense of the Golden-Spotted Ginseng smell, while the spirit energy the ginseng emits is nourishing for a Blood Dragon as well. Hence, most Golden-Spotted Ginsengs should have a Blood Dragon nearby protecting it.’’


Nearing midday, a swaying White Jade Crane soared through the desolated wilderness and mountainous forest outside of the Heavenly Dome.

At the head of the White Jade Crane, sat Wei Suo and Han Weiwei. Meanwhile, the simple-minded dimwits Zhu Xiaochun and Zhen Chongmin each sat by the two lateral sides, both holding onto an artifact with serious vigilance.

After escorting Han Weiwei back into his cavern abode, they set off after spending a night.

Prior to this, Wei Suo had already carefully calculated. The journey to Duanlong Cliff, inclusive of the many detours and rounds he had to make, would be roughly twice that of travelling to Cyan Wind Mound. Furthermore, he wasn't familiar with the topography here. Moreover, the White Jade Crane's velocity would plunge due to the weight of four individuals.

Thus, directly heading off with Zhu Xiaochun, Zhen Chongming and Han Weiwei, would be absolutely impossible to reach the proximity of Duanlong Cliff before nightfall. At most, they could reach near a place indicated by the map, called the 'Bald Mountain Range'.

Furthermore, this region was a congregation ground for high level demonic beasts. Attempting to travel or spend the night here, would both pose unprecedented risks. Only by leaving at dawn, could they reach Duanlong Cliff before nightfall.

According to the green gowned Old Man, normally within a 50 km radius of a territory demarcated with mid-tier level 5 demonic beasts, the chances of other high level demonic beasts appearing wouldn't be high. This was because if any random demonic beast dares to invade another's territory, it would be mercilessly slaughtered or expelled.

Furthermore, most high level demonic beasts seemingly held a unique tacit understanding towards each other. Unless it was a spirit medicine of paramount importance to two high level demonic beasts, high level demonic beasts would naturally choose to shy away and not start a fight to the death.

Thus, if they could slay the Blood Dragon, staying overnight in Duanlong Cliff would be comparatively safe.

At present, Wei Suo and company had just reached a place called 'Mapleblood Wasteland'. This was a stretch of flat wasteland where many various blood colored maple trees grew. It was roughly 400 km away from Duanlong Cliff.

’’Big brother! Quick, look there!’’

While enjoying the scenery of vast stretches of blood maple trees, Zhu Xiaochun abruptly yelled from behind. Back at Guhuai Manor, this thick brows brute had shaved off his brows. Yet right now, two thick flourishing brows had already grown up. As he yelled, they hobbled up and down like large sabers. Whenever Han Weiwei saw that, she almost laughed out loud.

Nevertheless this time, upon hearing his yell and noticing his brows, Han Weiwei couldn't bring herself to think of laughing at all. When she glanced towards the direction Zhu Xiaochun was pointing, she and Wei Suo observed 10 currents of lightning bolting down from the sky.

Although it was far away and the lightning currents appeared exceedingly minute, the sky remained extremely clear. Evidently, the lightning was caused by a certain cultivator's skill technique or artifact.

Wei Suo's expression sank as he commanded the White Jade Crane to lower its altitude, all the way to the heights of the maple tree crowns. Concurrently, he retrieved his map for a look.

Wei Suo hadn't remembered wrongly. If determining the location of the lightning based on the Cyan Wind Mound as the starting point, it should be roughly slanting towards the north of the Heavenly Dome, which wasn't recorded in the area of Wei Suo's map.

Within a brief while, as they watched the horizon, 5-6 flying beams could be vaguely seen. Those flying beams were turning increasingly visible.

Looking at the current scene and recalling the lightning, probably some cultivators had passed through that area and encountered a certain demonic beast.

After another while, those flying beams were actually closing in towards Wei Suo and company. One could distinctly observe the first flying artifact was a sailboat shaped like a peach-colored crow. Closely behind, were actually four aerial demonic beasts covered in cyan radiating flickers. From afar, they appeared like falcons. Still, it remained hard to identify what demonic beast it was.

One couldn't tell how many cultivators were riding the sailboat shaped like a peach-colored crow. Despite so, Wei Suo observed that from his White Jade Crane that was roughly a little larger than most aerial demonic beast, it could only stand about 2-3 more cultivators. Hence, those cultivators should be minimally above 10.

When they flew to a distance 100 km away from the hidden Wei Suo, they suddenly descended towards a mountainous forest in the north.

As for that place, it was similarly a location outside of Wei Suo's map.

’’Golden Fissure Eagle! They belong to the Golden Eagle Palace!’’

As those cultivators flew down, Han Weiwei managed to glimpse the claws of those aerial demonic beasts and released a soft gasp.

’’People from the Golden Eagle Palace?’’ Wei Suo was slightly startled.

’’It shouldn't be wrong. A Golden Fissure Eagle has a cyan-colored belly and golden claws. Furthermore, judging by the enormous size of the four Golden Fissure Eagles, they definitely were bred into Elder class Golden Fissure Eagles by the Golden Jade Palace. The palace houses a total of 8 such Elder Golden Fissure Eagles. Even if other sects or loose cultivators possess such demonic beasts, it absolutely wouldn't be such like these Elder Golden Fissure Eagles.’’ Han Weiwei very confidently nodded.

’’Should we take a look?’’ Wei Suo frowned as he whispered to Han Weiwei.

Originally, Wei Suo didn't wish for any side issue to arise. When he observed the cultivators descending, he had a mind to stealthily depart. However, after hearing from Han Weiwei that they were cultivators from the Golden Eagle Palace, Wei Suo couldn't resist the thought of prying into their affairs.

This was also due to him killing an elder of the Golden Eagle Palace in Seven Stars City previously. From then, his relationship with the Golden Eagle Palace had already deteriorated to a nemesis state. If he had more opportunities to slay Golden Eagle Palace experts, Wei Suo naturally would be delighted to do so.

’’Fine!’’ Han Weiwei immediately nodded. She was already inclined to being nosy, with Wei Suo phrasing like that, she obviously wouldn't give up this chance.


’’What are these fellows up to?’’

Wei Suo was still contemplating over the methods of encroaching on these cultivators. Yet after sneakily approaching the forest, he realized the commotion stirred by these Golden Eagle Palace cultivators was truly world-shaking. Those cultivators were situated on a lower ground, where Wei Suo and company, who were creeping atop a mountain peak, was granted a full overview even though they were approximately 10 km away.

At that mountain forest, was unexpectedly a tiny square lake of several km, This tiny lake was filled with dark green water, and from Wei Suo's angle, it resembled emerald gem.

They could now roughly see all the cultivators with great clarity.

There was a total of 13 cultivators, who were assembled by the grassy, flat bank of the lake. At the foremost, was a skinny cultivator in black robe and a middle aged cultivator clad in golden artifact robe.

As for the other 11 cultivators, 9 of them wore identical dark-yellow artifact robes, while the other 2 wore dark-blue, cyan and earth colored artifact robes. The impression they released felt as though they were much older than those 9 cultivators. As for the faces, as Wei Suo was residing behind those cultivators, in addition to the vast distance between them, he couldn't really tell.

Those 9 Golden Eagle Palace had all activated a lightning element skill technique, as fine jolts of electricity incessantly shuttled through them, before blasting against the surface of the lake at random. Water pillars repeatedly erupted from the lake, as white mist pervaded alongside the sonorous rumblings of those lightning bolts.

The earth colored artifact robe cultivator looked rather short and stout. His head was also bald. Still, he swiftly summoned out 10 little triangular sky-blue flags.

When he activated those little flags, they conjured up a blue brilliance like a swarm of bees, before raining down onto the other cultivators. Then, regiments of mist were emitted from those little flags, and quickly enshrouded those cultivators. Very soon, dense white mist polluted the entire square within a 300 metre radius of those cultivators.

From where Wei Suo was watching, he could no longer tell what those cultivators were up to. He could only glimpse arm-sized lightning bolts repeatedly crashing down onto the lake's surface.

Just as Wei Suo and and Han Weiwei were glancing helplessly at each other, a thunderous boom resounded! In the middle of the emerald lake, an astronomical water flower had bloomed.

As compared to this flower, those water pillars created by the Golden Eagle Palace cultivators were utterly insignificant.

All of a sudden, a colossal golden figure rose from the midst of that astronomical water flower.

’’That is......’’

A tremendous golden body as long as dozens and dozens of metres. Its body was covered in golden fish scales, and with a single glance, it appeared like a colossal golden carp. Nevertheless, sprouting out from its round carp body, was a pair of golden wings, and near its abdomen, was a pair of bird like claws.

’’Golden Kunpeng Carp!’’

They became slightly stumped. This golden carp like demonic beast boasted of a pair of gigantic wings, that were similarly covered in scales. Their expressions changed drastically at this instance.

Golden Kunpeng Carp!

Mid-tier level 6 demonic beast! It was only a level different from a Blood Dragon, but its might was equivalent to a Thought division Stage level 3 cultivator!


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