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Path To Heaven - Chapter 167


Chapter 167: Your Mum's Calling You to Return Home

’’What! Shattered a divine sea?!’’

Residing in a room within Spirit Pellet Mill, Wei Suo, Nangong Yuqing and Han Weiwei all revealed unsightly expressions.

Initially upon seeing Ye Guwei's teary self, Wei Suo thought Ye Xiaozheng had met with a mishap. Later on, he realized that Ye Xiaozheng had only been injured by others and heaved a sigh of relief. Yet now, he was suddenly informed that one of Ye Xiaozheng's divine sea had been shattered by the opponent's artifact, causing his countenance to plunge instantaneously.

Only in the case of one's divine sea meridian getting heavily wounded, would one's divine sea disintegrate. If that meridian wasn't treated, one's future cultivation would be impeded and lead to his path of cultivation being utterly severed.

After breathing in deeply, Wei Suo gazed at Ye Guwei and asked, ’’How is he now? What actually happened, how did his divine sea get shattered?’’

’’My big brother isn't in any danger now, except he minimally requires an Earth grade healing pellet medicine to heal his wounded meridian.’’ Ye Guwei spoke with slight difficulty. ’’While my big brother and I was hunting a Four-armed Ape, we clashed with another cultivator. In the end, not only did that cultivator snatch away our Four-armed Ape, they even injured my big brother.’’

’’Don't worry, leave the Earth grade healing pellet medicine to me.’’ Observing her expression, Wei Suo immediately knew she didn't possess sufficient spiritual stones to purchase such a pellet medicine. Besides, a single Earth grade healing pellet medicine could easily cost over 10,000 low grade spiritual stones. After assuring, Wei Suo inquired again, ’’What kind of sect is the Tetrasea Hall?’’

Ye Guwei fought back her tears as she replied with reddened eyes. ’’The Tetrasea Hall isn't a sect but a band of loose cultivators, it was only established in the recent months.’’

’’An alliance of loose cultivators like your Flying Eagle?’’ Wei Suo curiously asked. ’’Then won't your Flying Eagle deal with their behavior?’’

’’All along, our Flying Eagle has never possessed any expert cultivators, the strongest of us is merely a Heavenly Circuit Stage level 2 cultivator.’’ Ye Guwei continued. ’’However, the Tetrasea Hall houses two Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3 cultivators.’’

’’Just because of two trifling Heavenly Circuit stage level 3 cultivators, your Flying Eagle cowers in fear?’’ Han Weiwei fumed angrily. ’’Then what's the point of joining the Flying Eagle?!’’

Ye Guwei lowered her head in dismay. ’’Indeed because of that, my big brother and I have withdrawn from the Flying Eagle.’’

’’Two Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3 cultivators no?’’ Wei Suo gently muttered before asking Ye Guwei. ’’How are their battle capabilities? Do they own any formidable artifacts?’’

Both Nangong Yuqing and Han Weiwei's eyes flickered when they heard Wei Suo's words, but they chose to keep silent. Instead, Ye Guwei answered, ’’Of the two, one of them is known as the Goldhoop Monk, and wields a Spirit Class artifact, a buddhist staff with nine golden hoops. The other is called Huang Tianya. No one knows his origins, but he is rumoured to practice a diabolical skill technique. However, only a handful knows what kind of skill technique it is, and his prowess surpassess the Goldhoop Monk. He is the current leader of the Tetrasea Hall.’’

Wei Suo nodded. ’’How many cultivators does the Tetrasea Hall have? Where can they be found and who was it that injured your big brother?’’

’’Big brother Wei, are you thinking of disciplining them?’’ By now, Ye Guwei could fathom Wei Suo's intentions as she anxiously waved her hands. ’’Don't, it is too dangerous.’’

’’Don't be afraid, he is someone who just killed a Golden Eagle Palace's elder.’’ Han Weiwei pursed her lips and glimpsed at Wei Suo. ’’Wei Suo, let me inform you. I'll help you settle big brother Ye, but you must definitely bring me along when you head over to discipline the Tetrasea Hall. Otherwise, I will kick all of you out the next day.’’

’’Why so impatient?’’ Wei Suo didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Right now, the Tetrasea Hall contained two Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3 cultivators, campaigning against them would be too dangerous. Yet this Han Weiwei reacted with such hooligan demeanor, becoming giddily infuriated by what she heard and recklessly wanted to rush in for a brawl. ’’We have to first clarify the other party's true might. If the other side has dozens of Heavenly Circuit Stage 1 cultivators, will you follow me to fight? I, instead, will be fleeing with my tail between my legs.’’

’’Just relax.’’ Wei Suo offered Han Weiwei with a complicated expression before turning back to Ye Guwei. ’’Without confidence, I definitely wouldn't act rashly. Just worry about explaining everything to me.’’

After listening to what Wei Suo said, Ye Guwei became reassured as she continued, ’’They have a total of 70 cultivators, most of which are divine Sea Stage cultivators. However, they still have 10 plus Heavenly Circuit Stage cultivators, but only 2 reaching Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3. Normally, they assemble at the Guhuai Manor*. A hundred li from the north gate of Moonfall City. Usually, there would be around 30-40 cultivators there, and the one that wounded my big brother, is a cultivator named Zhou Ruofeng.’’

(TL: Guhuai is a type of chinese tree)

’’Wakao! That many?’’ Wei Suo cursed before asking Han Weiwei. ’’Why don't you head over alone to slaughter them tonight. I won't be going.’’

’’Pui! Do you take me for a fool?’’ Han Weiwei glared disdainfully at Wei Suo. ’’I still thought you valued brotherhood and self-sacrifice. So after hearing how many you'd be going up against, you immediately shrunk back into your turtle's shell eh?’’

’’Wei Suo. They truly have too many on their side. Moreover, much of them are also Heavenly Circuit Stage cultivators.’’ At present, from observing Wei Suo's look, Nangong Yuqing could determine he had already set his resolve to deal with the Tetrasea Hall. Thus, she persuaded. ’’Becoming enemies with them is truly too risky.’’

’’As long as there isn't any particularly high level cultivator, it wouldn't be a large issue.’’ Wei Suo muttered silently but immediately sneered. ’’As for multitudes, I can find more helpers.’’

’’Wei Suo, are you bragging now? Where would you find helpers from?’’ Han Weiwei cast a suspicious glare at him.

’’Just watch and see. You just need to care about treating big brother Ye Xiaozheng.’’ Wei Suo swept a glance at Han Weiwei and continued, ’’Nevertheless, I would like to give them a chance. Find a random person and deliver this message - For those in the Tetrasea Hall who believes it was wrong to harm big brother Ye, they should leave the Guhuai Manor before nightfall. Otherwise, take responsibility of the consequences.’’


’’Bro Huang, what do you think of this matter?’’

Roughly half a day later, in a hillside courtyard on the outskirts of Moonfall City. A disheveled hair, short and stout monk, dressed in a checkered golden kasaya robe, was reading through a tiny roll of sheepskin. Then, he inquired of another middle aged cultivator, who was dressed in a python marked violet long robe, to his right.

Surrounding this courtyard manor, were trunks of Guhuai trees that possessed at least a millennium of history. It was obviously the Guhuai Manor that Ye Guwei had mentioned about. There were at least 100-200 rooms in this Guhuai Manor, and it appeared rather ancient and dilapidated;indicating that the Tetrasea Hall had only occupied it recently.

This fierce-looking, butcher-like middled aged cultivator with disheveled hair had a clean shaven face, and was currently snuggling up with two peerless beauty cultivators. His hand was stretched into a female's inner garment, as it fondled with twin peaks of snow. As he listened to the fat monk, this cultivator sunk into faint mutterings.

’’Have you checked on the delivery man?’’

’’I did, merely a mediocre loose cultivator, saying the other party is a large brute with thick brows that has a Heavenly Circuit stage 1 cultivation, who gave him 7 low grade spiritual stones to make this trip.’’

After that python violet robed cultivator briefly muttered irresolutely to himself, a cold glint flashed through his eyes. ’’As per the opposing side's intention, he possibly wishes to make a move against us at night. Immediately notify Zhou Ruofeng and the rest, get them to return first.’’

’’Bro Huang, get all of them to return? Isn't the force you are mustering too exaggerated?’’ That disheveled hair monk objected.

’’I understand what you mean. Indeed, with so many of us around, even if the other party is a Thought division Stage expert, we should still be able to handle him.’’ The violet robed cultivator continued. ’’But with such brazen tone, I'm guessing the opposing force is mustering a force as well. We must not be too careless.’’

’’Fine! I truly wish to see where that guy is from, to dare possess such a brazen tone.’’ The disheveled hair monk emanated a chilling glint in his eyes as he released a sly smirk. ’’I'm afraid if the other party was aware of our backing, they would pee their pants in fear.’’


The night descended on all four corners.

Following the increasing richness of the night, many cultivators roaming outside Moonfall City had seemingly vanished.

However, a single cultivator in cyan robe, was actually swaggering under the night sky;dragging along something as he strode with murderous intent towards Guhuai Manor.

’’Who's that!’’

400-600 metres away from the main entrance of Guhuai Manor, this cultivator was encircled by 5-6 other cultivators.

’’Ah, everyone, don't misunderstand. May I ask, are you guys from the Tetrasea Hall?’’ This righteous looking cultivator immediately tossed the object he was hauling along in front of those surrounding cultivators, before he smiled and continued, ’’This one is Ni Chishi, and specially wishes to enroll into the Tetrasea Hall. This is my felicity for your big brother.’’

’’Shadowless Rodent! A mid-tier level 5 demonic beast!’’

Upon realizing the thing he was hauling, those 5-6 Tetrasea Hall cultivators were unanimously astounded.

Four short limbs that appeared with shocking explosive might. Coated with silvery pelt and emitting an intense wind spirit aura. Displaying stunning velocity when sprinting, as though without a trace of shadow, if not a mid-tier level 5 Shadowless Rodent, then what?

The 5-6 cultivators sized up the brows of this stranger. Identifying that his brows were merely two slender streaks, the cultivators exchanged glances. Following that, one of them clad in black armour hastily inspected that 65 cm long gigantic silver rodent, before nodding towards the other cultivators.

There wasn't a problem with the Shadowless Rodent, but the abrupt appearance of such an individual had already subconsciously raised the vigilance of these cultivators.

Amidst their slight hesitation, yet another herculean built cultivator, who released an impression of all brawns no brain, marched over with large strides. He too, was dragging along the carcass of a demonic beast. Noticing the cyan robed cultivator, he shouted out, ’’Ni Chishi! Why are you here at such an ungodly time, your mother is calling for you to return home!’’

’’Ah, but I'm currently in the process of joining the Tetrasea Hall.’’

’’What joining, you idiot! Your mother says, bringing along a single demonic beast as felicitations is insufficient, and asked me to bring you another.’’ While replying, this herculean cultivator tossed the demonic beast carcass over.

’’A Bamboojoint Devilbug! A level 5 Bamboojoint Devilbug!’’

The herculean cultivator had tossed over a bug that was a meter long whose body resembled little cyan colored bamboo joints. It was incredibly peculiar and looked supremely authentic. Its bamboo like outer shell was extremely solid, and could secrete corrosive acid upon concentrating its true energy. A Bamboojoint Devilbug that can be used to forge artifacts.

’’Alright, your mum says, that's more like it with the addition of this demonic beast. Being outside at night is too dangerous, come home first and you can return tomorrow.’’

’’Alright, these brothers. I'll take my leave first, be right back tomorrow.’’ The righteous looking cultivator nodded and immediately revealed a demeanor of departure.

Amongst the 5-6 cultivators, that black armoured cultivator, who inspected the demonic beast earlier, frowned and seemingly wanted to obstruct the two. Instead, a gently dry cough abruptly drifted out from the manor. When he heard that dry cough, that black armoured cultivator ceased from moving, but only vigilantly observed the two disappearing into the dark of night;back to where they came from.

’’Your mother calls you to return home?’’ On a tall house of the manor, the Goldhoop Monk sneered as he watched the scene playing out. Then, he asked Huang Tianya beside him. Bro Huang, there is clearly something not right with them, why not let them stay?’’

’’The enemy doesn't move, I shan't move either.’’ Huang Tianya released a cold smirk. ’’Employing unwavering fortitude against a thousand variations, this is how we prevent ourselves from falling to the enemy's ploy. Simply delivering 2 demonic beasts over, they probably wish to seize the moment we forcefully halt those two individuals, to be up to no good. As long as we don't fall into a messy chaotic situation, the opposing party cannot do anything to us. Goldhoop Monk, let them bring the 2 demonic beasts in, and thoroughly examine them for any oddities.’’


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