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Path To Heaven - Chapter 166


Chapter 166: Planning and Deviation

A flicker of divine light flashed out. From a Seven Stars City transportation array nearest to Moonfall City, Wei Suo, Nangong Yuqing and Han Weiwei appeared.

Their faces were all pale, appearing nauseous and giddy.

This was the repercussions of intense spirit energy ripples from activating a long distance transportation array, affecting the mental state of a cultivator. Although there was only 7,000 li between Seven Stars City and Moonfall City, which didn't require a transportation array that spanned the furthest 10,000 li, the trio still found this array rather obnoxious.

Previously, when Han Weiwei was pursuing that cultivator to Seven Stars City, both that cultivator and Han Weiwei had to use Moonfall City as a stopover;resting for a single day before heading to Seven Stars City once again.

Otherwise, if one used two transportation arrays of such distance within a single day, even a cultivator of Wei Suo's level would experience splitting headaches and fits of vomiting upon exiting the array;regurgitating out with fluids from one's guts. Furthermore, one could only recover from the mental damage received after recuperating for half a month. This was indeed the reason Wei Suo had wished to acquire that Soulguard Ancient Talisman.

Although they were all feeling rather unwell, Wei Suo hurriedly summoned out that incomparably hideous Whitejade Crane artifact. Carrying the trio, they sped into the mountain forest outskirts of Moonfall City.

Only after speeding through a hundred plus li to the west, did Wei Suo will his flying artifact to descend.

Then, he retrieved something that looked like a cyan command token, and placed it behind a rock. Following that, without stopping to rest, he summoned that hideous Whitejade Crane again, as it carried the trio towards the west. After a brief while, their existence from this place had totally vanished.

Approximately two incense worth of time later, an enormous golden bird suddenly soared out from the transportation array they had exited from.

This enormous golden bird was shaped like an eagle. Its feathers were sparkling like shimmering gold, where the richness of gold was especially dense at its wings. As it flew, lightning rays lingered behind its claws. It was shockingly an upper-tier level 4 Goldwinged Thunderbird.

Merely ordinary Goldwinged Thunderbirds were roughly 6 metres long, yet this Goldwinged Thunderbird spanned as long as 10 metres. Evidently, it was an evolved elder class Goldwinged Thunderbird.

Seating on a saddle above its back, was indeed Xin Youlan, who was clad in scanty gold armour.

A mediocre Beast Slaving Pouch would be incapable of housing such a herculean size demonic beast like the Ripplebull. Moreover, Wei Suo's Spirit Controlling Technique could only be employed to control a single demonic beast. However, Xin Youlan actually had a Ripplebull and a Goldwinged Thunderbird. Evidently, the largest beast taming sect of the Heavenly Profound Continent's south region, the Spirit Beast Palace, not only possessed Beast Slaving Pouch that could encompass massive sized demonic beasts, they also possessed secret arts that allowed one to manipulate two demonic beasts.

The extravagant looking Goldwinged Thunderbird revolved around the skies and finally descended over that piece of rock, where Wei Suo hid that Cyan Command Token.

’’Isn't that guy too overly cautious?’’

’’Our inner sect disciple's command token obviously isn't infused with a forbidden control. Only an evolved Goldwinged Thunderbird like mine can track down the intrinsic cyan wood smell of this token. He actually harbored apprehensions and threw it away...’’

’’Initially, I only noticed his remarkable talent, being able to reach a cultivation of Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3 at such a young age, and truly wanted to rope him in as an elite disciple of our Spirit Beast Palace. Now, seeing such unprecedented prudence displayed by him, he probably houses a tremendous secret on him. Furthermore, previously when he purposely activated that Rank 2 Cloudmist Talisman, it appears he was trying to conceal a secret. This guy has truly piqued my interest.’’

After picking up that cyan token engraved with a beast head, Xin Youlan muttered to herself and took flight into the sky on her GoldWinged Thunderbird once again. After scouring around the forest for a brief while, she vanished into the horizon.

At present, if Wei Suo had heard Xin Youlan's words, he would definitely be emitting cold sweat.

Because although she was clueless about Wei Suo, her deductions about him was pretty close. If it was another loose cultivator, he would most likely be dying to join a sect like the Spirit Beast Palace. However, with a treasure like the green gowned Old Man, Wei Suo had utterly no desire to get caught up with the Spirit Beast Palace. It was extremely commonplace for powerful cultivators within sects to discover a fellow's secret and kill to plunder his treasures.

Furthermore, Wei Suo didn't understand Xin Youlan well and obviously couldn't place his trust in her. Fearing that Xin Youlan would pull any tricks, although he couldn't uncover any mystifying trick embedded in that inner sect disciple token, he still proceeded with utmost caution and disposed of it.

As for resorting to that Cloudmist Talisman during his standoff with Tian Fengzi, it was because Wei Suo wanted to conceal his true battle capabilities.

Upon witnessing Tian Fengzi employing both Spirit class offensive and defensive artifacts, Wei Suo definitely knew he had to tap into his hidden cards. After careful deliberations, he had decided to employ the divine sense attack of Old Devil Qin's Dark-yin Artifact Robe to eliminate Tian Fengzi.

This Dark-yin Artifact Robe had already replaced his other one, and laid beneath his currently worn, cyan robe.

To prevent others from discovering the Dark-yin Artifact Robe's divine sense attack, Wei Suo had purposely unleashed out all his true energy;thereby revealing his 8 divine seas, causing all spectating cultivators to believe he was using his own divine sense technique to attack.

Furthermore, the divine sense of a Heavenly Circuit Stage level 3 cultivator was normally stronger than one at level 2. Thus, Wei Suo's attack that directly split Tian Fengzi's head, preventing him a single chance of retaliating, hadn't incurred any suspicion from the spectating cultivators.

In addition to that, Wei Suo also wanted to mask the fact he was a dual Spirit Root cultivator with the Cloudmist Talisman.

Without the disguise of clouds and mists, once he fully circulated his true energy, the abnormal projection of his dual Spirit Roots would've been fully displayed for all cultivators to behold. Fortunately, the projection of Spirit Roots weren't too rich and dazzling like the divine seas. Wei Suo's calculations were immaculate, as the clouds and mist from his rank 2 talisman successfully shielded away the abnormal projections of his Spirit Roots, while allowing the spectating cultivators to behold the shining violet of his 8 divine seas.

To Wei Suo, the less hidden cards he revealed, the more it would translate to a higher probability of escaping with his life when encountering formidable foes. This time, it could be said he did exceedingly well to conceal it in this battle against Tian Fengzi. However, he had never expected that on the contrary, Xin Youlan's suspicions and interest towards him would skyrocket.


Roughly half a day later, a thick brow brocaded robe cultivator and a sturdy cyan robe chap strolled into Moonfall City.

There was hardly any discrepancies between the size of Moonfall City and Spirit Peak City. The only difference was, Moonfall City was situated within a valley between two lofty mountains. As for this mountain valley, a crescent moon-shaped lake ran through it. Looking down from the sky, it appeared as though a crescent moon had fallen onto the mountain valley. Hence, the name Moonfall City.

Those two cultivators were seemingly familiar with Moonfall City. Without making a single detour, they headed straight for the southern market of the city, a store known as Spirit Pellet Mill.

Upon noticing the two cultivators entering, the two shop assistants exchanged glances and immediately went forth to receive them. A slightly roly-poly looking assistant whispered several words to the two cultivators, before guiding them into a quiet room at the back of the store.

After a while, a wax complexion yellow robed cultivator, those two cultivators from before, and an elderly clad in a robe embroidered with the '寿' character, who also looked like the shopkeeper, strolled out of that quiet room. As for those two cultivators, they had changed into a shop assistant attire.

The four individuals then advanced into a room specifically used for pellet concoctions. After another brief while, only that wax complexion cultivator and the shopkeeper walked out. Instead, those two cultivators who hadn't arrived in Moonfall City for long, stayed inside that concoction room.

After several exchange of inquiries between the wax complexioned cultivator and the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper headed towards another storeroom;seemingly departing to settle internal affairs of the store. Instead, that wax complexioned cultivator marched towards the shop's exit.

But as he walked out of the exit, an oval faced, delicate and pretty female cultivator in cream yellow garment coincidentally entered the shop. Upon noticing that alluring female, the wax complexioned cultivator became clearly stunned. ’’Ye Guwei?’’

That alluring woman in cream yellow garment, whose eyes seemed to contain a hint of apprehension, was similarly stunned as she sized up the wax complexioned cultivator suspiciously. ’’This senior, have we met before? How do you know my name?’’

’’I am Wei Suo eh.’’ Seizing the moment where the alluring female hadn't subconsciously retreated out of alarm, that wax complexioned cultivator hastily stepped forward and lightly whispered into her ears. ’’My current appearance is done intentionally.’’

’’Big brother.....Wei?’’ That alluring female gazed blankly.

To which, the wax complexioned, yellow robed cultivator proceeded to retrieve a fish shaped Transmission Jade Talisman, before swaying it before that beauty's eyes.

Within a split second, that alluring beauty immediately revealed a shock but delighted countenance. ’’Big brother Wei, what brings you here?’’

’’This is one of my friend's family business, we'll talk inside. Nangong Yuqing is here too. How about your big brother, Ye Xiaozheng? Why isn't he here with you?’’ As it turns out, this Spirit Pellet Mill was a shop in Moonfall City that belonged to the Precious Treasure Pavilion. Only after numerous considerations, did Wei Suo choose to visit here.

Due to rivals such as the Black Fiend, Golden Eagle Palace and East Victory, Wei Suo had determined that Spirit Peak City would no longer be safe. Hence, Wei Suo called for Zhu Xiaochun and Zhen Chongming to rush over as well, in preparation to continue his cultivation within Spirit Pellet Mill of Moonfall City. He would first raise his Purple Mystic True technique to mid-level Earth rank before proceeding. Besides, according to his estimation, it would take merely 200 plus Heaven Mending pellets, which was at most, approximately 20 days of refining. Now that he had two portions of the map on hand, in addition to the newly acquired, Spiritmist Formation Flags.....Wei Suo was reminded of this - since one's whereabouts could be easily exposed in the city, why not establish his own cavern abode outside instead? After all, with the Immortal Exterminating Vine and his Mind Devouring Bug, it shouldn't be particularly dangerous to establish a cavern abode in a safe region detailed on the map.

Wei Suo's complete plan was this - first train up in Moonfall City and raise his Purple Mystic True technique to mid-level Earth rank, then locate a suitable place to set up his own cavern abode. Afterwards, he would head for Duanlong Cliff and see if he could acquire a Golden Spotted Ginseng from there. Next, he would make a far trip to Perching Phoenix City. If Granny Jin was true to her words and he really received 200,000 low grade spiritual stones, then Wei Suo could probably shut himself up and charge towards Heavenly Circuit Stage level 5, or even the Thought division stage realm.

Right now, Wei Suo had merely inquired of the Spirit Pellet Mill's shopkeeper, and wanted to head out to procure some materials for nurturing his Mind Devouring Bug, and for concocting Heaven Mending Pellets. Concurrently, he would also look out for protective formation arrays that could be installed for cavern abodes. Never did he expect, that he'd bump into Ye Guwei.

All this while, he hadn't been able to explain to Ye Guwei. Moreover, speaking outside was truly inconvenient, and Wei Suo had originally wanted to seek out Ye Guwei and Ye Xiaozheng to reminisce over old times. After all, the Ye siblings had gone through life and death with him, and even risked their lives for him back at the Cyan Wind Mound. Yet what Wei Suo wasn't expecting, was when he asked about Ye Xiaozheng, Ye Guwei's eyes suddenly welled up with moist. ’’My elder brother, he......’’


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