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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Investigating One By One

In a small office, Jack sat behind a table, fidgeting about uncomfortably.

Charlie glanced at the assistant beside him, then with eyes akin to that of a hawk, stared at Jack and asked, ’’With regards to Fang Xingjian, we've already heard.

’’What you did amounts to assistance in treason, and is punishable by death, but taking into consideration the fact that your background is clean and that you're still a young Knight, we've decided to give you a chance to confess.’’

’’What? Treason?’’ Jack said anxiously, ’’Xingjian committed the crime of treason? How is this possible? But... but he is not to blame for this. This, this is really not his fault. It's... it's my own idea.’’

A chance?

They looked at each other, and Charlie's gaze revealed a glimpse of excitement.

’’Whether he is to blame, what the final sentence will be... that's our problem.’’ He spoke with a ice-cold expression, ’’What you need to do now is to confess everything.’’

Jack revealed a troubled expression, ’’I wished to let my daughter recognize Xingjian as her adopted father, and to let him be my daughter's teacher to introduce her into martial arts. But I had never thought to let Xingjian teach her the academy's sword techniques. I know that it's a crime of treason. How would I dare to harbor such thoughts?’’

Charlie frowned. While it was not the clue that he was thinking of, secretly imparting the academy's martial techniques was also a serious breach of confidential information.

Therefore, he continued to ask, ’’When did Fang Xingjian start to teach your daughter martial arts? What has he taught? Oh right, where is your daughter now?’’

’’He hasn't.’’ Jack replied, ’’He really hasn't. I've only just thought of it, and you guys have already discovered it. Right, how did you guys find out about this? I haven't even told my wife about this.’’

Charlie exchanged a glance with his assistant, and then look at Jack and coldly said, ’’Are you trying to be funny?’’

With a slap, his Reduced Force Field brushed against Jack's chest, pushing him onto the ground, and caused him to spew out a big mouthful of blood.

He was still having hesitations about Fang Xingjian, but how would it be possible for him to think much of an ordinary Knight like Jack? In the association, he had dealt with countless such Knights.


Anthony sat comfortably on the chair, his face wearing a peaceful and calm expression.

Charlie had yet to ask before Anthony took the initiative and said, ’’You guys want to investigate Fang Xingjian, right?

’’I'll talk, I'll talk about everything.

’’Fang Xingjian is headstrong and self-opinionated, with no regard for the bigger picture, doing whatever he wishes with no care for order nor regulation. This kind of person should have long been removed from the ranks of a Knight. I raise both my hands in agreement to your investigation.’’

Charlie furrowed his brows, what was that about being headstrong and self-opinionated, what was that about no order or no regulation? Even if these were all true, it was nothing more than a fart. He reminded, ’’Say the main point.’’

’’Yes, yes, yes.’’ Anthony put on a solemn face but randomly said, ’’He has a serious disposition towards violence and has been beating up classmates for a long while now.’’

’’Especially Jack and myself. We need to receive a beating from him daily. He would curse as he bashes us up. You can ask yourself, which one of us in Class 256 has not been bashed up by him before? How could we let such a hot-tempered fellow continue to be a Knight?’’

Charlie said impatiently, ’’We know all of this. Do you have any other information?’’ He untiringly tried to lead him on, ’’We need information that other people are unaware of. Don't worry, if you're able to provide us with any useful leads, the association will not treat you shabbily.’’

’’Mmm.’’ Anthony nodded, and started to speak out even more, unrestrained, ’’I feel that this Fang Xingjian, could possibly like guys.’’

Charlie's and the assistant's face both twitched. Anthony continued to say, ’’When he was giving guidance for our sword arts, he liked to touch our body all over. Don't you think that's weird? There were a few times when I felt a bit embarrassed from his actions.’’

Charlie smiled angrily and said, ’’This is your information?’’

’’That's right.’’ Anthony also smiled, ’’A Knight who likes guys, isn't he an embarrassment to the Empire? I strongly support for Fang Xingjian to be expelled.’’

’’Very good, you are very good. Who do you thinking you are talking to? The Royal Knight Association supervises all the Knights in the world. Do you think that we are an existence that you can provoke?’’ Charlie coldly nodded. With a palm, the Reduced Force Field slapped against Anthony's face, causing it to turn red.

Looking at Anthony, blood trickling down the corner of his lips, Charlie said, ’’I'll have another good chat with you at the end.’’

With that, he said to the assistant beside him, ’’Bring in the next person.’’


With a slap, Lilia shattered the table, shouting loudly, ’’My father is a second transitioned level 24 Knight! Kirst's City Lord! A viscount! My grandfather is the Royal Knight Association's Honorary Representative!’’

Charlie wiped off the sweat from his forehead. Even if it was him, he was also not willing to rashly offend those Conferred Knights with the rank of nobility, who had actual authority, and countless backers.

He put up a forced smile, saying, ’’Lady Lilia, don't be nervous. We're only inviting you to cooperate with our investigation...’’

’’Cooperate your head!’’ Lilia bellowed angrily, ’’Release my teacher immediately! Do you know how much of my sword practice time is wasted on this nonsense of yours? You're holding up a future Knight, do you know that?’’

The muscles and bones throughout Lilia's body rang out, her bellow was like a thunderous explosion, spreading through the whole building.

’’Lady Lilia, you can be assured, we're just conducting a routine investigation. If there's no problem with Fang Xingjian, then we will naturally release him.’’ Charlie suppressed his fury and smiled to his assistant, saying, ’’It seems like Lady Lilia doesn't know anything. You can bring her back first.’’

Long after Lilia left, Charlie stood in the meeting room, staring at the ten plus assistants present, saying, ’’Are you all idiots? Who brought this lady here?’’

An assistant raised his hand weakly, saying, ’’Sir, you were the one who had said to bring everyone who was closely related to Fang Xingjian.’’

’’Why don't you look at how it went? Was I interrogating her? Or was she the one interrogating me?’’

’’Such a countryside,’’ Charlie stomped on the chair behind him, shattering it into dust, ’’How do they expect us to do our work here?’’

’’And you guys, I know you are not interested in stirring up trouble or offending other people. Each of you just want to get by in life and wait for death to come, for there to be peace in the world.

’’Do you guys still have any shame? Do you carry the Empire's responsibility and the association's glory in your heart?’’

He threw a glance towards the assistants who were wearing different expressions and thinking of different things, lamenting in his heart, 'A bunch of good-for-nothings who know little but eating and drinking, not knowing how to repay the grace of those who made them who they are today.'


On the other side, once Lilia reached home, she immediately ran to her father's study.

Kirst's City Lord was seated at his office desk, drinking a cup of milk tea when he head a loud bang. The door was sent flying, and it smashed against the wall, as Lilia dashed in infuriated.

’’Father, my teacher has been locked up! Quickly get him out of there!’’

He smiled bitterly, shaking his head, ’’Lili, your temper is really...’’

’’Quickly get them to release teacher! I've gone through so much to find myself such a good teacher, and have been able to improve at a tremendous pace every day. Do you want to see our clan losing a Knight?’’

Lilia charged in, grabbed his arm and kept shaking it. Kirst's City Lord almost could not take it anymore. He held on Lilia's shoulders and said, ’’Alright, Lili. Your teacher is fine.’’

’’How is he fine? He's been locked up till now!’’

’’Hehe, a sixteen year old first transitioned Warrior who has exceeded the speed of sound.’’ Kirst's City Lord smiled, ’’Now, the ones who should be panicking isn't your teacher, but those investigators.

’’Fang Xingjian's news came too sudden. This bunch of people must have either taken action before they managed to accumulate all the information, or they must be a bunch of complete hotheads.

Kirst's City Lord smiled calmly and said, ’’But regardless which it is, it's going to be hard for them to back off now.

’’They're still too young. To be in such a hurry to step forth, they are really not mature enough.’’


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