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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Investigation

He had a different feeling compared to when he was guiding Lilia in her sword arts. Anthony and Jack practiced hand-to-hand combat and staff arts respectively.

However, even though the martial arts style they practiced was different, having reached the current level of sword arts, Fang Xingjian had a deep understanding of the control of strength.

Although he was not strong in the martial arts that involved hand-to-hand combat or the staff, he could easily point out flaws in their physical movements. And after they shared the incantations of their respective martial techniques with him, he could also correct their physical movements.

After all, regardless of whether it was a sword, a staff, or hand-to-hand combat, they simply varied in terms of physical exertions.

’’Jack, your arm position is wrong. When you punch, all the energy in your body must be twisted into a line. Not only your muscles and bones, but your blood flow as well...’’

’’Anthony, the staff and sword have similar areas. The energy used when you perform your staff arts is extremely strong and bends easily. Therefore, you must control the exertion of strength, and not channel all of it, in order to improve your martial art.

’’The two of you must remember, the moves are stiff, but humans are flexible. Each body is different, so after grasping the moves, one must make minute adjustments to match the body's condition.

Fang Xingjian sat on the lawn, and after completing his daily Nurturing and Training techniques'training, he continued to cultivate his newly acquired Nurturing techniques in his mind, also taking time to guide Lilia, Jack, and Anthony in their martial arts.

With the guidance he provided, not only did Jack and the others feel that they had learnt a lot, Fang Xingjian also felt a special sensation.

Usually, when he practiced the sword, rather than contemplating, he would be able to perform his martial arts as he wished just by relying on his senses alone. No matter what sword technique it was, he could pick it up just by seeing it only once or twice, and could experience swift progress even if he did not put much effort into it. Now, he no longer placed emphasis on the basic principles and rhythms of the sword techniques, since it was sufficient for him to simply practice while relying on his sword senses.

But now, when he guided Lilia, Jack, and Anthony, he could obviously no longer rely on his senses. It was because the three of them did not have Fang Xingjian's talent, and because when Fang Xingjian guided the three of them, he had to specifically tell them the knacks and cruxes out loud.

Fang Xingjian could sense that as he guided the three of them, he was also coming to a conclusion and making slight modifications for his own sword arts.

The few sword techniques that he had just acquired also progressed rapidly, the more experience he gained. And because teaching was just like a revision of his own techniques, while he provided guidance, even the techniques which had been abandoned after he had trained them to level 10, since the effects overlapped with the ones he had learnt before, he continued to gain experience points in all of them.

Booming sounds unceasingly rang through the air. Jack clenched his fists into punches, performing a glorious and powerful technique which combined strength with flexibility. Each punch brought along strong winds that blew in all directions, creating crackling explosive sounds. Most importantly, his blood gushed through his body, creating splashing sounds similar to big streams and rivers.

On the other hand, Anthony waved about the staff in his hands, and made a series of explosions with each swing as well, with resounding crackling sounds. His blood and internal organs all trembled, echoing like the sound of tsunamis.

Lilia waved the greatsword about while Fang Xingjian stood next to her. As she practiced her sword techniques, he would, at almost the same time, form a sword with his fingers, landing on her body with each point and channeling strong energy into her body, changing her blood's flow and breathing rhythm.

At the rate that they were going, Lilia had to constantly control the movement of every single muscle and every single bone. After just a few minutes, she was completely covered in sweat and she was starting to see stars.

But if she made a little blunder, Fang Xingjian's fingers would land on the flawed point, and as a red flush brushed across her face, she would also immediately correct her movements.

With regards to the application of various parts of the body in martial techniques, Lilia was obviously not comparable to Jack and Anthony. Jack and Anthony would only need pointers for a few crucial points, while Lilia needed direct step-by-step help.

However, such training was very effective. Lilia was half-forced to memorize all the applications of energy in the sword technique, and through repetitive practice she remembered it with her body as it became muscle memory.

An hour later, Lilia stopped, completely drenched in sweat. Her clothes were almost entirely wet, and the muscles all over her body trembled unceasingly, as if they were out of control.

Lilia threw a glance towards Jack and Anthony in envy and asked in great anticipation, ’’Teacher, when will I be like them?’’

’’It'll depend on how serious you are.’’ Fang Xingjian said casually.

Jack and Anthony also stopped, looking gratefully at Fang Xingjian. Jack quickly spoke out, ’’Xingjian, thank you so much! Following your guidance, the progress of our cultivation has become twice as fast as before!’’

’’It's nothing.’’ Fang Xingjian turned his head and looked in the direction of the main gate.

A beautiful young married lady holding the hand of a little girl was standing at the door. The little girl was very pretty, as if she was carved from white jade. She hid behind the married young lady, looking timidly at Fang Xingjian.

’’Haha, you guys are here!’’ Jack laughed out loud and walked over, picking up the little girl. The girl chuckled and called out for her daddy while the married young lady smiled and stood there.

At the side, Anthony pouted and said, ’’I'd never have thought that a crude man like Jack would be able to find himself such a beautiful wife.’’

Fang Xingjian calmly asked, ’’Family members can also visit the academy?’’

Anthony nodded, ’’They can come visit every week.’’

Saying that, Jack walked over while carrying his daughter. The little girl looked to be about five to six years of age. Her golden hair was tied up into two little braids, and she was looking shyly at Fang Xingjian and the others.

’’Come have a look! This is my daughter Alice.’’ Jack smiled, saying, ’’How is she? Isn't she cute?’’

Hearing that, the little girl wrapped her arms tightly around Jack's neck, turning her embarrassed face away.

Lilia laughed out loud and walked over, reaching out a hand to pinch Alice on her cheek. ’’Haha, so cute! Let me pinch you!’’

But how would Jack dare to let this girl with monstrous strength pinch his daughter? He dodged to the side and said, ’’Darn, are you trying to kill my daughter?’’

’’Aiya, just a pinch, just let me pinch her once.’’ Lilia chased behind them and the two of them started running about.

At that moment, Fang Xingjian suddenly turned to look in the direction of the main gate.

Not noticing when he had arrived, the Headmaster was already there.


The three of them shouted out in unison, ’’Then we shan't disturb you from your training, let's go.’’

After giving the three of them guidance in their martial art training that morning, the afternoon was time for Fang Xingjian to practice his Killing technique - Supreme Mistwind Sword.

They left, leaving Headmaster Jackson and Fang Xingjian on the lawn.

Headmaster Jackson said, ’’Your Master is really impatient, carrying a pile of materials and bone remains, and has gone off to search for an old friend to help you forge a divine Weapon.’’

Saying that, he smiled, continuing, ’’But this time around, the one he found for you is truly an amazing master. You can well anticipate the prowess of this Superior Remains divine Weapon.’’

’’This is thanks to Headmaster's and Master's nurturing.’’

’’Our nurture is secondary, the crucial thing is still your talent.’’ Saying this, the Headmaster let out a sigh. ’’Supersonic speed...’’ Jackson took a long look at Fang Xingjian, ’’To tell you the truth, you've astonished us all. The news will spread very quickly, and I honestly don't know if it's a good or a bad thing for you.’’

The Headmaster shook his head, ’’Forget it, let's not talk about this anymore. With your master gone, from now on I'll take on the role of conducting combat training with you.’’ Saying this, he smiled again, ’’You need to be careful, I'm not as easy to deal with as he is.’’

Before he finished his words, the Headmaster had already attacked, launching a punch which seemed to shock even space and time. Amidst the thunderous sounds, Fang Xingjian felt as if he had knocked against a wall, and with a loud boom he was sent flying a distance of over twenty meters, leaving two long marks on the ground.

But the moment he stopped, strong gales started blowing. Fang Xingjian consecutively flashed about, swiftly forming up to a hundred of afterimages around the Headmaster.

It was a pity that Jackson's second transition, the Tyrant Fist of the Azure Skies, had too big of an advantage. His Reduced Force Field covered an area of more than a hundred meters, and with just a glare, he had shattered more than half of Fang Xingjian's afterimages. He then casually started throwing punches, each punch making an explosive sound, just like a FIM-92 Stinger [1], increasingly reducing the space in which Fang Xingjian could move in.

Compared to Huang Lin's sword arts, Jackson's fists were even more domineering, even more overbearing, even more aggressive. To top it all off, almost all of his five main attributes overwhelmingly suppressed Fang Xingjian's, and Fang Xingjian was almost scurrying off like a frightened rat.

At that same time, a series of claps rang out outside the villa.

’’This is really pretty. A new Windstorm Sword Hero. When I was your age, I was not as fast as you are now.’’

Fang Xingjian and the Headmaster concurrently stopped in their tracks and looked in the direction of the gate.

A man dressed completely in black, with a black top, black pants, and a black mantle was slowly clapping. Standing behind him was a younger man dressed in a similar outfit.

At their sudden appearance, the Headmaster's pupils instantly contracted. The man who was clapping continued saying, ’’Hello, I am a Class One Investigator from the Royal Knight Association, Charlie.

’’The reason I'm here today is because I'm in charge of the investigation regarding Fang Xingjian.’’


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