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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Victory

Huang Lin exhaled. Despite having undergone actual combat practice with Fang Xingjian almost everyday, and despite knowing very well how fast the other party's progress was...

He had already tried his best to overestimate Fang Xingjian's abilities. But seeing Fang Xingjian display a move which transcended the speed of sound, his eyes were still full of shock.

Transcending the speed of sound was a top notch ability. 80% of the Conferred Knights would be able to achieve this, and a minority of the Knights at the first transition would be able to achieve this state for a short amount of time, along with some of the top instructors in the academy.

But how old were they? For how many years had they been training for?

How long had Fang Xingjian been training for?

Having transitioned slightly more than a month ago, to think that he could already breakthrough the speed of sound physically! What terrifying talent he had...

Huang Lin exchanged a glance with Headmaster Jackson. Amidst their feelings of joy and admiration, unknowingly, a tinge of terror seemed to cloud the back of their eyes.

This student of theirs seemed to be slightly too awesome.


Just as Renault had been sent flying, while Fang Xingjian was gently landing, Kirst's City Lord abruptly stood up. The chair had shattered and turned into dust under him, showing how shocked he was by what he had just seen.

’’Supersonic speed?

’’At only sixteen years of age?’’

He turned to the servant beside him and asked, ’’Have the other Windstorm Sword Heroes in past history been this strong as well?’’

’’After the other three had transitioned into Windstorm Sword Heroes, once they came across enemies of the same level, there was no battle they didn't win, nor did their attacks not reach their targets. But as for how fast they were, I'm not very sure.’’

Kirst's City Lord fell deep in thought before he finally said, ’’Get me some pen and paper.’’

As a Conferred Knight and also the head of a clan, Kirst's City Lord' abilities, naturally, were also above the speed of sound. However, how long had he trained before reaching this level?

He remembered only being able to physically break through the barriers of sound after six long years of training, once he had completed his first transition. How long had it been for Fang Xingjian?

He quickly wrote down a long list, all materials he had accumulated these past years with the scope of forging a divine Weapon.

He passed the list of materials to the servant and said, ’’Later, take my token and head to back to my residence to gather all these materials. Tomorrow, send them to Fang Xingjian as Lilia's gift for Fang Xingjian taking her in as his disciple.’’

The servant calmly received the list, taking his leave. The other servants had long cleaned up the place and brought another chair for Kirst's City Lord to sit on.

Although Xiu Yi was the last person standing of Class 252's members, Kirst's City Lord's thoughts were no longer on the competition.

The ingredients he had initially gathered no longer had much use, since the bone remains had already been given away. Earlier, seeing Fang Xingjian's astonishing performance, he had planned right away to find a reason to give these to him, thus strengthening their relationship.

There was no other reason.

Transcending the speed of sound at the age of sixteen, and doing so just one month after completing his transition... Such a young man truly had an unfathomable future awaiting him.

’’His abilities are probably already ranked amongst the top five out of all the students. Give it another one to two years, and Kirst will probably be unable to keep him anymore.’’

In the whole Knight Academy, the strongest were obviously the two Conferred Knights,Headmaster and Huang Lin. The other Knights, who were at their first transition, were also split into different levels.

The senior instructors who had been cultivating for decades were considered the strongest batch.

Following these were the geniuses, and other ordinary instructors who had been transitioned for seven to eight years now.

People like Renault and Claude, talented students who had only been transitioned for a short period of time, as well as the senior students who had transitioned for seven to eight years were next.

After them followed the ordinary students who had been training for three to four years.

Finally, the weakest batch were those Knights who had transitioned at some point in the last two years.

Moreover, those on the same level also had different abilities.

But no matter how it was, how long had it been since Fang Xingjian had started training?

The abilities he displayed could already be compared with those of the geniuses who had cultivated for seven to eight years, part of the second group.

In the competition that was to follow, even if his class lost to the classes who had been cultivating for seven to eight years due to the difference between the number of years spent training, Fang Xingjian's individual performance was already impeccable.

Many people felt that it was no longer possible for Fang Xingjian to defeat the two strongest classes after this. After all, no matter how strong Fang Xingjian was, he was just a single person. How many senior Knights would he have to go up against?

But even so, this did not tarnish their evaluation of Fang Xingjian, as his talent was truly too awesome.

Sighs echoed, seemingly echoing the countless thoughts of those on top of the cliffs.


Vivian looked around, at a loss. Those usually haughty Elders, instructors, teachers and Knights were all revealing looks of astonishment, unceasingly discussing amongst themselves.

However, she could simply not understand what had just happened.

She had only been able to see blurred images of flashing sword lights, and strong blowing gales, mixed together with blurred silhouettes. There was no way she have seen the battles clearly at all. After everything had gone silent, she could only see all eight Knights knocked out unconscious on the ground, and Renault spewing blood and falling, leaving only Xiu Yi standing there alone, at a loss.

'What is going on?

'Why did it end just like this?

'Are those Knights all useless bums?

'Losing just like that?

'What on earth are all of you being so shocked about?!'

But no matter how loudly she screamed out in her heart, it was useless. This was strength, this was power. The weak did not even have the ability to know the truth.

They seemed to be living in the same world as the strong, but they lived in different dimensions.

On the front row of the Tresia Clan members, the clan head's countenance turned increasingly grim, as if countless sorrows and troubles were coagulating in his heart. Beside him, Rebecca was staring hard with eyes wide-opened, her gaze filled with malice and viciousness.

'This little b*stard...'

The next moment, her eyes were fixed on Xiu Yi, as if waiting for some kind of miracle to happen.

On the competition field, Xiu Yi was holding onto his sword with both hands, expanding his Steel Domain outwards, while countless force field shields floated before him. Coupled with the Knight attire he was wearing, Xiu Yi's defence was considered top notch amongst those in the first transition.

But even so, it was a far cry from giving him any sense of security.

The Fang Xingjian before him was encompassed by whirlwinds and sword Qis which held him one inch off the ground, as he looked at him coldly, like a Windstorm Spiritual God.

His techniques, specialities, attributes, equipment, all appeared to be extremely weak when faced with the other party's extreme speed.

He could only console himself in his heart.

'It's fine, I have the Ring of Lightning.

'I have already activated the ring. As long as his longsword comes into contact with mine or slashes my Knight attire...

'As long as I win over the current him...

Xiu Yi looked at the fallen Knights, and looked at Renault, who had been sent flying and had been unable to get up ever since. His eyes flashed with a burning gleam.

'As long as I win over him...'

’’Hey,’’ Fang Xingjian suddenly asked Xiu Yi, ’’Are you from the Tresia Clan?’’

Xiu Yi was dumbfounded, but he immediately nodded and said, ’’That's right, I'm Kaunitz's Martial Senior. Fang Xingjian, you've caused humiliation to Tresia. Today, I'll...’’

It was a pity that Fang Xingjian did not hear him out. After hearing that the other party was from Tresia Academy, he had already lost interest in him.

That was because in the earlier battle of extreme speed, even Fang Xingjian had been unable to hold back in time, and had knocked out the eight Knights from Class 252 straight away. This had made him unable to pick up sword techniques from them.

And this Knight was from Tresia Knight Academy... He had long stolen all of Tresia Knight Academy's Nurturing techniques from Kaunitz and Zhou Yong.

Therefore, this metal can before him was hard and thick, and entirely unattractive for him.

Therefore, he did not let Xiu Yi finish his words, nor did he bother to take another look at him. With a flash of his silhouette, strong gales stirred up, and he turned into a tornado, dashing into the fortress.

Taking over the opponent's fortress determined the winner of the inter-class competition.

And how was it possible for Xiu Yi to catch up to Fang Xingjian?

Therefore, he could only watch as Fang Xingjian dashed into the fortress, and could only watch as the referee announced Class 256's victory.

What truly made his heart bleed was the crowd's reaction.

’’Tsk, he's not going to wipe out the last remaining Knight while he's at it?’’

’’Why let him go?’’

’’Could it be that this fellow knows Fang Xingjian?’’

’’Oh, Fang Xingjian let that Knight off?’’ Lambert from The School of Sword Arts shrugged and said, ’’That Knight should count himself lucky. An attack which transcends sound... Just the thought of it hurts.’’

On the cliffs, the City Guards Institution's Hogan shook his head, smiling, ’’Xiu Yi's luck is good.’’ He was also considered the academy's instructor, and could, of course, recognize the students.

Amongst the City Guards Institution's members, Ogden analyzed, ’’This is called giving face. No matter what, Tresia is a reputable clan in Kirst, and although Fang Xingjian is very strong, he will still need to show them some face. That's why he let the last remaining Knight off.

’’Let me tell you, the knack to this is very profound...’’

Tresia's clan head's countenance appeared better now. He now had no choice but to consider whether Fang Xingjian had the intention of mitigating his relationship with them.

On the other hand, Rebecca was so furious that her face was flushed red. She abruptly stood up, flipped the table to the side and left.

’’Useless bums!

’’A bunch of useless bums!’’

In the field, Xiu Yi was also feeling extremely gloomy for having lost without a fight. He would rather Fang Xingjian defeated him than leaving it like this.

Even if he said that, even if he explained that he had the confidence to defeat Fang Xingjian, no one would believe him.

This feeling was so horrible that he wanted to spew blood.

’’Fang Xingjian!

’’Come back here!’’

Of course, his furious bellow was once again treated as the cry of a loser.


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