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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 91


Chapter 91 The Burst

Five arrows shot out at the same time, and terrifying shrieks filled the whole valley.

At the same time when everyone heard the piercing shrieks, the five arrows had already cut across almost half the distance.

Fang Xingjian's pupils slightly contracted, his High Agility Motion Vision activating at full power, and his ears trembling slightly, taking in all the tremor waves in the air and confirming the arrows'location and speed.

The next moment, five arrows slashed through the air in a beautiful arch, arriving before Fang Xingjian, as if they would pierce through him in the next instance and pin him to the ground.

But just then, Fang Xingjian's right hand moved. Everyone could only see his right hand disappearing then appearing again, gently tossing the shattered longsword in his hand onto the ground, but no one had been able to see what he did with his right hand from beginning to end.

At the same time, five rays of sword light flashed across in the air, just like five streaks of lightning slashing through space, making the white sword Qis of compressed air soar into the skies, only dissipating after rising tens of meters into the air.

And the five arrows Renault shot out were turned into powder. No one could tell whether Fang Xingjian had crushed them with his sword or with his sword Qis.

At that moment, Renault was still descending. The whole process had happened too quickly. So fast that most of the people had not managed to react to what had happened.

Without sparing a look for the powdered arrows, Fang Xingjian's gaze seemed to cut through layers of space, aligning directly with Renault's.

A hint of a smile appeared on the corners of Fang Xingjian's lips. The Knight attire he was wearing tightened up, and no one knew when, but another longsword had appeared in his hand. The longsword swept across, making the air currents tremble, and sending plants and trees flying, as tens of sword Qis encompassed his body.

With a loud bang, the basket on Fang Xingjian's back shattered, fifty metal swords soaring into the sky like swimming dragons, each of them encompassed by a stream of sword Qi that burst forth together with Fang Xingjian, making it seem as if he was riding the wind and his swords.

With the activation of the Supreme Mistwind Sword, the control his swords and Qis had over each other had been set into motion. His Single Sword World Subjugation specialty had always been activated ever since he had first held the sword.

Stepping forward, he appeared hundreds of meters away in but a flash.

Renault's expression turned grim, and as he landed, he said, ’’Be careful, he has dashed over alone.’’ Shooting the five arrows from such a distance, he knew that with Fang Xingjian's abilities, he would definitely be able to fend them off. However, Renault would never have thought that Fang Xingjian would be able to break through them so easily, so casually.

It was then that Renault suddenly realized that he had underestimated Fang Xingjian's abilities. When the other party had been up against Class 253 the day before, it was likely that he had not brought out his full powers.

But as he stroke the Sacred Bow in his hands, his confidence soared yet again.

'It's alright. As long as I can shoot him down before he comes to me, it'll be fine.'

A confident smile appeared on his face, as he indifferently said, ’’Xiu Yi, you go stop him at the grassland two hundred meters away. I'll shoot him down from the fortress.

’’Within a distance of two hundred meters, it'll be impossible for him to dodge.’’

Xiu Yi's brows furrowed. Earlier, he had been on the ground, and had obviously not seen the moment when Fang Xingjian fended off the five arrows in a mere instant. He could not understand Renault's abruptly serious tone.

Of course, most importantly, he did not wish to work together with Renault to defeat Fang Xingjian.

Working together to defeat a Knight who had just transitioned one month before, even if said opponent was a Windstorm Sword Hero, was not a glorious act.

However, defeating the opponent alone, especially since the other party had recently defeated ten Knights single-handedly, would truly be a glorious act.

Therefore, Xiu Yi shook his head and said, ’’I alone will be enough.’’ With that, he took a step forward, not towards the grassland in front of the fortress, but towards the forest.

Compared to the open grassland, the forest was filled with obstructions, and Renault's archery skills and options would be significantly limited.

’’You!’’ Renault did not expect that Xiu Yi, who had been suppressed by him all this while, would suddenly say something like this. His eyes narrowed, and he looked at Xiu Yi, saying, ’’What is the meaning of this?’’

As he said that, he once again drew his Sacred Bow, but his arrow was aimed at Xiu Yi's back.

’’Didn't you hear what I said?

’’I told you to head to the grassland to stop him.’’

Locked on by the bow and arrow, Xiu Yi stopped in his tracks, his brows tightly knitted, ’’Why?

’’You want to kill me?

’’Then you can go ahead and try, see if it's effective.’’

Within ten meters of Xiu Yi, the Waves in the air turned erratic, layers of something invisible like glass gradually appearing in Xiu Yi's Reduced Force Field, as if layers of invisible armor were encompassing him.

In Class 252, Renault's role and transition job was Soulseeker Archer, and he had learnt the Killing technique -Dragon Slaying Archery.

Xiu Yi's transition job was Warfare Fortress, and he knew the Killing technique - Steel Domain, which focused on defence.

Their battle plan had always been Xiu Yi at the forefront, and Renault hiding at the back, shooting fanatically. It was also because Renault had a domineering personality, and given his status as a Prefectural Champion, he had always been suppressing Xiu Yi as Class 252's leader.

Now, layers of force field shield created from the combination of Reduced Force Field and ether particles had compassed Xiu Yi's body. Ten layers of force field shields appeared before Reduced Force Field, making Renault turn even more grim.

He did not know why Xiu Yi, who had always appeared as inferior before him, would suddenly be so headstrong.

Even with his Sacred Bow and Dragon Slaying Archery, it would be an extremely troublesome task for him to break through Xiu Yi's force field shield within a short amount of time.

’’Go to the grassland, Xiu Yi.’’ Renault's voice exuded chills. ’’If I lose this match because of your blunder, I'll pin you to the ground one arrow at a time.’’

Seeing the two drawing their sword and bow against each other, the remaining eight Knights all felt anxious and worried. However, regardless of whether it was Xiu Yi or Renault, both were much too powerful, and none of them would dare to step in and stop them at this point.

After a period of silence, Xiu Yi still moved forward, heading in the direction of the forest.

With the Ring of Lightning, he had full confidence that he would be able to win. Why would let go of the chance of to defeat Fang Xingjian all by himself?

Cold light gleamed in Renault's eyes, but he did not release his arrows in the end.

’’Alright, alright, alright. I'll defeat Fang Xingjian alone. Xiu Yi, we'll leave our problem for after the competition.’’

’’No need.

’’Let me help you guys settle this.’’

Just as Renault finished saying his words, another male voice rang out. They saw Fang Xingjian's body encompassed by countless milky white sword Qis of compressed air, which continuously put pressure on the surrounding atmosphere.

Encompassed by these sword Qis, Fang Xingjian's Supreme Mistwind Sword was circulating to its limits, increasing his speed three times more than usual. He became like a prehistoric tyrannosaurus, yet also like the Windstorm Spiritual God of ancient times, charging into Class 252's team.

Behind Fang Xingjian, fifty black metallic longswords connected into one, as if a gigantic black dragon was slicing the wind alongside him, amidst the raging shrieks of the wind.

Sword winds blew, sword Qis rushed, and in the short moment he had burst forward, up to a hundred sword Qis all followed the edge of Fang Xingjian's sword, shooting off in all directions, surrounding every single person in Class 252, and catching them by surprise.


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