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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 90


Chapter 90 Start of the Match

In the valley where the competition was being held, the number of spectators on the cliffs were now several times more than the day before. The originally cold and cheerless mountain was filled with all kinds of people.

Evidently, news of Fang Xingjian having single-handedly defeated ten Knights of the first transition had widely spread, and it had attracted much commotion in Kirst. Countless aristocrats, students, or strong Warriors from major factions with connections had all came to spectate today. They all wanted to see whether the legendary Windstorm Sword Hero was as powerful as the rumors said.

Jack and Anthony followed Fang Xingjian into the battlefield, standing in front of the fort. They stared towards the silhouettes on the cliffs who were moving unceasingly, and sighed, ’’So many people came.’’

Jack was somewhat nervous as he spoke, ’’It appears that the aristocrats in the area as well as Elders from various factions, and even headmasters and sect masters also came.’’

Anthony laughed, ’’Look, Hogan has brought everyone from your City Guard Institution here as well.’’

On a cliff far away in the distance, Hogan and ten other soldiers were occupying an empty space. His head of red hair fluttered in the wind as he revealed an excited smile, turning his gaze towards the battlefield, ’’Interesting, interesting. Windstorm Sword Hero against Soulseeker Archer. Is the sword faster or is the arrow even faster?’’

Amongst those at the back, Eldest Martial Brother Ogden was staring at a few other comrades, saying, ’’Let me tell you guys about this. Back in The School of Sword Arts, I was the one who gave Fang Xingjian guidance for his basic sword techniques. Back then, he had to refer me as Eldest Martial Brother.’’

Evidently, after learning that Fang Xingjian had successfully transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero, defeated Kaunitz, and had even single-handedly defeated over ten first transitioned Knights, Ogden changed his strategy once again and started bragging to his colleagues about his relationship with Fang Xingjian.

’’Is that really true?’’ a person said in disbelief. ’’I heard that he only stayed in The School of Sword Arts for an extremely short period of time, and that he didn't really interact with others.’’

Ogden hurriedly replied, ’’What do you know? Although that Fang chap didn't like to speak, he still liked sword arts. Considering how long I've been in The School of Sword Arts, I was already exceptionally proficient with their basic sword techniques. Let me tell you, back then when I was guiding him on his sword techniques, he wouldn't even dare to rebut me in the slightest when I scolded him. That was because he knew how strong my basic sword techniques were.

’’Stop boasting,’’ Someone laughed, ’’You think we don't know how much you're worth? If you're really so familiar with him, do you dare to have bet with me? You'll bet on Fang Xingjian's victory for this round.

’’Sigh.’’ Ogden appeared rational as he analyzed, ’’Although this junior of mine has extraordinary talent and he's an amazing sword genius, he hasn't been cultivating for that long. Especially considering how the job Soulseeker Archer works best in countering high speed opponents, it'll be quite hard for him to win this round.’’


On another cliff, the Tresia Clan's clan head was sitting on top of a huge chair. Beside him was Rebecca, as well as a few others who belonged to the higher echelons of the clan. Behind them were another twenty or more students of the Tresia Academy.

With a bitter look on his face, the Tresia Clan's clan head said, ’’I've brought all of you here to spectate this battle, so that you can have a look at the Knights who are at the pinnacle of Tresia. You'll have to learn well from them, work harder, and try hard to become official Knights as soon as possible.

’’Especially for you to witness Fang Xingjian's outstanding talent. He was able to defeat ten Knights despite having only been transitioned for a single month. This is truly utterly startling.

’’This person will definitely become a sword master of his generation in the future. All of you must have to observe his movements attentively. It would be considered a blessing no matter how much you can learn from him.’’

The students all lowered their heads and assented. Vivian was within them, looking towards where Fang Xingjian and the others were at. A complicated expression could be seen on her face.

A while back, she was also learning in The School of Sword Arts. It had not even been a year, yet their status was as far apart as heaven from earth. Fang Xingjian had reached a place where she could only looked up to from now on.

Recently, Kaunitz's treatment towards her had gotten colder and colder, making her status in Tresia Academy undergo a rapid downslide. The regret in her heart was also unceasingly magnified.

Rebecca sat unperturbed on her chair, her eyes tightly shut, not speaking a work, as though she did not care about the competition at all.

She only glanced towards Fang Xingjian occasionally, concealing a strong smirk, as if she were looking at a fool.

’’Windstorm Sword Hero? Hmph.’’


In a corner up on the cliff, Second Martial Brother Lambert had brought along six fellow disciples. As one of the Seven Pearls Academies, naturally, they had the privilege to spectate.

Lambert stroked his beard, looking much mature than before. After leaving Kirst to participate in the Tournament of the Sword Heroes, Kyle passed the administration rights regarding The School of Sword Arts to Lambert. Evidently, Lambert had officially joined The School of Sword Arts and had become an inner disciple.

He pointed in Fang Xingjian's direction as he spoke, ’’That person over there, standing at the front, is Fang Xingjian. He came from our school.’’ The tone of his words were filled with pride. ’’As long as all of you put in effort in practicing the sword, in the future, you may be able to become a Knight just like him.’’

The youngest among the six students was only about seven to eight years old, while the oldest was at most fourteen. Upon hearing Lambert's words, their gazes filled with anticipation and worship as they stared at Fang Xingjian. Then, they all replied as one, ’’Yes, Martial Brother.’’


This time around, Class 256 was gathered in the fortress at the north end, while Class 252, which Renault and Xiu Yi belonged to, was gathered at the fortress located in the south end of the valley.

Gazing upon all the kinds of people standing on top the mountain cliff, Renault's lips curled upwards, unable to hold back his laughter, ’’Haha, defeating Fang Xingjian in front of so many people... Thinking about it... This feeling isn't bad at all.

’’Xiu Yi. In the past, even if it was the finals, there weren't this many people spectating, right?’’

’’Of course not.’’ Xiu Yi's left hand occasionally rubbed on the Ring of Lightning on his right hand. He wore an unfathomable look on his face, saying, ’’It's a pity that they're destined to be unable to witness Fang Xingjian's radiance today.’’

Renault stared at him in surprise as he spoke, ’’How should we fight later, when the competition starts? I'm confident I can defeat Fang Xingjian, but I'm just afraid that he would bypass me and head straight to occupy our fortress.’’

’’Fang Xingjian is only one person, he's the one who should be worrying.’’ Xiu Yi laughed and said, ’’Let's split into two groups later. You'll stay here to take advantage of the favourable location, and I'll take four men to fight Fang Xingjian.’’

He was worried in his heart that Renault might make his move too early and if Fang Xingjian was really done for, then wouldn't Renault have snatched his glory?

’’Oh?’’ Renault smiled, ’’You seem really confident. So different from the usual you... But very well. Anyway, I alone am enough to defeat him, you can go ahead and play with him first.’’

Just as the two were was discussing their strategies, a fire beacon soared upwards from the Canyon. The competition had started.

An expression of excitement spread on Renault's face as he spoke, ’’Help me out, I want to send my greetings to them first.’’

Two Knights propped up Renault's feet. He squatted ferociously, and as the muscles on his legs swelled up, he leapt up into the air like a frog. Under the powerful counteracting force, the two Knights who were supporting Renault tumbled backwards as the latter shot up to a height of over ten meters into the air, like a cannonball.

Preparing his bow and nocking his arrows, he locked his eyes on Fang Xingjian, who was about a thousand meters away, on the other end of the valley.

Renault laughed lightly, saying, ’’Hello there, Fang Xingjian.’’

The next moment, five arrows slashed through the air with piercing shrills, as they flew at an explosive speed towards Fang Xingjian, just like shooting stars.


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