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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Sword and Qi Controlling Each Other


A sound as loud as the evening drum or the morning bell of a monastery rang out, filling the whole valley and surprising countless birds, sending them off soaring into the sky in a mess.

The two axes in Claude's hands clashed with Fang Xingjian's longsword, and along with the loud sound, Fang Xingjian was sent flying, only managing to come to a stop after he was sent more than a hundred meters away.

His strength was only slightly more than 50 points, a huge step from Claude's strength of over 70 points.

However, Claude was the one who was truly astonished one. On the side of his face, a bloody wound had formed, his whole cheek dyed red, and fresh blood spilling from it.

Of course, although this wound looked serious, it was just an ordinary cut.

What had actually astonished Claude was his opponent's strength.

’’Damn it!’’ Claude shouted out loudly, ’’Don't split up, stay together! His speed is too...’’

Before Claude could finish talking, Fang Xingjian's silhouette had once again disappeared.

With a series of kacha kacha sounds, the air was torn apart like a piece of cloth. A female Knight holding a long spear had not even managed to react when Fang Xingjian slapped his sword against her back.

However, unlike the situation with Barbara and the others, when Class 253 was faced with Fang Xingjian's quick attack, at least three of them had reacted in an instant. Moreover, the female Knight Fang Xingjian had attacked threw out a mouthful of blood, she was still able to fight.

Claude's retaliation was the most powerful. With a bellow, the muscles all over his body suddenly swelled up and he seemed to once again grow one size bigger. One of the axes in his hands flew out, like a flash of black lightning, and with the force of a thunderbolt, it slashed towards Fang Xingjian.

With Claude's strength, this flying axe could even hack through a steel shield.

And at the moment the flying axe was sent flying, two other killing intents were locked on Fang Xingjian.

An archer aimed with his bow and arrow, his actions smooth like the floating clouds and flowing river, his eyes locked on Fang Xingjian's brow ridge, chest, and upper thigh.

Another man who was wearing a mantle, black shadows encompassing him, arrived ten meters behind Fang Xingjian in a dash, dagger in hand. His weapon was gleaming with a green poisonous glow as it thrust fiercely towards Fang Xingjian's kidneys.

Facing the three opponents' attack, Fang Xingjian laughed softly, his sword sweeping across horizontally and giving rise to a strong gale. It was the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

The female Knight who had just thrown up a mouthful of blood was hit in the stomach by an atmospheric dragon and fell unconscious.

The flying axe frenziedly attacked the over ten sword Qis, deflecting them.

The archer's vision blurred. Within the powerful whirlwind, Fang Xingjian's silhouette was no longer discernible.

The mantled Knight clenched his fist on his dagger and fiercely clashed with Fang Xingjian's longsword, and with a series of electrifying sword attacks, he was sent flying as if pushed away by Fang Xingjian's longsword.

’’Drat!’’ Claude could only say this before he charged forward like a rhinoceros, at the same time waving his hand and making the axe return to him with a swirl.

His pair of axes were an Empire's divine Weapon. Other than being sharp and sturdy, as long as they were within a radius of one hundred meters, he could reconnect with them through the ether particles, and get them to fly back into his hands time and time again.

However, as he charged forth, he felt that Fang Xingjian and the mantled Knight were getting further and further away from him. He was exerting his full powers, but was still unable to close in even a little.

He bellowed, ’’Lal!


The two archers concurrently fit arrows and drew their bows, but amidst the strong gales, they could only see two figures flashing about unceasingly. They could not even tell who was who, let alone aim.

On the other hand, the mantled Knight was panic-stricken. Out of the whole team, he was the most apt at stealth, scouting and blitz attacks, but when Fang Xingjian attacked, he felt as if he was being thrown amidst strong gales and thunderstorms, and surrounded by sword lights from all directions. At his front, back, right and left, sword Qis formed by many white-colored air currents were surrounding him.

He ran, trying to fend them off with all his might. A few times he thought of stopping, to join up with Claude and the others, who were chasing after them. However, Fang Xingjian's attacks, akin to strong gales and thunderstorms, gave him absolutely no chance.

Without knowing what happened, he was kicked in the leg with a bang, and was sent flying. He kept rolling for several meters, feeling as if his bones were all shattered, and as if he could not even stand up.

Fang Xingjian turned around and swept with his sword yet again. In that instant, hundreds of sword Qis were circling all around him, making him seem like the King of the atmosphere. He even floated slightly, looking at Claude and the others while levitating half an inch above the ground.

Fang Xingjian softly said, ’’There's still eight of them left.’’

’’This fellow...’’ Claude, eyes wide-open, stared furiously at Fang Xingjian, whose silhouette was undiscernible in the windstorm. Claude was overwhelmed with astonishment.

'My agility attribute has reached 75 points, but this fellow is at least twice my speed. How did he do that?'

If he knew that Fang Xingjian, who had just executed the Supreme Mistwind Sword, was far from showing his maximum speed, what would he think?

In the exact moment when Fang Xingjian paused slightly, two loud, piercing squeaks rang out, as if countless female ghosts were shrieking fanatically at the same time.

Two arrows, one red and one white, were released at great speed towards Fang Xingjian.

The red arrow was covered in flames, and each time the flames furiously exploded, it would gain even more speed.

The white arrow was encompassed within layers of vortexes which unceasingly broke through the air, permanently aiding its speed gain.

The speed of the two arrows was simply too fast, and no sooner had Fang Xingjian heard their shrieking sounds, than the two arrows appeared one meter before him, one on the top left, the other on the bottom right, one aiming for his left hand, the other aiming for his right leg.

To an ordinary Knight, their speed would seem quite fast, but to the current Fang Xingjian, it was still much, much too slow.

Slightly moving his left hand and right leg, he dodged the two arrows with great ease. The metal sword in Fang Xingjian's hand once again slashed out, and countless vortexes appeared, encompassing him. He accelerated, the ground below his feet cracking once again, and loud shrieking sounds once again ringing out in the whole atmosphere.

’’Get together!’’ Claude cried out in alarm, and the remaining eight of them closed in, their Reduced Force Fields overlapping each other's. Even if Fang Xingjian were to barge in, he would definitely lose.

This was also a commonly used technique by Knights who were teaming together against opponents who either specialized in speed or in long range attacks.

However, this time around, Fang Xingjian did not attack anyone. His silhouette flashed and he arrived at the place where he had previously pierced a row of swords into the ground.

Under the crowd's astonished gazes, the longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand once again again created endless sword Qis, gushing towards the sword formation at his feet. The next moment, with soft scratching sounds, countless sword Qis swirled around and tens of longswords similar to swimming dragons were moving about in an area ten meters away from Fang Xingjian, encompassed by sword Qis.

Level 20 Supreme Mistwind Sword's special effect: controlling Qis through the sword, and the sword through Qis.


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