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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 81


Chapter 81 Comprehension

Seeing Tina of Netherworld Valley gritting her teeth, wanting to rebut but afraid of speaking up, the Kirst's City Lord snorted, saying,, ’’Since none of us has any objection, let us go on and watch the competition.’’

On the other side, the Headmaster glanced at Huang Lin, who was looking confidently at Fang Xingjian.

Among these people, he had spent almost everyday practicing actual combat with Fang Xingjian, and he was the only one who truly knew how powerful Fang Xingjian was. That talent of his was almost devilish, and average Knights had no chance against him.

If not so, then how would he have dared to initiate the bet with Kirst's City Lord?

'Wait two more years, until Fang Xingjian reaches level 19. All the Knights still at first job transition level, including those freaks who have stuck at the same level for many years, won't be his match in the least...'

Spotting Huang Lin's confident smile, the Headmaster frowned, but did not do or say anything to stop Kirst's City Lord.


Zhou Yong, however, felt as if he had sunk into hellish training. Each time he attacked with his sword, each time he fended off an attack, he would feel sword light flashing about, and the tip of a sword abruptly stabbing him, as if slashing through space.

Surging waves of Reduced Force Fields stuck onto him like countless spider webs, depleting his strength at a crazy rate within a matter of minutes. He felt as if he was deep in the ocean, every step and every swing of his sword requiring him to break through tremendous pressure, exhausting much of his energy.

Unknowingly, the glint on the tip of his sword disappeared, as he no longer had sufficient physical strength to exercise Killing techniques anymore. If he were to forcefully execute Killing techniques, they would not only be weak, but they would also damage his foundation.

This set of Illuminating Sword Technique combined Waves with the sword technique, in order to create sword light and confuse the enemies. When trained to a higher level, it would even allow one to use ether particles to produce a sword light with damaging powers strong enough to kill. It was a perfect match with his Waves and mental cultivation method.

Although his Killing Path was powerful, it also depleted a great deal of physical strength. Executing it forcefully when one had insufficient physical strength would harm one's body, and could even result in irrevocable damage to the practitioner's foundations.

Without sufficient physical strength, it would also be very difficult for one to circulate the Waves and mental cultivation method. After all, when too tired to even stand, and on the verge of falling asleep with a sole blink, how could the body possibly be in control of its breathing and blood flow? And how could the mind have the will to maintain different mental states?

Moreover, Zhou Yong was too weak for Fang Xingjian. Fang Xingjian had merely executed over ten moves, continuously draining his opponent's energy through the Reduced Force Field, and it had already rendered Zhou Yong unable to execute any Killing techniques.

With his energy depleted, the only move Zhou Yong could perform without causing himself harm were Nurturing techniques, which strengthened the constitution and nurtured the spirit.

Watching Zhou Yong struggling to execute moves from Tresia Academy's various Nurturing techniques, the corners of Fang Xingjian's lips slightly curled upwards.

On the other hand, Zhou Yong did not notice Fang Xingjian's change. In fact, he had been unable to react in time, and simply unable to clearly see Fang Xingjian's movements.

He only felt the other party's sword looming over like a thunderstorm, longswords piercing at him from all directions, every inch of space, every little gap, while he desperately tried to fend off the attacks like a small boat caught in a storm, incapable of speaking a word.

Compared to Zhou Yong, who was barely keeping up, Fang Xingjian was much more relaxed. He swung his sword casually, and felt the changes to the force in Zhou Yong's sword techniques through each collision between their swords, constantly making conjectures about his opponent's sword techniques.

It was a pity that Zhou Yong and Kaunitz were both from Tresia Knight Academy;the majority of the techniques Zhou Yong had executed were what Fang Xingjian had already learnt from Kaunitz. However, there were some Nurturing techniques which Kaunitz had never performed before, which Zhou Yong had just executed.

And how much had Fang Xingjian progressed in his cultivation of sword arts? A total of thirty-one sets of Nurturing techniques, almost all of which were at level 20 or 30. It could be said that he had reached the greatest heights in terms of Nurturing techniques, a terrifying level!

This also enabled him to secretly learn others' skills at an amazing speed - not only could he learn techniques as soon as Zhou Yong executed only one or two moves of each, based on those moves he was also able to speculate the rest of the techniques.

It was then that Fang Xingjian realized that his talent in sword arts would become more and more terrifying.

Although his speed of learning swords arts had already been very fast in the past, he was onlyl a mere novice who had not spent a lot of time training in the way of the sword, and who had limited understanding of the sword arts, of their principles, as well as those of the human body. All these prevented him from developing his talents to the maximum.

But now, Fang Xingjian knew thirty-one techniques in the Nurturing Path alone, and had also picked up quite a few Training techniques, incorporating swords techniques into Waves. He had even picked up a Killing technique like the Supreme Mistwind Sword. How astonishing, indeed, was his experience in the art of swords?

Now, picking up those the basic Nurturing techniques was simply an easy feat. Just a casual spar with Zhou Yong had allowed him to roughly learn the techniques' moves. It went to show how fast was his speed in learning sword arts.

'My talent will probably be enhanced the more my standard and experience in the sword arts will increase, and I'll be able to display increasingly astonishing effects!'

A spark of comprehension flashed through his mind. Fang Xingjian had also learnt two new sets of techniques from Zhou Yong, two Nurturing techniques which he had not acquired from Kaunitz in the past.

A crisp dang resounded, and Zhou Yong's longsword flew out from his hand, landing on the ground.

It seemed that he had exhausted his last bit of energy in that instant, his whole body lying prostrate on the ground, heaving up and down from heavy panting. When he struggled to lift up his head, he saw Fang Xingjian focusing with his eyes closed, as if he was thinking of something. Very soon he sat down on the ground cross-legged, no one aware of what he was trying to do.

Suddenly, a smoke signal shot up from the mountain valley. Zhou Yong watched with his eyes wide, bitterness spread in his chest. He suddenly yelled at Fang Xingjian, who was meditating with his eyes shut, ’’Fang Xingjian, you b*stard! What crazy antics are you up to?!

’’We're going to lose again!

’’And it's all your fault!’’

Zhou Yong was cursing and swearing continuously, but Fang Xingjian did not pay him any heed. He was fully focused on going through the two sets of Nurturing techniques he had just picked up.

He then discovered that he could actually increase his familiarity with the techniques even though he was simply reviewing them in his head. Although it was not comparable to the actual physical training, it far surpassed the amount of experience gained by the average person through actual sword practice.

'Indeed, the stronger my level of sword cultivation, the better the talent I'm able to display?'

With that, he continued to thoroughly disregard Zhou Yong's curses, focusing his attention entirely on learning the techniques in his mind.

On the other side of the valley, Kirst's City Lord was laughing. ’’Huang Lin, this disciple of yours is truly interesting. He could have defeated his opponent with a single strike, yet he played around with his opponents slowly, in the way a cat would treat a mouse. Moreover, the opponent was his own teammate, from the same class... He truly is abominable.’’

The people around them also nodded in agreement. Who could have known that Fang Xingjian was actually able to pick up his opponent's sword techniques within the short duration of their sparring? Everyone thought that this was just Fang Xingjian being abominable.

Tina from the Netherworld Valley looked at the northern end and said, ’’Mm, the other team has also started moving. Damn, why are they moving so fast? Slow down!’’ At that moment, Tina deeply regretted betting that Fang Xingjian's team would be able to hang on for an hour.

Kirst's City Lord laughed out loud, ’’I think that the duel will end in fifteen minutes.’’


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