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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 Destroy

Ferdinand, a top student from Kirst Aristocrat Academy, was skilled in the academy's specialized spear arts.

Carter also came from the Aristocrat Academy. Although his attributes and spear arts were not as developed as Ferdinand's, the fact that he had been able to rise to the rank of a Knight also proved his abilities.

Zhou Yong on the other hand, just like Kaunitz, had come to study in Tresia Academy, mainly specializing in sword arts.

The last person was Boris, the man who looked like a wild man from the mountains. He came from the Shadow Moon Academy, and was a genius whose talent was close to that of Kaunitz's, Ferdinand's and Barbara's. He specialized in hands-on combat techniques such as fist techniques and palm techniques.

These four people had joined the ranks of Knights at the same time, and all of them were equipped with Reduced Force Field. Now that all four of them were attacking at once, the violent waves of their force fields surged over, putting the surrounding air under so much pressure that a series of explosive sounds started ringing out unceasingly.

Not only that, but since they had all taken action in a moment of desperation, each and every one of them were using Killing techniques.

Ferdinand's long spear trembled and a myriad of afterimages burst out, creating countless illusions.

Carter's metallic spear became like a great python, trembling fanatically, and the tip of the spear zapped with streams of electric currents as the weapon smashed towards Fang Xingjian's head at the speed of lightning.

Zhou Yong and Boris were coming towards Fang Xingjian from his left and right. Zhou Yong's longsword gleamed just like the sun in the sky, shooting towards Fang Xingjian's face. Boris's palm shot out, suddenly seeming to have doubled. Amidst the raging wind, his palm gave a feeling of extreme heaviness and power condensation, slapping down towards Fang Xingjian as if a gigantic mountain would crash down on him.

The four of them attacked at once, and even though their abilities were only at a novice's level among the Knights, when the four of them fought together, their powers were still exemplary. They had almost entirely surrounded Fang Xingjian, from his left, right, front and back. The impact from the four force fields pushed down on Fang Xingjian, as if gravity had multiplied by several times in just an instant.

But even though he was facing the combined attack of the four, Fang Xingjian only gave out a cold laugh, and with a dash he passed by the tip of Ferdinand's spear, appearing right in front of him.

’’What?!’’ Ferdinand got a sudden shock when he realized Fang Xingjian was suddenly standing right in front of him. Before he could react, his spear had already been broken into several pieces.

After that, Fang Xingjian gave a push, and he was sent flying by a tremendous force.

As his left foot stepped down heavily, dust and dirt went flying, rocks crumbled. With the violent strength of that push, he charged ahead and knocked into Boris.

With an explosive boom, Boris managed to maintain his stance by throwing out his palm, but the collision with Fang Xingjian was like being hit by lightning, the bones and muscles throughout his body releasing a series of explosive sounds. He was sent flying like a lump of mud. His vital energy and blood tremored, and he was unable to even crawl back on his feet.

Only then did Carter and Zhou Yong react to Fang Xingjian's movements. With a tremble of his spear, Carter let out a weird cry and retreated. He had yet to take even two steps back when he sensed that a layer of shadow had encompassed him. Fang Xingjian had caught up to him.


He bellow in desperation and, exerting all of his strength, he burst forth his Reduced Force Field, and thrust out his longspear, encompassed by electricity and light, as if it were an electric dragon.

The electricity was like a dragon. Carter's muscles and bones were clenched tightly, and the ground under his feet sunk like it was mud as he made full use of the counteracting force from the ground, letting it pass through his force, shoulders, arms and other body parts, and then finally condensing it together with Carter's spiritual disposition into his spear. He thrust it towards the black figure.

The moment the spear was thrust, Carter felt as if his brain had been emptied, as if he had been drained of all his energy. However, he wasn't surprised, but rather overjoyed, because he felt that this attack was the best he had ever achieved in his life - a breakthrough he had never experienced before.

But at the next moment, a majestic force passed through to him from his spear. If Carter's spear was like a raging electric dragon, then this majestic force was like the descent of a god, holding down the dragon's body, and crushing it without mercy.

The longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand collided against the spear, and the longsword pressed down on the spear, suppressing it, as Fang Xingjian appeared before Carter in a breath.

Carter was unable to react or see whether Fang Xingjian had used his hand or leg, nor was he able to tell where Xingjian had hit, when he was sent flying with a light bang. He landed on the floor, like a gourd rolling on the ground.

The moment he was sent flying, his mind was still brimming with disbelief.

'How could this be?

'My previous attack would have made a hole even in the city wall!

'How was it fully countered just like that?'

Zhou Yong also saw the horrifying scene when in just a short moment, he was the only one out of the four left standing. The longsword which he had thrust out came to an abrupt stop as he stood there, looking at Fang Xingjian with his eyes fixed, and at a loss.

Fang Xingjian waved his hand and said, ’’Come, I've especially saved you for last.’’

Zhou Yong's face trembled. He suppressed the fury and terror in his heart and said ’’I admit defeat, I admit defeat. This should be fine, right?!’’

The corner of Fang Xingjian's lips curved up ever so slightly. Caressing his longsword, he said, ’’It's not. It's only over when I say it's over.’’

The next moment, he was already beside Zhou Yong, just like a ghost. He had not even used the Killing technique Supreme Mistwind Sword, merely ordinary sword moves, as he slashed towards Zhou Yong.

The latter clumsily fought back against Fang Xingjian's seemingly causal strikes, which were coming at the speed of lightning.

Jack, Anthony, and Robert stared at this disorderly mess, mouths agape. They looked at Ferdinand, Carter and Boris who were all lying on the ground, spewing blood, exchanged glances, and then felt secretly thankful that they had not charged against Xingjian earlier.

In fact, not much time had passed since they had gone through their transitions, and their attributes were mostly between 30 to 40 points. So how could they be Fang Xingjian's match? Putting aside the Killing technique and Boundaries Negation, Fang Xingjian was able to crush them with the prowess of his attributes alone.

On the cliff, Kirst's City Lord broke out in laughter, ’’Interesting, this is truly interesting. Weren't you guys asking me what I'll be betting?

’’This Fang Xingjian broke off his own arms before the fight has even started. He is truly so arrogant that it's cute.

’’Since that's the case, I'll bet that he'll definitely lose within twenty minutes. Now, since all of us are betting on different outcomes, the winner will be able to win everyone else's items on the bet.’’

Netherworld Valley's Tina, pale-faced, said, ’’Is this Fang Xingjian an idiot?

’’Losing half the team before the fight has even started?

’’No, no, this doesn't count. What he's doing is against the rules. I'm not betting anymore.’’

Although Fang Xingjian's performance came as a great surprise, his opponents were merely novices who had completed their transitions only one or two months ago. He had won even without using his Supreme Mistwind Sword and Boundaries Negation, so his display wasn't too astonishing.

On the contrary, leaving himself with only three team mates before the competition had even started, no one present did feel that Fang Xingjian would have a winning chance anymore.

’’Hmph, thinking of going back on your words?’’ Kirst's City Lord let out a cold snort and said, ’’Headmaster Jackson. Were Fang Xingjian's actions against the academy's regulations?’’

The Headmaster smiled bitterly and shook his head, replying, ’’In the valley, as long as one does not deploy deadly techniques, one can do as he wishes.’’

’’Then did he break the competition's rules?’’

This time around, the Headmaster's tone was even more bitter, ’’There's no regulation stating that they are not allowed to raise their hands against people from their own team.’’

How could the people in the academy who had decided on the rules of the competition ever think that there would be people who would deliberately raise their hands against people from their own team?

’’Then that's that.’’ Kirst's City Lord smiled, satisfied, ’’Since he hasn't broken any of the rules, from beginning to end, then the bet should still be valid. Don't you agree?’’

While saying this, an overwhelming pressure was already smashing towards Tina. This Kirst's City Lord was also a Conferred Knight, an expert who had gone through the second transition.


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