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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Drawing Lots

At Anthony's reminder, Fang Xingjian nodded and said, ’’I know. Count me in for this inter-class competition.’’

He had just finished speaking when a strong gust of wind swept by. Fang Xingjian's silhouette started fading, dissipating right in front of everyone.

Jack swallowed and said, ’’Xingjian's speed has gotten increasingly swift and elusive.’’

Anthony smiled and said, ’’Isn't that even better? Although Kaunitz hasn't come this time, with Xingjian around, we should be able to hang on for a few more rounds, right?’’

Both knew that Fang Xingjian was very strong, that his Windstorm Sword Hero job was overwhelming, and that his talent was even stronger. However, they did not even think of the possibility that Fang Xingjian would be able to defeat those Knights who were at the pinnacle after having trained in the academy for five to six years, or maybe even seven to eight years.

Fang Xingjian had long returned to the training room and started his cultivation for the Supreme Mistwind Sword. Since he had a few days before the start of the inter-class competition, he needed to make the most of his time, cultivating his Killing techniques and trying his best to bring the Supreme Mistwind Sword to level 20 before the competition. He was wondering what additional effects he would be gain.

The next day, news of Fang Xingjian signing up for the inter-class competition had spread throughout the whole Knight Academy. Countless people were secretly anticipating Fang Xingjian's display of his prowess, the one who had transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero.


In Class 252, there were still ten people who had undergone training four years before Fang Xingjian.

A blonde guy with fair skin and a big build laughed, saying, ’’To think that Fang Xingjian would take part in the competition.

’’He's been treated like a precious treasure by the Headmaster and was even given additional leave. Even the Knight Association has approved of it.

’’I thought that he'd be training behind closed doors for the next year.’’

This was the Class 252's Prefectural Champion, Renault, from Kirst Aristocrat Academy.

Renault leaned back on the chair, carefree. A few other Knights who were also aristocrats were sitting behind and in front of him. The commoner Knights in their batch, on the other hand, were busy running about and serving them.

Renault had directed his words towards a gentle reserved man. It was the man who had crossed a few blows with Kaunitz on the day of the Prefectural Selection, another Knight who had come from Tresia Academy.

Renault looked at the gentle reserved man and said, ’’Xiu Yi, this Fang Xingjian can be considered Tresia's enemy. Hehe, do you want to teach him a good lesson before he manages to progress any further?

’’I heard that Kaunitz is now hiding at home, not even daring to take a step out. Since he's not reporting to the academy, won't he be expelled soon?’’

’’You don't have to worry about Kaunitz. His strength has been recognized by someone important, and he's received special approval from the Imperial Capital. He's exempt from the daily training in the academy so that he can go through special training,’’ replied Xiu Yi, the gentle reserved man. ’’As for Fang Xingjian, he's only transitioned a month ago. It's only natural that I'd defeat him. It wouldn't be considered teaching him a lesson in the least.

’’Moreover, whether we will face them is still up to the group distribution.’’

The Knight Academy had a total of nine classes at the moment. For the first round, the inter-class competition split the classes into three groups through drawing lots. Each group would be put through a round robin tournament, having to compete for two rounds. A win would get them 3 points, a draw 1 point, and a loss no points.

In each group, the class in last place would be eliminated, and when there was a tie, the time spent on the matches and the number of participants eliminated in each team would be taken into consideration as well.

Six teams would be left, out of which the top two teams would enter the finals directly, to compete in the semi-finals.

The other four teams would go through an elimination round, and thereafter, the two victorious teams would then face the top two teams, to earn a spot in the finals.

Hearing Xiu Yi's words, although Renault was extremely curious as to whose attention had Kaunitz manage to draw, and how important was this person, that he could afford to get the Imperial Capital to give an order that interfered with the academy policy, he knew well that Xiu Yi would definitely not divulge this information.

Therefore, he smiled and said, ’’Class 256 is too weak. All of them are merely beginners who have barely transitioned one or two months ago.

’’But Fang Xingjian is a Windstorm Sword Hero. Although he's still very weak, since he's only transitioned a month ago, if he's lucky he might be able to get through the first round and enter the semi-finals...’’

While Renault was analyzing this casually, a black-haired middle-aged man ran over to him. His face was heavily marked by time, his skin tanned, and although he was wearing a Knight attire, his head stayed low, and his body bent, making a very grotesque picture.

This was a commoner Knight originating from the lower levels of society.

He ran in and immediately bowed towards Renault and the other aristocrats, saying, ’’Young Master Renault, the results of the draw are out. Our class, Class 252, is grouped together with Class 256 and Class 253.’’

’’Class 256?’’ Renault's eyes lit up. ’’Isn't that Fang Xingjian's class?

’’Hehe, the commoners from that class are all very arrogant. This time, I'll be able to teach them a good lesson.’’

As he said this, he turned towards Xiu Yi, adding, ’’Xiu Yi, you can also take revenge for Tresia Academy.

’’Although you cannot kill Xingjian, it should be nothing for you to break a few of his bones.’’

Xiu Yi calmly replied, ’’Are you not afraid to offend this future divine level expert?’’

’’Hmph, it's not that easy to attain the divine level.

’’If we were to fret over each and every guy who might reach the divine level in the future, we wouldn't even battle any more.’’ Renault smiled in disdain as he said, ’’Moreover, he's participating after having cultivated by himself for only a month. If we don't teach him a good lesson, are we going to tie up our hands and let him have the win?

’’If we face him now, it's only natural and logical for us to win.

’’How is that offending?’’

Xiu Yi replied in disdain, ’’You're scared.’’ Looking at the other classmates who also had unnatural expressions, Xiu Yi's expression turned even more gloomy as he coldly said, ’’I know that none you want to risk offending a Windstorm Sword Hero. If that's the case, during the competition, leave him to me.’’


On the other hand,, Class 256, which Fang Xingjian belonged to, was full of sighs and laments.

’’How could it turn out like this?!’’ Jack grabbed his head and shouted loudly, ’’Class 252 (The class which Renault and Xiu Yi were in) has been training in the academy for a full four years! It'll be too hard to win against them!’’

’’Why didn't we get Class 255 and 254, who trained for only one or two years more than us!’’

Anthony analyzed the situation and said, ’’It'll be very hard for us to beat Class 252.

’’Now, whether we can breakthrough depends on whether we can defeat those from Class 253.’’


’’What do we have against them?’’ In another corner of the classroom, Barbara looked at the two of them in disdain and said, ’’Class 253 came to this academy three years earlier than us, which means that they completed the transition three years earlier than us, they cultivated the Waves for three more years, and were also trained in Killing techniques for three more years!

’’We lost Kaunitz, and the two of you are just burdens.

’’I think we can only wait till next year to bully the new students.’’

Her tone was filled with despise. It was clear that she looked down on commoner Knights.

Jack retorted, ’’But this time, Xingjian is going to participate. He is a Windstorm Sword Hero with unparalleled speed. With him around, we'll have a chance of winning.’’

’’So what if he's a Windstorm Sword Hero?’’ Barbara yelled out. ’’It's only been one month since he's completed his transition. One month, do you understand?!

’’He has only been practicing Killing techniques for one month. How strong could he get in just one month's time?

’’Even if he has unparalleled talent and would be able to defeat one or two of them, there are still ten people we're up against! We're have one less person on our side, and don't forget that the two of you are nothing but burdens. Even if he's made of steel, how many can he fend off?’’

Jack's face flushed with anger. Although he wanted to retort, thinking of how his weak abilities were a burden to the class, he couldn't think of anything to say.

However, he immediately reacted, pointing at Barbara and saying, ’’Then, are you able to?

’’Are you able to defeat those Knights from Class 253?’’

Barbara let out a cold laugh and said, ’’I still have a better chance to win than those two commoners who are the weakest in their class.’’ As she said this, her gaze swept past Jack and Anthony, making what she was hinting was obvious.

She then continued to tease, saying, ’’And, not only are we unable to win against Class 252, but the one their second year was also Kaunitz's senior back in Tresia Academy. Hehe, you guys better tell Fang Xingjian to be careful.’’

’’Alright, stop quarreling.’’

’’That's enough, let's go.’’

Just as their bickering was getting more and more agitated, Anthony grabbed onto Jack while Ferdinand grabbed onto Barbara.

But before they left, Barbara still looked at Jack with much discontent, saying, ’’Tell Fang Xingjian that although he is strong, the inter-class competition isn't just about him. Get him to listen to the commands and tell him not to try anything funny.’’

’’Alright, Barbara, that's enough.’’ Ferdinand spoke up, saying, ’’I'm sorry, but we'll still have to trouble you to let Fang Xingjian know that on the day of the competition we'll need to work together to be able to win.

’’Him not participating in any of the class activities is also not exactly good.’’

Seeing that the few aristocrats had left, Jack furiously said, ’’These aristocrats!

’’They're just relying on the fact that they have more people.’’ There are five aristocrats in Class 256, and even if Kaunitz wasn't around, we'd still have to face the other four aristocrats who are more than sufficiently strong, and who would usually be the ones to call the shots.

Anthony patted him on the shoulder and said, ’’What do you expect? This is how the world runs. You still haven't gotten used to it yet?’’

Just as the two were chatting, Robert (Tyrant Fist Dojo's head, who had completed the first transition before participating in the Prefectural Selection) walked over, cupped his hands towards the two of them and said, ’’Please tell Fang Xingjian that I, Robert, am willing to listen to his commands during the inter-class competition.’’

After saying this, he did not wait for the two of them to reply and immediately left.

Jack and Anthony looked at each other in surprise, speechless. After a few seconds, Anthony spoke out, as if deep in thought, ’’To think that Robert is giving in...’’

With an envious expression, Jack said, ’’This is the charm of a Windstorm Sword Hero.’’


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