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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Falling Back

’’George Krieg, you dare act with such impudence in my academy with a mere fire clone?’’

The Headmaster, who had initially appeared to be a kind and friendly elderly man, suddenly frowned in fury. The muscles all over his body swelled up like a balloon, light gleaming from his eyes, as his aura started escalating at an astonishing speed.

It was the first time Fang Xingjian had seen him so furious. Others had told him that the Headmaster, a level 26, had completed the second transition to become a Tyrant Fist of the Azure Skies. His abilities were probably above Huang Lin's. However, this was the first time he had seen the Headmaster showcasing his prowess.

Many people were unable to level up for their second transition and got stuck at various levels instead. This was because after completing the second transition, they would need to devote an enormous amount of hard work and effort to reach each additional level. Fang Xingjian had yet to research this in detail.

Hearing the Headmaster's words, the First Prince could not help but furrow his brows, ’’Jackson, are you thinking of going against me as well?’’

’’Going against you?’’ The Headmaster frowned, his hair rising as he gave a cold laughter and said, ’’George, you come to my school and bully my student. Even if we were to bring this to his Majesty, I would not be afraid of confronting you!

’’As for this fire clone of yours, you can just leave it here.’’

Before he even finished speaking, the Headmaster punched forward, instantly causing an explosion. The flames from the surface of the silhouette were blasted away, a large amount of sparks and ashes scattering all over. The First Prince cried out in pain and bellowed furiously, ’’Jackson! Who gave you the permission to assault a member of the royalty?!’’

’’Hahaha!’’ the Headmaster laughed boisterously. His fists opened and closed, like the main cannons on a battleship. With each punch, a thunderous sounds would ring out in the atmosphere, and cracks would appear on the ground. Huge sparks covered First Prince's fire clone, shattering it.

’’If you had come in person, I obviously wouldn't have dared to assault a member of the royalty. However, since you thought sending a mere fire clone would be enough to suppress others, do you really consider that you are the same as your father or your Master?

’’Let me tell you. Compared to your father and to your Master, regardless if it's in terms of receptiveness or abilities, they are hundreds of times better than you. If I were them, how could I not even tolerate a Windstorm Sword Hero?’’

Before ending his sentence, Tyrant Fist of the Azure Skies' job specialty had already been fully activated. The Reduced Force Field expanded hundreds of meters outwards, and the First Prince felt the force of each punch through the Reduced Force Field.

The series of terrifying punching attacks akin to cannonballs, made the First Prince's fire clone unceasingly quiver, sparks flying in all directions.

’’You old ignorant man... You are so impudent!’’ The First Prince's tone was cold and distant, and as his fire clone continued disintegrating, he suddenly unleashed an endless amount of flames and black smoke. A strong sulfuric smell spread in the air and all over the ground, as if a volcano had erupted.

The flames and the Headmaster's punches collided, occasional streams of air currents swirling out from the collision point. However, the First Prince managed to somehow block the Headmaster's attack.

But right at that moment, streams of cold light flashed in the air. Unknowingly, Huang Lin had appeared behind the First Prince. Flashes of sword light flared out, and swept across the fire clone's four limbs and waist.

Killing technique-Void Laceration Long Sword.

Wherever Huang Lin's longsword swept by, the sword force turned into light pillars, coagulating midair, and forming a sword cage which trapped the First Prince.

The fire clone's four limbs were slashed off. Originally, the flames would have been able to merge back together easily, but now they were blocked off by the sword force.

’’Huang Lin... Jackson... do you guys really want to die?’’ The First Prince's face turned gloomy, the flames all over his body blazing even fiercer as they endlessly collided against the sword forces and the punches, creating loud thunderous sounds. However, facing the joint forces of the opponents, he was gradually suppressed.

While the three experts continued their battle, Griffin broke into a shrewd smile and dashed towards Fang Xingjian.

'Hmph, although this chap is very talented, he transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero only one month ago. I, on the other side, have completed the first transition twenty years ago. Even if I'm not that good at combat...'

As he said that, he appeared before Fang Xingjian, opening his hands letting Killing technique-Purgatory Hand-burst out.

Griffin's Purgatory Hand was a Killing technique mastered by gathering endless thermal powers, and forging all sorts of metals. This not only gave him indestructible hands, impossible to penetrate by blades and axes, but they could also produce a temperature higher than one thousand degrees. An ordinary person would simply die just from one touch.

His hands had only come as close as fifteen meters to Fang Xingjian, when the latter felt heat waves surging towards him, as if he were near a volcano's entrance.

The Ice Age Meditation Art continued to circulate. Facing the advancing Griffin, Fang Xingjian kept his cool.

'This old dude has completed the first transition. His attribute stats are unknown, his techniques are unknown, his specialties are unknown, his Killing techniques are unknown.

'Let's sound him out.'

A shrewd smile on his face, Griffin was just about to step into a ten meter range from Fang Xingjian, entering the cage of the Reduced Force Field. With a wave of the longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand, a whirlwind gushed out. A part of it charged towards Griffin like a tornado of blades, and another part retreated with him.

With a series of crisp clanking sounds, Griffin stopped the sword Qi tornado. It clashed against his hands, resonating with sounds of colliding metals.

’’Chap, you better give in and not resist! The First Prince is broad-minded enough to take you in. If you continue being so stubborn, don't blame this old man for being vicious!’’

Fang Xingjian gave a cold snort. He made a small crater on the ground with each step he took. The overbearing energy backlash propelled his body, and with the addition of the sword Qi tornado swirling unceasingly in the surroundings, he was now moving faster and faster.

He continued to move within a fifteen meter radius around Griffin, his speed as fast as a ghost's. Even though Griffin kept launching attacks, he was unable to get within ten meters of Fang Xingjian.

The ten meter radius was the area of effect where the Reduced Force Field reigned. There was no way that Fang Xingjian would allow him to take a single step near his opponent's Reduced Force Field while he was still unsure of the limits of his opponent's strength.

He glided around, the atmosphere surrounding his body. With the continuous slashes of his longsword, a series of white-colored sword Qis charged towards Griffin.

With a crisp bang, they were once again shattered. Griffin furiously yelled, ’’Youngster, do you only know how to dodge around like this?!’’

Fang Xingjian did not pay any heed to his words, continuing to move at great speed, and creating numerous afterimages. His Ice Age Meditation Art circulated crazily, sizing up his opponents and analyzing information.

'After continuously fending off sixteen sword Qis, his hands have started to tremble a little.

'Each time he shattered two sword Qis, he needed to switch hands and take a break.

'He is panting.

'His reactions are getting slower, his speed as well.

'This fellow's strength should be about 70 points, and if I were to use the Reduced Force Field, he won't be able to accurately grasp where I am...’’

On the other hand, Griffin was increasingly shocked. He could only see Fang Xingjian being encompassed by many sword Qis, and no matter if it was the speed of his movement or the speed of his sword attacks, both were like a raging storm. He was less and less able to figure out his opponent's movements.

Another ten or more rays of sword Qi slashed through the air, slashing towards Griffin with loud shrieks. Griffin tried to fend them off in panic, but some of the sword Qis suddenly curved midway, swept past his neck and made bleeding slits, nearly making him die of fright.

'Darn it! Did this fellow start sword practice when he was a fetus?' Griffin let out a deep holler, ’’Fang Xingjian! I'm giving you a way out on the account of your extraordinary talent! You better give working under the First Prince some thought! Don't choose the wrong route!’’

Saying that, he let out a loud bellow, and his Reduced Force Field became like an air explosive, smashing away the sword Qis in the surrounding in but a moment. He dashed in the direction of the First Prince like a cheetah.

'Hmph.' Fang Xingjian threw a cold look at the escaping Griffin. After quickly testing him out, he had seen through his opponent's abilities.

'He appears to be strong but is actually weak. Too weak to stand a fight. It's true that as a master in forging divine Weapons, he's weak in combat.'

Fang Xingjian's feet stomped hard into the ground, making thunderous sounds. As debris flew in all directions, the longsword swept out, and numerous atmosphere dragons swirled as they wrapped around him.


The air resonated like a shrieking demoness, the atmosphere trembling as if it had gone crazy. Griffin turned his head to see a longsword with a cold gleam only three inches away from his forehead, giving him such a fright that his pupils immediately shrunk to the size of a needle's tip.


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