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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 71


Chapter 71 Remarkable Achievement

’’Windstorm Sword Hero? This first transition job... I don't think there's many people with this job in the entire history of the Empire, right?’’

’’Yes, in the entire history of the Empire, there are only three... Moreover...

’’After their generations, no one else succeeded until now.’’

After hearing his subordinate's report, a gleam flickered in the long-haired guy's eyes as he faintly said, ’’Who would have thought that a sapling casually sowed would actually have the opportunity to mature into a towering giant tree... How interesting!’’

His subordinate's countenance wavered as he inquired, ’’Sir, do we need to ask the Second Highness...’’

’’No need to do that for now. We'll let the other clans test him out first.’’ Saying that, the long haired guy took out a cylinder-shaped object the length of an arm and placed it in front of his eyes. Squinting, he said, ’’This thing is quite interesting. Things a few hundred meters away appear to be merely a few metres away.

His subordinate explained, ’’This thing is known as a telescope. I heard that the Second Highness had gotten his hands on it when he was studying abroad. His Majesty has already laid out an order to mass manufacture this, attempting to ensure one for every Knight.’’

Nodding, the long haired guy smiled and said, ’’The prey has entered the cave. Let's move out.’’

During the time that he spoke, a light breeze blew, making the blood-red cape that the long-haired guy was wearing flutter in the wind, resembling a combusting blood-colored flame.

It was the specialized equipment for the Empire's Conferred Knight, which represented the power level of one who had completed the second transition, as well as the glory of a Conferred Knight chosen from the multitudes of normal knights. This Scarlet Cape was specially manufactured by the Empire's Weaponry.

At the same time, at the command given by the long haired guy, hundreds of silhouettes suddenly shot out, akin to arrows fired in the direction of the small town.

A bloodthirsty smile curled the lips of the long-haired guy as he ordered, ’’Let's go. Slaughter them all.’’


In the Royal Academy, Fang Xingjian had been going through a month of cultivation, spending tremendous effort everyday in his training in all aspects, including sword techniques, Waves, and his mental cultivation method. During all this time, he had also continuously consumed ferocious beasts, heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures. Due to all these, along with the fact that such a top expert like Huang Lin had been sparring with him and giving him pointers, his skills had improved at an inconceivable rate.

And because his Waves had been circulating relentlessly for twenty-four hours a day, his experience points had been shooting up constantly. Although his talent in Waves was insufficient, and despite the fact that he required a large amount of experiences to break through each level, a month's time had allowed his Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves to rise to level 3, bringing him an increase of 3 points in strength, 6 points in agility, 3 points in reaction, 3 points in endurance, and 3 points in flexibility.

Other than this, he had also been constantly practicing his sword techniques, for twenty-four hours daily, making it possible for him to maniacally squeeze out every single potential point, and tempering his attributes.

As for the Ice Age Meditation Art, having previously used Kaunitz to sweep away all the distraction and injustice in his heart, and adding to that his month of grinding, the technique had also risen to level 2, causing his thinking and planning abilities to progress yet again.

As for the killing technique, Supreme Mistwind Sword, because it involved Waves, the mental cultivation method, ether particles, and the currents' flow in the atmosphere, the technique was indeed many times more complex and profound than the sword techniques Fang Xingjian had cultivated before.

And thus, after a month of practice, he had only managed to train that sword technique to level 18 instead of reaching the maximum level.

Obviously, because techniques of the Killing Path did not benefit one's body, he did not gain increases for his attributes, despite reaching level 18. However, the level 18 Supreme Mistwind Sword, with its exquisite control on the body and air currents, had already granted Fang Xingjian the ability to increase his speed by more than three times.

However, although there had been no additional increases to his attributes, the level 10 Supreme Mistwind Sword still allowed Fang Xingjian to have more delicate control over the airflow, such that whenever his long sword slashed through the air, the sword itself would generate a high speed current akin to a sword light of about a few feet long, with which he could slash through gold and jade as though they were ordinary materials.

Fang Xingjian slowly stood up in the tub of medicinal liquid. That initially black as ink liquid had now become almost colorless. He could feel that the physical strength in his entire body had been enhanced to an incredible degree, as wisps and wisps of hot vital energy circulated throughout his body, seemingly about to explode at any moment.

Under the aid of the medicinal liquid, his body had become even stronger. Much energy and many nutrients had been amassed in various parts of his body, waiting for the right moment to erupt whenever they would be needed.

This made Fang Xingjian feel as though he had an inexhaustible amount of energy.

Fang Xingjian stretched his hand out, and a servant at the side handed him a dagger. He lightly slit across his finger, making a wound, but just as a droplet of fresh blood dripped out, Fang Xingjian slightly clenched his finger's muscle, and the wound closed up, forming a scab a few minutes later.

Not only was his power soaring at a crazy speed, and his attributes increasing at an explosive pace, but having continuously soaked in medicinal liquid every afternoon for an entire month and causing the Headmaster to bawl his eyes out at the expenses, Fang Xingjian had finally obtained the 'Elementary Berserkness' speciality. Elementary Berserkness: allows one's recovery rate to far surpass that of ordinary humans';normal cuts from swords and blades form scabs and both bruises and injuries heal almost instantly, allowing the practitioner to fully recover within a maximum of three hours.

Currently, , he could completely disregard common external injuries with his control over his blood and muscles.

Other than this, the medicinal liquid also granted him astonishing physical strength. Currently, his breath was long and drawn out, and the endurance of his muscles was terrifying. If he were to only use ordinary sword techniques, he would not have a problem even if he would have to fight continuously for three days and three nights.

Even when performing the Supreme Mistwind Sword, he would only start feeling exhausted after four hours.

In his current state, Fang Xingjian's current attributes were now:


Fang Xingjian




Windshadow Sword divinity













The attributes above come into effect once the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves is activated

Due to Perfect Muscles, +4 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute)

Nurturing Sword Techniques

31 sets

Training Sword Techniques

4 sets

Supreme Mistwind Sword

Level 18


Genius Swordsmanship,

Elementary Survival Instinct,

Internal Healing,

Internal Training,

Sword Specialist,

High Agility Motion Vision,

Heightened Reflexes,

Perfect Muscles

Elementary Berserkness


8,500 point increase/day


Level 3 Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves

Mental Cultivation Method

Level 2 Ice Age Meditation Art

Currently, when he executed the Supreme Mistwind Sword, it would continuously accelerate, and after a few minutes he could achieve a tremendous speed, about three times faster. A three feet long sword-light would form on the sword, created by the high speed air currents. If he were to use Boundaries Negation as well, even he himself could well be astonished by his combat prowess!

'No, this is still not enough. At the very least, Rebecca was still be able to suppress me the other day, relying on her strength, agility and other attributes which were over 100 points.

'But I wonder... If I were to use Boundaries Negation, what would be my chances of winning be then?'

Right now, Fang Xingjian always had 50,000 potential points at the ready so that he could execute Boundaries Negation anytime.

This, because he had tested it out. His current limit was to use 50,000 potential points in order to execute Boundaries Negation for fifty seconds in a single day. If he went on any longer, his body could collapse. After executing Boundaries Negation for fifty seconds, it was impossible for him to use it again during the same day.

It was a pity that Fang Xingjian had not seen Rebecca's limits. While he estimated that after using both Boundaries Negation and the Supreme Mistwind Sword for twenty seconds he would be able to continue fighting at supersonic speed for another thirty seconds, he was not sure if he would be able to defeat Rebecca within these thirty seconds.

But putting aside old freaks like Rebecca, who had been at the peak of the first transition for decades, ordinary first transitioned Knights would definitely not be Fang Xingjian's match at all.

As he thought of this, he had already flung the dagger in his hands away, commanding in an indifferent voice, ’’Clothes.’’

By his side, naturally, there were people to help him shower and change. Just as he was getting dressed, Huang Lin had impatiently walked in, and as soon as he saw Fang Xingjiang he said, ’’Come with me quickly. A master from the Royal Capital has just arrived and is here to design your Empire's divine Weapon for you.

’’Quickly. Go and talk to him. Oh, right. During this time, have you thought of the kind of weapon you want?’’

Fang Xingjian's eyes lit up. He had long been sick of the practice swords that kept breaking. He replied, ’’I've long decided on it.’’


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