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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 Attempt and Middleman

Looking at Fang Xingjian's appearance, Huang Lin shook his head, saying, ’’Xingjian, are you being too anxious? Your achievements now are already something that many people would never reach in their entire lives!

’’You are still young, there's no need to be in such a hurry. Sometimes, when we rush things, they will only result in failure.

’’Settle down, take it slow. After strengthening your foundations, you will be able to reach even greater heights in the future.’’

Hearing the other party's words, Fang Xingjian knew very well that this was the right way to go about it. However, he really did not have any time left. He opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Huang Lin gave him a weird look and said, ’’Xingjian... Do you have something on your mind?’’

Thinking about how he had only five years of lifespan left, at that moment Fang Xingjian suddenly felt a burning desire. The needed to gain sufficient strength in these five years, he wanted to look for Caroline for revenge, he wanted to return to Fang Clan in Demonic City and question Li Shuanghua on how his mother had died.

But the next moment, the Ice Age Meditation Art automatically started to circulate as calm and rationale once again took over most of his consciousness. He gradually exhaled, shook his head and said, ’’It's nothing. Teacher, I'd like to take a break alone.’’

Huang Lin nodded, ’’Have a rest. You've already completed this morning's training. Later, after lunch, prepare yourself. Form the afternoon onwards, you'll need to bathe in secret medicinal liquid. This is good stuff, the Headmaster prepared it for you himself. With the academy's financial ability, we can only keep this up for a month.’’

Having said these, he headed for the door as he continued, ’’Another thing. Xingjian, I'm your Master. If you have any worries or troubles, you can look for me anytime.’’

It was a pity that Fang Xingjian's mind was already fully taken over by calm and rationale. It was impossible for him to risk revealing his secret. He merely nodded and said, ’’Don't worry, teacher, I'm fine.’’

After Huang Lin left, Fang Xingjian took a short break, then inspected his Techniques Column.

'Supreme Mistwind Sword. The faster the speed, the stronger the sword Qi;and the stronger the sword Qi, the faster the speed.

'Windshadow Sword divinity has already given me extreme speed, and I've also got Boundaries Negation. As long as I perform this technique, my speed can increase even further.


As he said this, he headed towards the weapon rack at the side, switching his weapon for a brand new longsword.

Ever since learning the Boundaries Negation technique, Fang Xingjian had gradually accumulated 30,000 potential points, which would allow him to display Boundaries Negation for over thirty seconds.

The next moment, Fang Xingjian activated his Boundaries Negation technique. In the blink of an eye, he felt a restless throbbing energy everywhere in the air. It was the power of the ether particles, charging into his body like a boiling torrent. At the same time, the blood and vital energy in his body also burst out crazily.

Each of his muscles and veins looked as if they were inflated as they swelled up, then unleashed an incredible contraction, thus making his speed increase tremendously.

Fang Xingjian took a light step forward. At that moment, he felt as if the air in the surroundings had gained a water-like viscosity. It seemed to him that he needed to exert ten times more strength than before for this single step.

He knew that this was an illusion, and so he did not let himself be overly concerned over it. Therefore he moved. The Supreme Mistwind Sword responded to him, activating outwards, but unlike before, this time around, the Supreme Mistwind Sword's speed had reached an unbelievable stage.

The air turned into a viscous liquid, and with each step he took, Fang Xingjian felt as if the entire world was pressing on each square inch of his skin. The longsword in his hands flashed, and one would be unable to see the its shadow. With each slash, the raging sword Qi roared like an atmospheric dragon, charging out and making a deep lengthy trench in the ground.

Just before the sword Qi would have collided with the walls, Fang Xingjian, having already caught up with it in a step, dispersed it with a bang.

Scratch scratch scratch scratch. With a light wave, hundreds of sword Qis spread outwards, each of them equal to Kaunitz's slashes at full power.

Fang Xingjian's figure flashed about, once again dispersing each of them.

This move was already over two times faster than Fang Xingjian's usual speed, and had long surpassed the limits of his previous display of the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

The air currents in the training room were turbulent, shaking up the whole training room. Streams of atmospheric dragons were like tamed dogs, crawling around Fang Xingjian, continuously increasing his speed.

He only felt that the shadows in the surroundings were flashing about endlessly. His speed accelerate, getting faster and faster. The longsword in his hand was also facing greater and greater pressure. He was slashing the air non-stop, while the Supreme Mistwind Sword surrounded the sword, increasing the weapon's speed. Each stream of vortexes surrounded it, as if it was the sword of the King of Wind, which controlled all the moving currents in the atmosphere.

The next moment, Fang Xingjian only felt as if a boom rang throughout his body, while an air of white currents encompassed the sword.

It was vapor cones, something which Fang Xingjian had seen before on supersonic aircrafts. Although the white clouds formed on the sword were very thin, they still showed how terrifying the longsword's action speed was.

The strong colliding waves surrounding the longsword were propelled outwards, accompanied by extremely strong kinetic energy, which could generate terrifying damage prowess.

At that moment, the naked eye would no longer be able to see Fang Xingjian, and one's hearing and sense of touch would no longer be able to sense his movements.

Fang Xingjian's figure was as if it had completely disappeared in the raging wind, leaving only a metallic longsword seemingly turned into a black line, performing the Supreme Mistwind Sword and dancing amidst the raging winds.

His body felt as if it could freely appear anywhere at extreme speed, as if Fang Xingjian had turned into the wind itself as he was waving his longsword. He only needed to consider the movements of the sword, thus allowing the prowess of the Supreme Mistwind Sword to reach an unbelievable stage.

With a bang, the longsword exploded and the raging winds suddenly came to a halt. Fang Xingjian's silhouette gradually appeared. He had sustained the vapor cones for only slightly over ten seconds before they completely disappeared.

Hundreds and thousands of sword Qis and collision waves accompanied the longsword's explosion, slicing in all directions. The surface of the training grounds was left with countless cracks.

'When using the Boundaries Negation, my speed will suddenly increase by more than two times, reaching the limits of when I'm using the Supreme Mistwind Sword...

And I only need over ten seconds, with the aid of the Supreme Mistwind Sword's sword Qis, to increase my speed by another two fold and achieve sonic speed in but a moment.

'If my physical strength can get even stronger and I accumulate enough potential, letting my speed increase continuously...

Thinking of that prowess it could generate, Fang Xingjian was filled with a feeling of yearning and fascination. It was a pity that there were too many factors limiting the Supreme Mistwind Sword's powers.

However, with a sufficiently strong weapon which could withstand strength and pressure, with sufficient physical strength to undergo high speed movements, and sufficient potential to display the skill Boundaries Negation even Fang Xingjian himself had no idea how fast he could be while using the Supreme Mistwind Sword to accelerate.

The speed of sound? Supersonic speed? Two times the speed of sound? Three times the speed of sound?

Fang Xingjian did not know. He only knew that as long as he had sufficient potential, he would not be afraid to face that old hag Rebecca, whose strength, agility and reaction all exceeded 100 points.

If he could sustain Supreme Mistwind Sword continually until he reached three times the speed of sound, then dealing with Rebecca would take nothing but one attack.

'Potential. I must accumulate even more potential.

'And the longsword. I don't know when the Empire's divine Weapon will be completed. Normal metal swords are unable to withstand my strength and wind pressure.

'However, after displaying Boundaries Negation, my powers increase by leaps and folds. This skill is not something the Windstorm Sword Hero is equipped with. Unless I'm left with no choice, it's better that I don't display it.

'And each time I display it, I'll need to deplete potential points. Considering that I'm unable to level up this skill as well, it's better that I don't use it.

'And the Supreme Mistwind Sword... I wonder what surprises it will bring me after perfecting it to the maximum level, within one to two months.'

Just as Fang Xingjian was pondering, someone knocked on the doors.

’’Lord Xingjian, Teacher Kyle from The School of Sword Arts asked to meet you. Are you free?’’

’’Kyle?’’ Fang Xingjian's head askewed as he took a towel from the side to wipe off the sweat on his forehead. He said, ’’I'll have my lunch now. Let him wait in the dining hall.’’

In the personalised dining hall the Headmaster had specially prepared for Fang Xingjian, a big table full of dishes had been readied.

The main dish was a fish soup made from a gigantic carnivorous deep sea fish. Fang Xingjian took a taste, and his brows twitched. With just one mouth, he felt the strong fragrance exploding in his mouth. The taste was strong but not sickening, and had a light refreshing fragrance to it as well.

That fine and refreshing taste made him feel as if a fish was jumping in his mouth.

’’This fish soup... is very delicious,’’ Fang Xingjian said.

The servant at the side introduced, ’’This is prepared by the chef specially invited by the Headmaster, created with special methods, and then stewed with raw scallions, eye yolk and pickled vegetables. It is specially prepared for my Lord.’’

Once he finished the soup in big gulps, he felt vital energy and blood shooting around in his body. Looking at the potential points increasing on the Techniques Column, Fang Xingjian suddenly felt overjoyed.

And at that moment, a servant led Kyle in.

Fang Xingjian drank the fish soup in big gulps as he said, ’’Teacher Kyle, I'm short on time. If you don't mind, I'll talk to you while I have my meal.’’

’’It's fine, it's fine.’’ Kyle smiled, not minding at all. His eyes swept across the dishes on the table, and could not help but swallow.

'All these are ferocious beasts and valuable medicinal herbs. Just this meal alone would make me bankrupt. The academy is really willing to spend money.'

’’So, teacher, what matters do you have today?’’ Fang Xingjian picked up a big mouthful of medicinal herbs and ate it. With one mouthful, he could feel a cooling feeling spreading out from his mouth all the way to his stomach. His body grew cool and his potential suddenly surged to a 10 point increase.

Kyle gave it some thought and said, ’’Xingjian, what do you think about the relationship between the Empire and the various factions?’’

Fang Xingjian said without any hesitation, ’’The Empire is the greatest and strongest faction, just like this table of food here. Normal factions may not even be able to provide this, daily, to an expert who completed the second transition, right? But I can enjoy six such meals on a daily basis.’’

Kyle immediately smiled bitterly. He knew that Fang Xingjian had understood the reason he had come by today. He decided to not to cover it up, but to say it outright, ’’Xingjian, you were The School of Sword Arts' student to begin with. It was just that I was unable to tell that your talent was so great that you would even be able to transition into a Windstorm Sword Hero.

’’You must have understood, more or less, during this time. While the Empire is strong, no matter how talented an ordinary commoner is, he can only be an underling of the Royalty and the major aristocrats, and be under their command. You'll no longer have any freedom.

’’But if you were to join The School of Sword Arts, with your aptitude as a Windstorm Sword Hero, I can recommend you to be one of the contenders for the position of the school's Headmaster.’’

He took out a stack of books, saying, ’’This is the cultivation method for the first step of The School of Sword Arts' greatest manual, Star Fate Sword.’’

’’As long as you are willing to join The School of Sword Arts, this is yours.’’


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