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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 68


Chapter 68 Wind Disaster

Speed is power.

This was the first sentence written on the first page of Supreme Mistwind Sword.

Supreme Mistwind Sword was a Killing technique which pursued extreme speed.

He ruffled the air with sword arts, creating sword Qis, and stacking the sword Qis one on top of the other to increase his own speed. It was a technique which created and controlled sword Qis. He need great strength, agility, reaction, and control to perform it.

The faster he waved his sword, the stronger the the sword Qi's prowess. The sword Qi increased the practitioner's support, raising his speed.

’’The Killing technique Supreme Mistwind Sword is extremely profound, and it's based on using an omnipresent atmosphere to increase one's sword technique's agility and damage.’’

Huang Lin looked at Supreme Mistwind Sword's content and said, ’’Xingjian, your sword talent is unparalleled and I have not learnt the Killing technique Supreme Mistwind Sword either. Therefore, I can only give you pointers purely based on sword arts principles. In the end you'll still need to rely on yourself.’’

As he said that, Huang Lin smiled. ’’But I believe that even if you train by yourself, you'll still be able to reach great heights in this Killing technique.’’

From there, Fang Xingjian began the days with practicing the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

Waking up early in the morning, he would create sword Qi at full power one thousand times. Even from a distance of hundreds of meters away from Fang Xingjian's villa, one would still be able to see the gigantic sword Qis flying out over ten meters before they slowly vanished.

Each time Fang Xingjian waved his sword to slit across the air, and with the quick acceleration of the sword's edge, he created shockwaves in the air, forming streams of sword Qis.

All these streams of sword Qis slashed through the atmosphere, spurring the air currents to move, and changing the air pressure. Some of them were unusually strong and violent, while others were soft and gentle. And at the end, Fang Xingjian could even create unbelievable sword Qis such as whirlwinds, twisters and air pillars.

All these were various mysterious phenomena in the Supreme Mistwind Sword, created by slashing through the air and disturbing the atmosphere. Also, they were created by pure sword Qis, which allowed Fang Xingjian to conveniently rely on his unparalleled talent in order to continuously master them at an incredible speed.

One thousand sword Qis took him one hour, and Fang Xingjian also fully depleted all his energy during this one hour. He was aching horribly all over, and even his organs felt a bit unwell.

This was caused by the way Killing techniques stressed the physical body, making small vessels or even the heart suffer from hidden injuries. Without high attributes like Fang Xingjian's it was impossible to perform such Killing techniques. Therefore, the academy would not give students access to learn such Killing techniques. It would be as good as murdering them.

Killing techniques did not increase one's attributes nor did they provide one with specialties. They had no strengthening effect on the foundations of one's physical body, and their only use was to kill. This was also why Fang Xingjian only learnt the Supreme Mistwind Sword. Rather than diverting his energy, he might as well focus on leveling up the Killing technique which was the most suitable for him.

After all, he really did not have much time left.

After that, he started his breakfast. Countless members of the academy's upper echelon brought him ferocious beasts, aged medicinal plants unearthed from deep in the mountains, and of course, the ten Wind Hawks that the Headmaster had grabbed from Kirst's City Lord's residence.

These Wind Hawks were reared in the academy and fed with the best medicinal plants every day.

After being killed, they had then been placed into a big pot, and stewed for over six hours with countless herbs and animal essences.

Fang Xingjian would take a big bowl of Wind Hawk soup and its meat every morning. It tasted extremely fresh, melting in his mouth. The silk like texture, combined with a deep fragrance, continuously lingered on his taste buds.

Of course, the delicious taste was just one of its perks. The most important thing was that these Wind Hawks were even too nourishing. The Headmaster reckoned that after Fang Xingjian finished these ten Wind Hawks, he should be able to get a 1 or 2 point increment to his agility attribute, and could even obtain the recovery of his physical energy and getting rid of hidden injuries.

After breakfast, two Knight instructors would massage Fang Xingjian's muscles and veins all over his body with the Reduced Force Field, helping him move his vital energy and blood, eliminating his fatigue, and healing the damage his body had got from previously practicing the Killing technique, after which he continued with his training yet again.

This was a treatment that even the Headmaster himself had not had the chance to enjoy, and which was making countless people go crazy with envy.

On the training grounds, Fang Xingjian flashed as he moved about at great speed, slashing downwards with the sword again and again. With each slash the air would be torn apart, activating the circulation of the air currents, and creating various types of sword Qis. However, these sword Qis were unlike the ones in the morning training. They would curve, extend outwards, and leap about, as if chasing after and encircling Fang Xingjian's body, just like a gust of raging wind revolving around him.

They did not merely increase Fang Xingjian's agility, but had also encompassed a terrifying destructive force. As each of the sword Qis swept across the ground, they would leave sword marks a few inches deep on the marble stones.

Next was the medicinal food and the ferocious beasts' essence, which would compensate for the depletion of his vital energy and blood, as well as for the strain on his organs.

These were then followed by simulations of actual battles. Sometimes, it would be other Knight students, sometimes it would be instructors, and other times it would be Huang Lin.

Strong gales were blowing on the vast training grounds, circling around Fang Xingjian and hiding his figure within the raging winds, at the same time revolving around Huang Lin and making his figure look as if it was flashing in and out of existence.

Huang Lin held onto the black metal longsword, not moving. Each time he attacked, Fang Xingjian, who was flashing around him, was viciously sent flying.

However, with the specialty 'Single Sword World Subjugation' and the Supreme Mistwind Sword, Fang Xingjian's speed was too fast. It was as if he had turned into tens of human figures in but a moment, continuously riding on the raging winds, and flashing around Huang Lin again and again.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Each time Fang Xingjian appeared, the two swords would clash, making an extremely loud sound. Fang Xingjian would then disappear in an instant, moving with the raging wind to appear behind Huang Lin, attacking again with a sword accompanied by layers of whirlwinds.

With a loud clank, Huang Lin managed to fend off the attack. The longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand bent into a curve under the pressure from two immense forces, and then it disappeared once again in the raging winds, together with Fang Xingjian.

Clankclankclankclankclankclankclank, a series of sounds of colliding metals continuously rang out, and fire sparks flashed amidst the raging winds. It was the result of two longswords colliding continuously at high speed.

In the process of performing sword arts, Fang Xingjian only felt that all his muscles and bones suffered an increasingly immense pressure, from the powers he himself was exerting, along with the atmosphere's pressure from the high speed movements.

His Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves circulated fanatically, relieving him of his fatigue, and increasing the toughness of each inch of his skin.

HIs Ice Age Meditation Art circulated at great speed, requiring him to continuously analyze each stream's movement, each of his muscles' and bones' every little movement, as he performed the Supreme Mistwind Sword to its limits.

Killing techniques did not merely kill enemies. They also brought damage to one's body, just like when boxers punched sandbags, or how sports involving running would hurt the knees, and how lifting weights could hurt one's spine.

Killing techniques drove the practitioner's body, Waves, and mental cultivation technique to the limits with the scope of inflicting harm on the opponent. At the same time, it was also a huge burden on the practitioner's body itself.

Human figures crossed repeatedly, and finally, with a light holler from Huang Lin, Reduced Force Field exploded out, dissipating all the raging winds in the surroundings.

Fang Xingjian slowly gasped for breath, and stopped the attack. In his hand, the longsword he had used for the day's practice was once again split into two. Ordinary weapons were no longer able to withstand the pressure of his powers.

Huang Lin's eyes shone as he looked at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Xingjian, your talent is really...’’ He shook his head, saying ’’It's as if you've been training for decades.

’’The sword Qis and sword winds from each of your slashes made your speed increase faster and faster, and they have increased your movement and attack speed by two times. If you were to perfect the Supreme Mistwind Sword to the maximum level, given sufficient time, your attack speed would probably be above mine...’’

’’This cannot do.’’ Fang Xingjian shook his head. ’’My control is still insufficient. As long as I continue to execute the Supreme Mistwind Sword, I will be able to increase my speed with sword Qis so much so that I'm not able to react in time, I'm unable to control it, or my attributes won't permit me to keep up.

’’The best I can do now is to keep it at a speed about two times faster than my usual speed. This is a far cry from my body's limits, but it's because of my inadequacy in mastering this sword technique.’’

Huang Lin touched his chin and said, ’’Your sword talent is outstanding, but your understanding of the wind is limited. You can start working from there.’’

’’Mmm.’’ Fang Xingjian nodded. ’’The faster my speed, the greater the prowess of the Supreme Mistwind Sword's sword Qis. The greater the sword Qis' prowess, the greater the support it gives me, and the faster my speed will be, the stronger my sword Qis will be.’’

This was a sword technique which pursued speed, at the same time allowing one to get increasingly stronger the more one used it.

’’Physical strength, control, strength, agility... There are still many areas I need to improve.’’


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