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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 67


Chapter 67 Reaction

Tresia Knight Academy was an aristocratic school set up by the Tresia Clan, which Kaunitz belonged to.

The majority of the students were either Kirst's aristocrats, or sons and daughters of officials or rich merchants. Not only did they have to cultivate their martial techniques here, they also had to learn various etiquette, language, history and other subjects.

Here, one would be able to network, form connections and thus profit boundlessly in the future, for the rest of their lives.

And Vivian, who was under Kaunitz's care, had started learning in the Tresia Academy from about three months ago. It seemed that learning in this place was extremely suitable to her, and relying on her beauty as well as Kaunitz's support, with her resourcefulness, she had already become an extremely popular character in Tresia Academy.

Lightly fanning the golden silk fan in her hand, Vivian leaned against the banister, smiling slightly as she looked at the hardworking guys who were practicing relentlessly in the training grounds.

Beside her stood a blonde female who grabbed onto her, saying, ’’Vivian, you are so beautiful. Look at that Laurea who just recently transferred here. He's the son of an extremely rich merchant;and that Willis, he's the youngest son of Kirst's Finance Minister;and Wei Duo, his brother was the Prefectural Champion five years ago, his eyes are set on the Regional Selection next year.

’’They are all mesmerised by you, hehe, who are you going to choose?’’

Hearing the names of the three students, Vivian disdainfully laughed, ’’Those three fellows are all extravagant and indulge in debauchery, merely fond of flaunting their bravery and fighting, what prospects would they have in the future? But Wei Duo's elder brother, being the Prefectural Champion five years ago, still could be considered somewhat qualified, but...’’

The girl laughed, ’’I know, all of them can't compare to Kaunitz. Kaunitz is Tresia's direct descendent, the future successor to be the clan head.

’’I heard that he only took ten days to succeed in his first transition, and only three months to bring his Waves to level 3. Even the clan head praised him, saying that he is Tresia's strongest genius in a hundred years.

’’Even that Prefectural Champion, Fang Xingjian, wasn't his match.’’

Vivian laughed complacently, before she tried to appear a bit more reserved as she spoke, ’’Kaunitz is not bad, but I'll still have to wait for him to pass the Regional Selection before I will agree to his request.’’

A few other aristocrat ladies appeared, chattering with Vivian. With Kaunitz's power and influence to support her, Vivian soon had the group of girls eating out of her hands.

Although, there were even a few aristocrat ladies who were displeased, they did not dare to show it on their faces.

And at that moment, a little eight to nine years old girl with two braids ran over with a pale countenance, ’’This is bad, this is bad...’’

Vivian smiled, shaking her head, ’’What's wrong little Connie? Don't be so panicky, have you forgotten all the etiquette that our teacher taught us?’’

The little girl named Connie panted, her little face squinched together, filled with anxiety as she spoke, ’’Kaunitz. Kaunitz just got heavily injured and was brought back by Madam Rebecca. He is currently undergoing medical treatment.’’

’’What?!’’ Vivian abruptly stood out, frowning, ’’How is this possible? How could Kaunitz possibly be heavily injured when he's in the Royal Knight Academy? What happened? Connie, slow down and explain clearly.’’

’’On the arena. Someone fought with Kaunitz on the arena, dealing him heavy injuries.’’

’’Arena?’’ Vivian was puzzled, ’’Why was there a duel again? His duel with Fang Xingjian was supposed to be today, but since Fang Xingjian has failed his transition, there's no way that he would be able to turn up for the duel. If that's the case, who was it that injured Kaunitz...?’’

’’Fang Xingjian, yes!!’’ Connie exclaimed. ’’It's that Fang Xingjian!’’ Connie tried to recall the facts as she said, ’’I heard that Fang Xingjian has succeeded in his transition, and transitioned into that, that...that Sword Hero thingy.’’

In the crowd, someone's eyes lit up, ’’Windstorm Sword Hero?’’

’’Yes yes yes,’’ Connie nodded non-stop. ’’They said that that Fang Xingjian successfully transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero, and easily defeated Kaunitz in just a few moves.’’

Vivians's eyes unceasingly narrowed, her face contorted heavily, as she spoke out in a low voice, ’’Wind...storm... Sword... Hero..?’’

The aristocrat ladies who had been slightly displeased with Vivian exchanged glances, laughter flashing in their eyes.

’’It's actually a Windstorm Sword Hero? I heard that in the entire history of our Empire, there were only three people who successfully became Windstorm Sword Heroes.’’

’’Indeed, and I also heard that all three of them became divine level experts in the end.’’

’’Aiya, would this Fang Xingjian also become a divine level expert in the future?’’

A young lady laughed as she turned her gaze to Vivian, acting innocent as she asked, ’’Vivian, I heard that this Fang Xingjian came from The School of Sword Arts. Are you acquainted with him? Such a character... Why didn't you introduce him to us?’’

Vivian's countenance underwent a slight change as she ruthlessly glared at the person who had just spoken, gritting her teeth as she ran outside, saying, ’’I'll go see how Kaunitz is doing.’’

As she stepped out, her mind was flooded with the news that Fang Xingjian had successfully transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero, while her heart was filled with traces of regret.


At the same time, within a secret chamber of the Tresia Clan.

Rebecca's face was completely flushed red, as she angrily howled at Tresia Clan's clan head, Kaunitz's father, ’’Fang Xingjian that little bastard! We must not allow him to grow any stronger. That fellow actually dared to fight against me, and is now a Windstorm Sword Hero. If we allow him to get any stronger, there will no longer be a place for our Tresia Clan in the future.’’

The clan head had a cold and indifferent expression on his face as he spoke, ’’So is that why you raised your hands against him? And even clashed with Huang Lin?’’

Seeing the cold and indifferent expression on her second brother's face, the wrinkles on Rebecca's face cringed together as she shrieked, ’’He is your son! Your biological son! Do you expect me to do nothing and just watch while he's being bullied? When has our Tresia Clan ever suffered such humiliation?

’’Fang Xingjian that little bastard, I must definitely kill him, as well as that Huang Lin who doesn't know how to show respect to his seniors. Second brother, we must write to big brother, he's currently in the Imperial Capital...’’

The crisp sound of a slap rang out.

Rebecca stared at the clan head in disbelief. It was as if she could not believe that he would actually hit her.

’’You old fool!’’ Tresia Clan's clan head raged.’’I asked you to go to the Royal Academy to be a teacher in order to meet other Knights, showing them good will and building up connections so that we could expand our Tresia Clan's prestige, boosting our support for big brother. I didn't ask you to go there to arouse hatred and make grudges!

’’Do you know who Huang Lin is?! He was the 'Slaughter God' of the western army back then! Do you know how many in the Western Army are his 'life-and-death' buddies [1], and how many of those from the older generation in the Imperial Capital place him in high regards?!’’

’’And Fang Xingjian, he's only sixteen yet he has transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero. Do you know how monstrous his talent is?! It's fine if you don't befriend him, but to think that you went all out to against him. You... you... you... What can I say about you?!

’’You are a failure in both martial arts and studies.

’’From now onwards, you are to stay at home and not allowed to leave the residence. You don't have to go back to the academy either, I will request leave of absence on your behalf.’’

After speaking, the clan head flicked his sleeves as he left, leaving Rebecca standing there blankly, gingerly touching the red hand print left on her face.

The next instant, bitter resentment frenziedly flashed in her eyes, ’’Alright, alright, alright. Since all of you are looking down on me, I'll settle this myself.

’’Do you all think that you are the only ones with friends? Little bastard, so what if you are a Windstorm Sword Hero? A dead Windstorm Sword Hero is no more than a dead man.’’

[1] Buddies so close that they do not mind putting their lives on the line for each other.


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