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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 669


Chapter 669: Kidnap

Parallel universes and parallel worlds referred to the countless universes developed from the first initial universe after being put through different probabilities.

For example, if Fang Xingjian had made a choice between having omelettes or pancakes for breakfast in the morning, then there would be a universe in which he had omelettes for breakfast as well as one in which he had pancakes for breakfast.

With the series of choices made after the Big Bang, it had led to the birth of countless parallel universes.

This was humanity's understanding and conjecture about the universe, but it was a good match for the situation that Fang Xingjian was facing now.

If the second tier of the Miracle World's Nine-Tiered Heavens was the projection of a divine level expert's will into a parallel universe, then it was natural that they would think they were in a dream after they woke up. After all, the divine level experts of Miracle World did not know of the concept of parallel universes and would not be able to find any traces of the things they had seen or heard in the parallel world, which seemed similar yet completely different to Miracle World.

Fang Xingjian had also thought of the possibility that this was a dream.

However, the Earth before him was so real. Moreover, this Earth had many novels, television dramas, movies, and comics that he had never seen before. There were also cultures and languages which did not exist in the Earth he came from.

A person's dream needed information before they could be created. So, how could these things which Fang Xingjian had never seen before be created as his dream?

Therefore, Fang Xingjian deduced that he was in a parallel universe.

This was where another problem came up.

The Nine-Tiered Heavens was said to have been developed by the God of Universal Truth in order to guide humans in facing the onslaughts.

Then why was it that despite there being so many methods allowing one to temper and comprehend the connection between their physical body and will, the God of Universal Truth had chosen to project their wills into a parallel universe? What was the goal behind this?

Moreover, as an Earthling, Fang Xingjian had been projected to Earth's parallel universe. What then was the connection between Earth and Miracle World?

Fang Xingjian had never felt that he was so close to the answer before. He felt that the second tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens—projecting a divine level expert's will into a parallel universe—must have some kind of deep intention.

Just as Fang Xingjian was thinking about these, the people around him sank into feelings of great astonishment and terror.

They were people living in an ordinary world. Even if they were to have countless amounts of wealth or control over the fate of countless lives, when had they ever experienced true power before?

Right now, Fang Xingjian only needed to display the tiniest amount of his powers for them to think of him as a devil.

Fang Xingyue's countenance was one of being overwhelmed with astonishment. With her body forced to be at a complete standstill, she could only stare at Fang Xingjian. Her mind was completely blank.

The terror in Li Wei's eyes grew increasingly stronger. His countenance turned paler and paler as he recalled the words he said to Fang Xingjian earlier.

Zhao Yuting had seen this bizarre aspect of Fang Xingjian before. before. However, seeing how he was easily tearing the house apart and restricting the movements of the several hundreds of people in the hall, she was still very shocked, and her heart palpitated intensely.

Before Fang Xingjian, Song Lili's eyes kept on quivering, and her face turned as pale as a jiangshi's.

Beside her, Song Weiguo's eyes were filled with terror, but he still kept a calm mind.

Fang Xingjian's martial will scanned through everyone present, then with a loud snap of his fingers, everyone regained their mobility.

At the next moment, it was as if the world had regained its flow from a standstill state, and screams filled up the entire place. The screams came from both men and women as they quickly backed off. No one dared to get close to Fang Xingjian.

Bang bang bang bang! Loud colliding sounds rang out incessantly. There were people falling down, tables being flipped over, and countless bottles of wine and dishes being scattered all over the floor.

However, those who wanted to flee came to realize that all the exits of the hall had been covered up by an invisible force. They were unable to escape from there. Even though they tried ramming into it at their full power and smashing things against it, the invisible force did not budge in the slightest.

Song Weiguo gulped, and he supported Song Lili, whose legs had turned limp. He spoke out with a grim countenance, "What do you want?"

Fang Xingjian could clearly have everything go according to his wishes. If there was no extraordinary strength in this world, then there would be almost no human or item in the entire human society that would be able to restrict to restrict him.

This meant that the conservative plan from earlier could be amended slightly as well. How could relying on the power of one clan possibly be as fast as relying on the power of one country?

Fang Xingjian threw a glance at Song Weiguo and said, "With your level of intelligence, my power is beyond your imagination. If I were to make an analogy... Even if all the life forms on this planet were to join forces, I'll still be able to kill them all within seven seconds."

When Fang Xingjian said these, Song Weiguo looked at him as if he was looking at a lunatic.

Fang Xingjian knew that humans, especially those with great authority and power, were apprehensive, stubborn, and reserved by nature. Therefore, he would not attempt to use language to convince them.

With a movement of his finger, Song Lili, who was behind Song Weiguo, began to float and drift toward Fang Xingjian.

"What are you doing?!" Song Weiguo's countenance changed, and he grabbed out in shock, wanting to get back his precious daughter.

"Father!" Song Lili screamed and struggled, but how could she possible escape from Fang Xingjian's grasp? She flew out together with Fang Xingjian.

Song Weiguo could only watch as the entire roof of the house was flipped open, and Fang Xingyue, Zhao Yuting, and Song Lili flew off together with Fang Xingjian.

"Song Weiguo, go look for the person with the highest level of authority in the country whom you can contact. I want to talk to them."

Fang Xingjian's voice rang out, leaving everyone with shocked expressions while they stared dazedly at the four people who had flown up into the sky.

Song Weiguo glared at the figure in the figure in the sky that looked like a god yet also a demon, and his eyes filled with killing intent.

When one reached his level, even if a god were to appear before him, he would not worship or trust them. The only things in his mind would only be of the endless benefits and interests.

If the god wanted to go up against him, then the first thing he would think of would only be how he could get rid of the god.

Half an hour later, in the office on the 30th story of Fang Tian Corporation...

Fang Xingjian was floating before a full-length window. The office's computer was floating right next to him, with various sites flashing incessantly on its screen. All of them were regarding Earth's history, from the ancient times till now.

Fang Xingjian was still trying to gain a better understanding of this parallel world, hoping to be able to find traces of Miracle World in its history.

'It's as I've imagined. There are countless legends and myths, but it's too difficult to verify their authenticity.'

Song Lili sat on the sofa behind Fang Xingjian. Her face was still stricken with tears, and she was still wearing the gown from her birthday party while shivering non-stop. Right now, Fang Xingjian was just like a demon to her.

She, who had been proud as a white swan, now appeared extremely dispirited and listless, seemingly overwhelmed with shock.

Next to Song Lili, Fang Xingyue patted the shoulders of the thin and weak young lady in an attempt to console her. Then Fang Xingyue lifted her head and looked at Fang Xingjian with a complicated gaze.

Chinese vampire, depicted with the image of a stiff corpse.


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