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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Killing Techniques

Just as Ogden finished his words, Second Martial Brother Lambert frowned and said, ’’Ogden, do you really like gossiping so much? Even if Fang Xingjian did fail his job transition, he would still be much stronger than you.’’

’’Hehe, that's hard to say. He has failed his job transition and would be a useless bum in the future. If I were to participate in the Prefectural Selection a few years later and complete the job transition after enrolling in the academy, I might be able to surpass him then.’’

At that moment, The School of Sword Arts' Headmaster Kyle walked in. Upon seeing Ogden, he frowned, saying, ’’Since you are no longer a student with The School of Sword Arts, you should stop wandering about around here.

’’And...’’ Without giving Ogden a chance to reply, Kyle continued criticizing Ogden, ’’And, Fang Xingjian has already transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero and has already knocked out Kaunitz in the arena.’’

He looked at Ogden with a gaze of pity, saying, ’’I advise you to speak less ill of him in the future.’’

Saying that, he turned around and walked to his room, thinking, 'I didn't expect Fang Xingjian's talent to be so much greater than what I had expected. Windstorm Sword Hero... Although it's late to do so now, I'll still need to go have a chat with him. Even headquarters would be wishing to lay their hands on a Windstorm Sword Hero.'

Thinking about this, he opened a secret box in his room, and an expression of determination appeared on his face.


Fang Xingjian was led by Huang Lin to the deeper areas within the academy. While they were walking, Huang Lin said with blazing eyes, ’’Now that you've become a Windstorm Sword Hero, you have the strongest foundation. What you need to do from now on is to secure this foundation even more, so that it becomes impenetrable, and then you can dash up into the skies.

’’If your foundation is not strong enough, while it might be easy for you to reach level 19 or even level 29, you may never be able to reach the divine level.

’’Xingjian, do you know? You goal should be the divine level, the pinnacle. Never let your goal remain on the second transition.

’’From now on, you can keep the time every night for your own revision, in order to build up your attributes.

’’During the day, I'll give you guidance on Killing techniques and specialties. In the afternoon, the academy will go all out to prepare medicinal food and ferocious beasts for you. These are different from what you usually eat. You'll need to put in all your effort into absorbing them with the help of your Waves.

’’And from now on, you are forbidden from killing or defeating any more monsters or enemies. You need to focus all of your potential into raising your attributes. Only when your attributes are raised to the limit, can you level up by killing monsters and attain job progression. This way, your attributes will at least be two times that of other Knights at the same level as you.

’’Normal Knights do not have to do this since their talents are limited, and their job progressions are limited. They may only be able to raise their attribute by 1 point after every few months and if they do not level up, it would only be a waste of time. The best way for them would be to level up quickly and to acquire progression in their jobs.

’’But it is different for you. Xingjian, you cannot level up. Your talent allows you to attain even more potential and cultivate your attributes to greater heights. You can train for one, two or even three years before you start to level up. This way, the potential you exhaust and the time you take to progress will be reduced by multiple times.

’’Remember this. From now onwards, you are not allowed to kill or hurt any enemies.’’

Fang Xingjian understood this logic. For example, with his over 70 points of agility, each additional point of increment would require 70,000 potential points. If he were to directly level up now, for example, to raise his level by 3, and achieve a breakthrough to 100 agility points, then each additional agility would require 100,000 potential points. He might as well increase his attributes through the option which would only require 70,000 points and then, when he reached a bottleneck, he could then level and power up by achieving his job progression.

Therefore, he nodded and said, ’’Yes.’’

’’Alright, let me tell you about the battles between Warriors who are at least at Knight levels or higher.

’’Nurturing techniques nurtures the body and accumulates potential;Training techniques train one's attributes;Amassing technique communicates with ether particles to change one's intrinsic qualities. Lastly, Killing techniques are the chief constituents for killing in battles.

’’Every Warrior should be equipped with Reduced Force Field after they have completed the job transition. It is a very useful thing, no matter for probing, killing enemies, or daily activities.

’’Even if it's just an ordinary Knight encompassing himself with a Reduced Force Field, paired up with the Knight attire, they would be almost invincible to ordinary people.

’’However, the Reduced Force Field would, at best, only display half of a Knight's powers. Therefore, while you can use this trick against people who are weaker than you, when you encounter those who are close to you in terms of abilities, and when the other party is also encompassed by Reduced Force Field, your only reliance would be to fully display your physical prowess.

’’Therefore, other than those fellows who practice bow and arrow, close combat is the deciding means between the majority of the Knights.’’

Fang Xingjian nodded to indicate that he understood. For the battles after the first transition, if it was against those who were weaker, one could just rely on the Reduced Forced Field and crush them. Take for example if he were to be against Zhou Yong or Carter, within a ten meter circumference, he would be able to knock them out simply by swiping his hand across the air.

However, if his opponent was one whose abilities was close to his, or even above his, he would still need to rely on his physical body eventually, dashing up for a close combat with direct confrontation.

Huang Lin continued, ’’And Killing techniques are means used to eliminate Knights, Conferred Knights, or even those National Knights. They allow you to make use of everything you can make use of, displaying extraordinary strength and true prowess, raising your battle prowess by ten or even a hundred times.

’’Each set of Killing technique is something which can take a person his whole life to study and train.

’’Just like how the Desolate Thunderfire Sword performed by that old hag Rebecca is Tresia Clan's Killing technique passed down to their internal disciples.’’

Saying this, Huang Lin let out a cold laugh and said, ’’However, while it is fine for a swordsman to primarily use such a far distance Killing technique on someone weaker than themselves, it's basically useless to battle against enemies who are of similar standards.

’’That old hag is too cowardly and only dares to rely on her seniority and level of cultivation to bully those more junior than her. That's why she chose such a lousy Killing technique.

’’Xingjian, let me tell you. In a while, after you enter the secret treasury to choose the Killing Technique, there's the Supreme Mistwind Sword Killing technique. This Killing technique controls dynamic wind and is the most brilliant secret art where one can move so fast that others will not be able to see a thing. It is highly compatible with your job, Windstorm Sword Hero.

’’Next would be Demonic Dusk and Eternal divine Sword. You can also take a look at them as well. Hehe, these are the best Killing techniques in the academy. Originally, to learn them, one would need to be put through several trials, but it won't be necessary for you to do so.

’’The other Killing techniques are all either sword art techniques or are not compatible with your job.’’

Just as Huang Lin was speaking with Fang Xingjian, they had already passed through a long underground tunnel and had reached a gigantic metallic door. The two guards in heavy armor with their faces hidden, stopped Huang Lin.

These two guards looked spiritless, as if they were not alive but were some thousand-year old zombie like creatures.

Fang Xingjian sensed an extremely dangerous aura from them.

It was obvious that the two of them were sent by the academy to guard the secret treasury.

’’Only one may enter.’’ One of the guards spoke to Huang Lin.

The other one went up to Fang Xingjian and said, ’’And... You can only borrow one each time. You are not allowed to copy them or lend them to someone else. Return them within ten days, if not, you'll be charged with treason.’’

Huang Lin nodded at Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Go on, I'll wait for you outside.’’

Therefore, Fang Xingjian entered the secret treasury, accompanied by one of the guards.

The secret treasury was very empty and was sealed so it was very stuffy. There was a rotting smell in the air, and only twenty-six stone pillar were supporting the structure, each of them with a book made of some metallic material which was neither silver nor gold. What was recorded in the books were Kirst Royal Academy's best twenty-six secret Killing techniques.

All the secret Killing techniques here were not something that techniques obtained from the library or imparted by the instructors could compare against. They were not just hard to cultivate, with a high level of difficulty, but even ordinary students who wished to have access to them would need to pass through several trials.

However, as Huang Lin's disciple, Fang Xingjian did not meet such obstacles.

Fang Xingjian looked across each of the stone pillars, each of them inscribed with the name of the secret Killing technique. He slowly took a look around, browsed through the other three or four Killing Techniques, before heading to the Supreme Mistwind Sword and had a thorough look.

From the beginning to the end, he stood right before the guard's view, reading through the secret manuals. The guard did not say a word. It was obvious that so long as Fang Xingjian did not break the rules, he would not be bothered with what he was doing.

Fang Xingjian looked at the Supreme Mistwind Sword manual. Although he had yet to comprehend all of it, his gaze had already shown that he was shaken up.

He had initially not really understood why Killing techniques were actual techniques used for killing since, to him, Nurturing techniques and Training techniques could also be used for battles and for killing.

However, only after taking a closer look at the Supreme Mistwind Sword, and seeing how it was an integration of all means and ways to control the atmosphere and strong gales, pushing one's energy from one's flesh and blood to eradicate enemies, did Fang Xingjian then realized the differences.

The whole Supreme Mistwind Sword manual did not have a single mean of nurturing one's mind and body, nor improving one's physical body or mental state. It's only use was to kill enemies, even to the expense of harming one's own body, exhausting one's vitality and potential.

That is right. After taking a look at this set of sword technique, Fang Xingjian knew that if he were to use the Supreme Mistwind Sword too many times within a short timeframe, it might bring great damage to his own body.

However, there was still a satisfied smile on his face.

That was because, the killing prowess of the Supreme Mistwind Sword was great enough. It was also because it was a sword technique, a sword technique that Fang Xingjian loved to train in the most.

Fang Xingjian looked at the guard next to him and said, ’’It'll be this.’’


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