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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 65


Chapter 65 News

With the Headmaster and Huang Lin taking their leave along with Fang Xingjian, in an instant, few people were left near the arena.

In a daze, Barbara kept looking in the direction of the arena, unable to believe what had just happened.

Suddenly, her expression turned vicious as she said, ’’How is this possible? How? How was an insignificant character like Fang Xingjian, who crawled out of the sewage, how was he able to... able to transition into a Windstorm Sword Hero?! How?!’’

’’There's no reason for it.’’ Ferdinand, at the side, gave a cold snort and said, ’’Barbara, pull yourself together. Fang Xingjian is no longer an existence we can offend.’’

’’What?’’ Barbara turned her head and glared at Ferdinand, saying, ’’You coward! Do you wish to set down the flag that much? Isn't it just a Windstorm Sword Hero? Even if there's a possibility that he could become a divine level expert, he has yet to become one! As long as our Fei Yang Academy's and your Aristocrat Academy's Elders...’’

’’Shut up, idiot! Do you want to send your clan's Elders to their deaths? Did you grow a pig's brain like that old hag Rebecca?’’ Ferdinand coldly said, ’’Fang Xingjian is already a Windstorm Sword Hero. A genius who has transitioned into such a first transition job is no longer someone whom clans like ours can interfere with anymore. It'll be the job of the higher up characters central to the Empire.

’’Don't think about getting me involved in this. Let me tell you, you'd better not get your Elders to make any moves either. That isn't venting your anger, that's just sending them to their deaths.

Even only Huang Lin by himself would be able to wreck havoc in your Fei Yang Academy.’’

Having said this, Ferdinand turned and left, leaving Barbara turning green and white with anger, before she stomped her feet and finally left.


Fang Xingjian and Huang Lin followed the Headmaster to his office. Once they entered, Huang Lin openly said, ’’No need to say anything else. The other instructors are of no use. From now on, I'll guide Fang Xingjian's training myself, daily. You only need to give me the approval to use the academy's resources as I wish.

And, you should quickly submit the request for the Empire's divine Weapon. I'd like to have Xingjian equipped with it before this year's practical examination.’’

Huang Lin turned towards Fang Xingjian and asked, ’’What other requests do you have? Just spill it all out, no need to be afraid. The Headmaster thinks very highly of you.’’

The Headmaster smiled bitterly and shook his head as he turned towards Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Xingjian, rest assured. Your training from now on will be the academy's main project. As long as you are able to get great results in the Regional Selection, I'll get you whatever you wish.’’

Fang Xingjian blinked, suddenly recalling the medicinal liquid Huang Lin had given him the night before, and said, ’’That medicinal liquid which can increases one's potential, or treasures. Would the academy be able to give me these things? How about giving me one bucket everyday?’’

Huang Lin's eyes revealed hints of a smile, while the Headmaster trembled, his expression looking pale. The latter then spoke out, ’’Do you know how much it costs to get a bucket of those treasures each day? Even those big aristocrats in the Imperial Capital wouldn't afford one bucket every day!

’’How about this. Everyday, for breakfast, I'll send you Soul Awakening Porridge stewed in the blood of ninety-nine types of ferocious beasts. That'll at least increase your potential by 500 points daily.’’

Fang Xingjian smiled, but he continued, ’’I still want a good weapon.’’ He drew out the longsword he had. It was already chipped and full of scratches. ’’This sword of mine is no longer any good.’’

’’For weapons, you can take your pick from the academy's weaponry. That's right, you still don't know about the Empire's divine Weapon. I'll be reporting to the Royal Weaponry. They'll design a divine Weapon for you, according to your requests.’’ The Headmaster smiled and said, ’’Don't worry. The Empire's divine Weapon is something which you can use for life.’’

Fang Xingjian nodded, ’’Then what about Killing techniques?’’

’’Don't worry.’’ the Headmaster waved his hand and said, ’’You can take your pick from the twenty-six secret Killing arts passed down from Kirst Royal Academy.’’


On the other end, within just a few hours' time, news of Fang Xingjian' successful transition into a Windstorm Sword Hero had already spread to every corner in Kirst, like a gust of raging wind.

In the academy's building accommodated for family members, the white-bearded old instructor who had once examined Fang Xingjian in the third stage of the Prefectural Selection, and who was retiring this year, pushed the door open, walking in with a gloomy face.

Once he entered his house, his wife came to welcome him, saying, ’’Old man, I want to tell you something. Hylong is already at the first transition's level 19 and has acquired the specialities Three Heads Six Arms, and High Speed Regeneration. He'll be able to breakthrough in the Prefectural Selection next year.

’’I think he's on quite good terms with your Li`er [1], I don't think you should be objecting anymore.’’

Li`er, standing at the side, turned all red. Although she was embarrassed, she still spoke out in a soft voice, ’’Father, Brother Hylong is handsome and he is good-natured. Now, he even may be able to breakthrough the Regional Selection. He really is a good choice.’’

’’Hylong?’’ The white-bearded old man frowned and suddenly asked, ’’I asked you to get closer to Fang Xingjian before. Why didn't you?’’

’’Father!’’ Li`er frowned, feeling displeased, and said, ’’That Fang Xingjian is a poor chap from the countryside. He is ugly and dirty. How can he even compare to the gentle and considerate Brother Hylong?

’’And didn't they say that he arrogantly challenged the transition for the Windstorm Sword Hero and that he failed it? An ordinary person like him would not even be close to Brother Hylong's 10%.’’

’’That's right, old man,’’ the married lady said, ’’Thank goodness we didn't listen to you. If we had really let Li`er go with that Fang Xingjian, she would have gone through much hardship in the future.

’’A person who can't even complete the transition... I don't even know what you see in him. Li`er was brought up by me. I'm not going to allow her to follow some stinky man and suffer hardships.’’

’’Suffer hardships...? Useless bum...?’’ The white-bearded old man let out a sigh and said, ’’You guys, are really as blind as bats. Fang Xingjian has successfully completed the transition to become a Windstorm Sword Hero. He's even defeated Kaunitz just before.’’

’’What? How can that be possible?’’ the married woman cried out in surprise with keen sparkling eyes. ’’He really became a Windstorm Sword Hero?’’

The white-bearded old man coldly replied, ’’Of course. Don't mention Hylong anymore. That chap would only be a first transitioned level 19 at best. How would it be so easy for him to get to the heaven-defying stage of level 20? After a few years, he would not even be fit to carry Fang Xingjian's shoes.’’

’’I don't believe it.’’ Li`er, who had been pampered since young, had a princess syndrome. Acting up, she shouted loudly, ’’Brother Hylong is the best! What Windstorm Sword Hero? Brother Hylong will definitely teach him a lesson during the Regional Selection. He'll pass the Regional Selection, become a Conferred Knight and propose to me!’’

The white-bearded old man was fuming so much that his beard was flying. ’’Look at how spoiled you've made your daughter.’’


The School of Sword Arts. Ogden walked in, wearing City Guard's armor. He greeted the students he passed by. He enjoyed the respectful and admiring gazes from the rest in The School of Sword Arts.

However, after failing the Prefectural Selection, his family was no longer able to pay for his day-to-day expenses and school fees, and could only make him get a job. Thank goodness that he had still entered the top one hundred spots in the Prefectural Selection, and had been able to get a job in the City Guards Institution.

If he continued to work hard like Jack, putting in effort every year, he would probably be able to pass the Prefectural Selection seven to eight years later.

Of course, if he did not devote enough hard work to his training, but was instead tied down by all the material and worldly possessions, he would be stuck at level 9 without going through any transition at all, for all of his life.

Hearing that the students in the courtyard were still lavishing praises on Fang Xingjian's achievements in the Prefectural Selection, he could not help but shake his head and say, ’’Your news are all outdated. Fang Xingjian is useless now.’’

’’Useless? How can that be?’’ A student who was over ten years old shouted, ’’Martial Brother Xingjian is the Prefectural Selection Champion, the one who placed first this year!’’

’’That's right. He's the Prefectural Champion. How could he be useless?’’

’’We want to be like him in the future. Master the basic sword techniques, participate in the Prefectural Selection, and clinch the Prefectural Champion title. ’’

Ogden beamed and said, ’’You guys are still too young. So what if he won the Prefectural Champion title? Let me tell you. The aristocrats' accumulated resources for hundreds and thousands of years are beyond your imaginations.

’’Do you know that the Prefectural Selection is only the starting point? The transition after the Prefectural Selection is the real gauge of one's future.

’’Tresia Clan's Kaunitz completed the first transition in just ten days. That Fang Xingjian prepared for three months but still failed the transition.

’’This is the gap between us and those with background, who have constant support from their clans.

’’Rather than staying here, doing sword practice everyday, you might as well follow me to run errands for Young Master Kaunitz. If he were to reward you with some meat from ferocious beasts or with medicinal ointments which aid the body's training, it would make up for over ten days of your hard work here.’’

[1] The girl's name is Li. People who are of closer relationship will generally add ’’`er’’ after a person's name to express intimacy. Elders may also do the same for someone younger than them, whom they are close with.


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