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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 64


Chapter 64 Fervent

As Huang Lin's sword swept out, his longsword seemed to instantly transcend time and space, as a towering, incomparably sharp sword Qi soared to the skies, giving everyone a horrifying feeling, as if the edge of a blade had just stroked past their faces.

Rebecca, who was bearing the brunt of the attack, suffered the greatest pressure. She could only feel that her Reduced Force Field seemed to be slashed apart by Huang Lin. Letting out a shout of terror, she frantically started retreating.

As she retreated, sword Qis with the nature of thunder and fire shot out of her fingers and zoomed towards Huang Lin's longsword.

But as the Qis of thunder and fire hit Huang Ling's sword with the force of a bazooka, they were slashed apart like tofu and then dissipated. Huang Lin had used a single slash to scatter the eighteen streams of sword Qis of thunder and fire, his sword's tip stopping less than one meter away from Rebecca's forehead.

Abject terror filling her eyes. It was only at this moment that she recalled Huang Lin's identity. He was a level 25 Sword Master who had completed the second transition, a Conferred Knight with the job 'Heaven Slaughtering Greatsword', an asura who had once killed over ten thousand enemies in a battlefield.

Her entire strength violently erupted. Her stats, with over 100 points in strength, agility, and flexibility, blew up like a bomb. The attributes which she had slowly accumulated through her daily sword technique practice over the decades, the heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures she had taken daily for her meals, the strong physique she had built up from the resources resulting in her body building up over the years... Even Knights who had recently passed their second transition would barely be her match.

But despite the eruption of her over 100 points in strength, speed, and flexibility attributes, she was still unable to escape from Huang Lin's deathly attack.

She saw the sword's tip inching closer and closer, shortening the distance between the two of them. Just as it was about to pierce into her forehead, a spotlessly white palm, akin to jade, appeared all of a sudden, its fingers pinching the edge of Huang Lin's sword, and countering his attack.

Saved, Rebecca could only feel cold perspiration drenching her entire body. Seeing the Headmaster blocking Huang Lin's sword for her, the previous terror and despair she had on her face immediately transformed into an anger so intense that it soared to the heavens.

An ear-piercing shriek escaped from her throat as she hysterically screamed, ’’HUANG LIN, YOU... HOW DARE YOU?’’ She pointed to Huang Lin as she screamed, ’’YOU WANT TO KILL ME? BECAUSE OF THIS LITTLE BASTARD, YOU ACTUALLY WANTED TO KILL ME?!’’

’’Aren't you still alive?’’ Huang Lin gave a cold laugh. With a shake of the sword in his hand, he withdrew his sword from the Headmaster's grasp.

The Headmaster smiled bitterly and said, ’’Alright. Although there may be some friction between the both of you, is there really a need to face each other with swords?’’

’’BUT HE WANTED TO KILL ME!’’ Rebecca continued screaming, her gaze filled with enmity as she stared at Huang Lin and Fang Xingjian. ’’To publicly try and kill a Knight conferred by the Empire! He is revolting! Huang Lin, just you wait. I will report this to the Knight's Association, I'm going to cripple you of your sword skills and send you to prison, and make you live in the most disgusting and dirty shit hole for all of your life!

’’And you!’’ She turned and glared at Fang Xingjian, ruthlessly cursing, ’’Little bastard, I'll make you kneel and kowtow to Kaunitz! I'll make you his slave forever!’’

Fang Xingjian glared at her, the killing intent in his eyes circulating continuously. He had already marked this old hag as a target that he would certainly kill.

’’Hmm?’’ Beside him, Huang Lin also had his eyes opened, and it seemed as if boundless sword light was circulating in his eyes. He took another step forward, sending gushes of killing intent as consistent as material objects towards Rebecca.

Rebecca let out a cry, dodging, and then grabbed Kaunitz as she retreated far into the distance. In several blinks' time she was already several meters away.

Her resentful voice echoed like the owl or ghosts in the depths of the mountains, echoed.

’’The two of you... Remember... This... this matter... is not over!...’’

Looking at the fleeing Rebecca, Huang Lin laughed coldly. ’’Trash. It's no wonder she is still unable to complete her second transition despite her being in her seventies or eighties.’’ He then turned towards Fang Xingjian and said, ’’However, although such old freak have yet to second transition, they have spent too much time at the peak of the first transition. With their age, and with their access to an inexhaustible amount of resources, they've raised their attributes to an extremely high level. You have just completed your first transition and still aren't their match.

’’However, with your talent as a Windstorm Sword Hero, just give it a year of two and then killing them will be as easy as killing dogs.’’

Fang Xingjian seriously listened as he nodded, ’’Your disciple understands.’’

Seeing how the master-disciple pair's conversation was brimming with killing intent, the Headmaster, standing at the side could only laugh bitterly yet again. ’’The two of you... really know how to bring me trouble. Don't tell me you guys really intend to kill Rebecca?’’

Huang Lin coldly stated, ’’This kind of trash is merely a small hurdle my disciple met on his path. She's nothing to be concerned with even in a few years' time, but if she doesn't keep herself in check, I will immediately slaughter my way to the Tresia Clan.’’

The Headmaster was helpless with Huang Lin's temper, and could only turn his head to look at Fang Xingjian, talking to him in an amiable manner. ’’Fang Xingjian, you... have really completed your job transition and have become a Windstorm Sword Hero?’’ As he said this, excitement could be seem gleaming in his eyes.

The instructors, teachers and students at the side also curiously turned their heads in their direction. When Huang Lin and Rebecca had crossed blows earlier, their attention had already been drawn to that direction. However, how could they dare to come closer when two experts were in combat.

Now that the battle was over, after hearing the Headmaster's question, everyone turned to look at Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian smiled slightly. Suddenly, his legs turned blurry as he said, ’’It was a success., I'm already a Windstorm Sword Hero.’’

Seeing how his legs had become blurry, everyone's expressions immediately turned serious.

Over 70% of those in the crowd could not see clearly which leg had Fang Xingjian moved earlier.

The Headmaster laughed uproariously. To think that such a rare job like the Windstorm Sword Hero had actually appeared in the Prefectural Selection this time around. This was undoubtedly the highlight of his career. Even his Majesty in the Imperial Capital would surely give him great praises for his teachings.

The quick witted instructors all quickly stepped forward, fawning, ’’Congratulations, Headmaster! After over ten years or careful nurturing of the students in a bid to strengthen and boost Kirst's martial arts, you've finally came across a heaven-defying genius like Fang Xingjian, and groomed him into a Windstorm Sword Hero!’’

’’Windstorm Sword Hero is only the beginning. Based on Fang Xingjian's talent, after ten to twenty years, he will definitely be at the divine level. At that moment, both Headmaster and Master Huang Lin will be the teachers of a divine level practitioner, and all of us could also bask in the light.’’

’’Yeah, since our academy has been founded over two hundred years ago, not a single divine level powerhouse has appeared. The Headmaster is truly the first one to have such success as a master of a generation, having students all over the world.’’

Bootlicking after bootlicking followed. The previous disdain, contempt and pity in their eyes when they looked at Fang Xingjian had now transformed into envy, admiration and passion.

After all, they were not idiots. How could they deliberately choose to go against a Windstorm Sword Hero, someone who could become a divine level powerhouse in the future?

To them, people like Rebecca who did not know any better were simply people who had turned into idiots from their martial arts practice.

Although some bootlickers were too obvious, the Headmaster and Huang Lin listened to them and accepted them all. The Headmaster in particular showed an extremely good mood, with a perpetual smile on his face.

The Headmaster calmly said, ’’Enough, enough! All of you can take your leave first.’’ He then glanced at Fang Xingjian, looking at him as though he was a precious treasure, and said, ’’Xingjian, follow me. You are a Windstorm Sword Hero and naturally we must place more emphasis on your training from now on. We'll discuss and plan for your next steps together.

’’Hmmm, I remember that the Windstorm Sword Hero has the specialty of increasing one's action and movement speed? It's just perfect that the Kirst City Lord has over tens of Wind Hawks. I'll get him to gift a few to you to eat, for you to nourish your body.’’

Hearing the Headmaster's words, everyone in the crowd gulped. The Wind Hawks reared by the City Lord were extremely ferocious beasts, with levels as high as 20. They were the City Lord's most treasured pets.

But to think that with just that one word from the Headmaster, he would need to give them up as nourishment for Fang Xingjian!

The envious gazes from the crowd sent to Fang Xingjian instantly intensified by ten times.

But there was no choice. This was a Windstorm Sword Hero. The Windstorm Sword Hero which, in the entire course of history of the Empire, was only successfully transitioned into by three individuals;and all three of them had eventually become divine level experts.

But now, finally, there was a fourth.


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